Meaning of PERSONAL in English




a personal alarm (= that you carry with you in case you are attacked )

If you are nervous, invest in a personal alarm.

a personal ambition

Crossing the Sahara was a personal ambition of mine.

a personal appeal

Muslim leaders made a personal appeal for the hostage's freedom.

a personal appearance

The First Lady is asked to make a large number of personal appearances for worthy causes.

a personal characteristic (= relating to someone’s character )

What are the personal characteristics that a leader requires?

a personal dilemma

The men who were on strike faced a personal dilemma over whether to return to work.

a personal disaster

I’d taken some professional risks and survived a few personal disasters.

a personal failure (= a failure that is someone's personal fault )

He considered his inability to form long-term relationships to be a personal failure.

a personal favour (= something you do specially for a particular person )

As a personal favour, he let us use the hall to rehearse.

a personal friend

Mr Hutton is a close personal friend of my father.

a personal grievance

He has no personal grievance against Frank.

a personal grudge

It is known that Ibarra had a personal grudge against Arellanos.

a personal interest in sth

He took a personal interest in the lives of his workers.

a personal invitation

Each parent was sent a personal invitation for the school's open day.

a personal letter

I don’t want him reading my personal letters.

a personal loan (= money lent to a person, rather than a company )

If you want money for a specific purchase, you can get a personal loan.

a personal message

It was a personal message from Thomas.

a personal preference

My personal preference is to eat meat only once or twice a week.

a personal question (= a question relating to someone’s private life )

Can I ask you a personal question?

a personal relationship

Drinking affects personal relationships.

a personal remark (= a remark about someone’s appearance or behaviour, especially an offensive one )

He kept making personal remarks about Tom.

a personal tragedy

He suffered a great personal tragedy two years ago when his son died suddenly.

a personal/private diary

She later agreed to the publication of parts of her personal diary.

a personal/private fortune

She is one of the richest women in Britain, with an estimated personal fortune of £90 million.

a personal/private matter

We never spoke about personal matters.

a personal/private nightmare (= a very bad situation that affects only one person )

His personal nightmare began when he was arrested for murder.

a private/personal pension (= one that you arrange with a private pension company )

The percentage of the workforce with a private pension has declined.

be a matter of personal preference (= be something that you can choose, according to what you like )

Which one you decide to buy is just a matter of personal preference.

first-hand/personal knowledge (= knowledge from experiencing something yourself )

writers who had no first-hand knowledge of war

for personal reasons

He resigned for personal reasons.

individual/personal liberty

Any law that increases police power may be seen as a threat to individual liberty.

invasion of...personal space

She objected to this invasion of her personal space .

mark sth personal/fragile/urgent etc

a document marked ‘confidential’

of a personal/political/difficult etc nature

The support being given is of a practical nature.

personal ad

personal aggrandizement

the misuse of authority for personal aggrandizement

personal allowance

personal assistant

personal belongings

an insurance policy that covers your personal belongings

personal charm

He was a man of great personal charm.

personal column

personal commitment

As a company, we expect a personal commitment from our staff to do their best.

personal communicator

personal computer

personal conduct

You are expected to maintain a high standard of personal conduct at work.

personal contact (= seeing and speaking to sb personally )

She never comes into personal contact with senior managers.

personal courage (= the courage of one particular person )

Her recovery owed a great deal to her personal courage.

personal data organizer

personal details (= your name, address and other information about you )

Please make sure that all your personal details are correct.

personal digital assistant

personal electronic device

personal exemption

personal experience

He spoke from personal experience about the harmful effects of taking drugs.

personal fiefdom

He regarded the company as his personal fiefdom .

personal fitness

The gym offers personal fitness training by professionals.

personal glory

He put the team's interests above any chance of personal glory.

personal habits (= the things you normally do each day, for example keeping yourself clean or whether you smoke )

Some of his personal habits were unpleasant.

personal happiness

In Oxford, he at last found personal happiness and intellectual fulfilment.

personal hardship (= hardship that affects you rather than other people or people in general )

The personal hardship experienced by my client includes the loss of his home, his job and his family.

personal hygiene

the importance of personal hygiene

personal identification number

personal liability (= when an individual person is legally responsible )

Directors can incur personal liability for errors made by their companies.

personal loyalty (= loyalty to someone as a person, rather than to a company or organization )

He inspired personal loyalty among his employees.

personal observation (= watching and understanding something yourself, rather than hearing or reading about it )

I knew cigarettes were addictive from personal observation.

personal organizer

personal popularity

While these changes were controversial, his personal popularity remained high.

personal privacy

Some patients do not want counselling because they feel it interferes with their personal privacy.

personal problems (= relating to your private life and relationships )

My daughter found it hard to talk about her personal problems.

personal pronoun

personal responsibility

So far, no one had taken personal responsibility for the project.

personal responsibility

I take personal responsibility for what went wrong.

personal reward

I admire people who help the poor for no personal reward.

personal sacrifice

She brought three children up single-handedly, often at great personal sacrifice .

personal safety

She didn’t seem to care about her own personal safety.

personal satisfaction (= happiness with your own life or achievements )

The job offered William little personal satisfaction.

personal security (= security of an individual person )

The department is responsible for the President’s personal security.

personal shopper

personal space

She objected to this invasion of her personal space .

personal stereo

personal supervision

He was allowed to use the machinery without the personal supervision of the teacher.

personal ties

Strong personal ties connect her to the area.

personal touch (= they do things in a friendly way )

Our staff combine efficient service with a personal touch .

personal trainer

personal triumph

Winning the championship is a great personal triumph .

personal/individual freedom

Our personal freedom is being restricted more and more.

personal/private mail (= for one person to read and nobody else )

He accused her of reading his private mail.

personal/professional/political etc integrity

a man of great moral integrity

public/private/personal morality

the decline in standards of personal morality

The authorities are protectors of public morality.

sb's personal appearance

Teenagers are very conscious of their personal appearance.

sb's personal income

Average personal incomes rose by about 5% last year.

sb's personal possessions

We were told that we could take only a few personal possessions with us.

sb’s personal assessment

What’s your personal assessment of the risks?

sb’s personal goal

They had to sacrifice personal goals for their family life.

sb’s personal impression

My personal impression is that the new manager has greatly improved things.

sb’s personal influence

Frank used his personal influence to get his son a job at the newspaper.

sb’s personal opinion

My personal opinion is that his first film was better.

sb’s personal view

My own personal view is that they’re being optimistic.

the personal column British English (= in which people can have personal messages printed )

I put a small advertisement in the personal column of the paper.

your personal taste

Which one you choose is a question of personal taste.




And the collegiate system makes the university much more personal .

She wanted something more personal and immediate, so she began writing in the first person, as Earhart.

There were other more personal attacks on Heseltine, questioning his political judgement and his loyalty to the party.

He later rewrote it to include more personal experiences and a few chapters of background material.

Then there must have been more personal anger.

Want something a little more personal ?

There is therefore plenty of breathing space for the teacher who wishes to use Streamline for a more personal approach.

That leaves a wide-open space for new filmmakers to make more personal , humanistic cinema.


We had very personal political views, but we didn't let them come through.

This is a very personal thing for me for another reason.

Wolf has written this very personal book for entirely public reasons.

But this is indeed a very personal quest.

She should have turned and walked away as soon as the conversation began to get so very personal .

There was little talk of a very personal nature, although Hurd sensed her friend was sometimes troubled.



It could be paid for by a freeze on upper tax thresholds and personal allowances which would save the Treasury over £850m.

Income tax thresholds were raised from G$10,000 to G$48,000 with lower tax rates planned to offset the withdrawal of personal allowances .

Each worker is given an income tax code number which is related to the total of his personal allowances .

Under this there will be a basic personal allowance topped up by premiums for certain groups.

Only people whose total income is less than their personal allowances are allowed to register for gross interest payments.

As with the personal allowance , older people enjoy a more generous married couple's allowance.

On the income tax front, both husband and wife have a personal allowance which is free of tax.

Everyone retains a personal allowance of at least £12.65 per week.


The Buddhists believe that the print was made by Buddha during one of his few personal appearances .

Political officials offer their views in personal appearances before the citizens.

Women may sense that their own nature is being violated when any choice in personal appearance is taken away from them.

The personal appearance of Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-man, the X-Men and other comic book heroes.

The Romans were interested in conveying aspects of individual character as these were reflected in personal appearance .

He cared little about his living conditions, his personal appearance , or social amenities.

Buyers expect salespeople to be business-like in their personal appearance and behaviour.

Feminine image and identity are connected, and we are vulnerable and concerned about personal appearance .


Other senior men took their personal assistants with them when changing jobs.

On July 23 Buthelezi's personal assistant , Zakhele Khumalo, resigned.

I had been working for the Countess as a personal assistant since she married the Earl in 1976.

He then lifted the phone to call Peggy Vanderheld, Hauser's statuesque and hard-bitten personal assistant .

Very soon, she had become a sort of personal assistant , helping him select fabrics, cost dresses and choose accessories.

Please confirm that you are able to make it to my personal assistant .

Carolyn became Laura Ashley's personal assistant , a role which necessitated an extremely close relationship.

At the core is her sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, who acted both as her lady-in-waiting and personal assistant .


Nothing could be more calculated to provoke fresh accusations or evidence than a personal attack on Cathy Woodhead.

But after weeks of personal attacks on the president, such speculation seems premature.

Respond to personal attack by getting angry or upset.

Perhaps with reason, Brown has regarded most legislative reform proposals as a personal attack on him.

There were other more personal attacks on Heseltine, questioning his political judgement and his loyalty to the party.

I read message after message spouting racist doctrines, discriminatory diatribes and personal attacks .

Candidates also are resorting to personal attacks to get attention because their positions on most substantive issues are remarkably similar.

The press, too, was irresponsible and factional, given to vitriolic personal attacks and political character assassination.


Leaving his personal belongings in the room he walks down to enjoy a good breakfast before continuing his journey.

But we also brought food, stones found along the way, wild flowers, and objects from our personal belongings .

Many of her clothes and personal belongings had been stolen.

He told Kasturbal how to distribute his few personal belongings that lay around the cot.

You don't wait to pick up personal belongings , you just get the hell out.

They also leave favorite personal belongings .

He said cash and personal belongings should be hidden away and staff rooms locked to maximise security.

To go through all her husband's personal belongings sent back from the hospital where he died.


They combined domestic, personal care , and specialist skills, taught by other professionals, such as physiotherapy, or speech therapy.

The most important people involved in your personal care are the nurses.

For some people, personal care plans will be drawn up.

The charge nurse and the nursing supervisor are the ones to talk to if there is any problem with personal care .

My brief review of personal care given by relatives has stressed the theme of variation, especially by gender.

About 1 in 4 were in nursing and personal care facilities or offices and clinics of physicians.

Of course this new policy is about cutting cost because it is about cutting corners in personal care .

For personal care the chain of complaint is: physician, charge nurse, nursing supervisor, hospital administrator, hospital director.


Right: No-one can tell you what fish to buy - that's a personal choice .

Deciding when insurance is warranted is a personal choice .

It would be even nicer if people remembered that the way you feed your baby is a matter of personal choice .

In this, most people recognize both an honest and constructive foundation for personal choice , responsibility and action.

Each researcher must make a personal choice , in the multiplicity of circumstances which now exist.

But grading and promotion are personal choices .

The Soviet President's personal choice - also operating on his own.

Through figurative abstracted works on paper, Tempe artist Ron Bimrose taps into light themes like transition, fate and personal choice .


This mode of touching, unlike the previous ones, had the unmistakable air of a personal communication .

Meanwhile, new technologies such as personal communications services -- a new generation of cellular phone -- also will spur demand.

In addition, these authors reported the personal communication of three possible unpublished cases of carcinoids developing in patients with sporadic Zollinger-Ellison sydrome.

Their personal communication skills are important.

The network will provide video-on-demand, interactive games, full-motion video, distance learning, personal communications and data network services.


Long before the advent of robots and personal computers , he invented a race of super-intelligent robots.

The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant may own the market for operating systems and business software for personal computers .

AL/1 enables users to analyse and migrate mainframe-based Cobol data to personal computers .

Installation is easy compared with the average personal computer .

In truth, however, humble photocopying has been overtaken by the wonders of the fax and personal computers complete with printers.

In contrast, other goods, like food, electricity, the use of a personal computer , are rivalrous in consumption.

Each is equipped with a range of audio visual aids, together with personal computers which are networked within the College environment.


Information can flow freely between members, as a result of the personal contacts established within these groups.

Money and media have replaced personal contact as the chief energizing sources of politics.

After personal contact , television is the fastest and most powerful way of winning people.

Within each department or agency his personal contacts were usually limited to its head and perhaps one or two others.

Information providers should develop some level of personal contact with managers, if they are to be regarded as trusted sources.

Despite the increased flow of electronic information, both factors and clients see an advantage in improved personal contacts .

Small companies, which rarely re-organize, thrive on personal contacts .

This is best achieved by personal contact .


Assuming that eventually ail data users handling personal data on computers are registered, what has been achieved?

Since I used a tax program last year, I was able to import personal data and avoid typing it at all.

Concern about the confidentiality of large amounts of personal data has necessitated legal action.

However, the directive is likely to remove any real distinction between personal data held on paper and on electronic systems.

The directive requires, interalia, that compilers of personal data require the consent of the data subject for inclusion.

This notice orders a data user to cease processing personal data immediately.

Software includes the virus catching software - DiskNet; a personal data base.


Not all advisers feel comfortable asking clients for these personal details nor do they necessarily have the time to do it.

Put the personal details aside: Every president is, above all, a politician.

However, the new register will include personal details , especially in relation to the benefit and discount systems.

Some personal details are interspersed in what is basically a political primer.

It is not good for a physician to confide personal details of his life to a patient.

Then use the coupon on the right to write your answers and personal details .

A simple registration process is augmented by the lack of personal details you need to give.

The reviewer hadn't even bothered to check on basic personal details .


Is caring for the child's personal development to be relegated to overtime?

Barber argues that these traits can be traced back to three components of personal development and socialization.

Such opportunities and experiences offer great scope for professional and personal development . 11.

But it seemed to me that law school and the profession itself were fairly open to personal development .

Of most importance to teachers were affective aims relating to the personal development of children.

Nevertheless, adolescence is the time when ego-identity development inevitably dominates the personal development of the individual for a while.

Individuals frequently work in a number of different company environments and experience a steady stream of training and personal development .

Individuals will be responsible for their own personal development plans which will be measured against agreed standards of business performance.


I have personal experience of such a catastrophe.

He later rewrote it to include more personal experiences and a few chapters of background material.

I know, from deep, personal experience .

Third, you can be convinced that something is true because of your own personal experiences .

I suggest this cautionary note as a result of personal experience .

Will said, speaking from personal experience .

Ann Faraday also reports these two types of flying dream, both from personal experience and from reports from her subjects.

For the ordinary viewer, logical argument gives way to his or her gut reactions and personal experience in responding to people.


Among the demands was the call for the imposition of a super-tax on personal fortunes and company profits.

High-tech advocates say that would force them to settle frivolous suits out of court rather than risk their personal fortunes .

Now though, his personal fortune is threatened.

By contrast, industry and commerce were concerned with profit and the amassing of personal fortune .

He made a large personal fortune , partly from fees, partly from shrewd investments.

A wealthy woman in her own right, her personal fortune was recently estimated at £37m.

The success of Mr Kasyanov's policies and his own personal fortunes are seen to be closely linked.

In fact, without the system that allowed presidents to amass a personal fortune at public expense, they may need to.


Smokers are furious at what they say is an attack on their personal freedom .

But our society has personal freedom as a goal.

The great individualists so often cited to show the value of personal freedom have owed their successes to earlier social environments.

The peasants' chances of acquiring personal freedom were very much alive, but their chances of acquiring land remained small.

Should stability take precedence over personal freedoms ?

None the less, there were also women who chose against marriage in order to retain personal freedom .

It relies upon terror and oppression, a controlled press and radio, fixed elections, and the suppression of personal freedoms .


The range was inspired, in 1935, by the Pasha of Marrakech, a personal friend of Louis Cartier.

Mter all, the doctor is a personal friend .

Always helpful, he said he would have a word with Mallett, a personal friend , on my behalf.

They were close personal friends in addition to business partners.

Or you may be a personal friend of Lucian Freud - lucky old you.

I need to do as well for Roy Peck, my personal friend .

Come on all you personal friends of Batts out there; is this report true?

The most obvious of these clubs is composed of officials' personal friends .


Although from time to time you may find it hard to believe, this is a year of immense personal growth .

The first year of management was a period of considerable introspection and personal growth .

Simplified, formula-like techniques are inconsequential when compared with personal growth as a means of overcoming difficulties.

Like Dewey, Rice had a holistic, some would say anti-intellectual, view of education as a process of personal growth .

So personal growth at that time was in high leaps forward rather than in little trickles.

Or you may he starting your career and seeking your first position-one that will allow for future personal growth and promotion.

We aim to ensure that managers will be more effective, achieve personal growth and contribute to corporate development.

Only by changing the heart can we live according to principles that enhance the parenting and personal growth of both partners.


The reason for this is that the amount of water used for personal hygiene is reduced.

Next comes a personal hygiene kit, including soap, towels, and lice-killing combs to help the girls concentrate in class.

Some young men never have really thought about personal hygiene very much and react very badly if the subject is mentioned.

For anyone who had to work in the streets, personal hygiene was fundamental.

If you can find time for basic personal hygiene you can find time for exercise.

Alexander said that careful personal hygiene and good eating habits are the best ways to prevent infection.

Like many women, I find scrupulous attention to personal hygiene slightly sinister in a man.

His life story bristles with less-than-sensitive remarks about personal hygiene , chihuahuas, babies and rectal thermometers.


Texas has no company or personal income tax, and the former, at least, may soon be seriously discussed.

Specifically, the way ill which households disposed of their total personal income in 1988 is shown in Table 7-2.

Among these was a plan to cut the amount of personal income tax withheld by employers during the year.

Let us illustrate in terms of the personal income tax.

The legislation also provided for a maximum personal income tax rate of 47 percent and for corporation tax of 45 percent.

The profits from sole proprietorships and partnerships are taxed as personal incOme to the proprietOr or the partners.

They thus add to the business flier's personal income , income on which no personal income tax is paid.

Other potential trouble spots for Forbes include his refusal to release his personal income tax returns, as Dole has done.


In addition, some clients feel threatened when approached for personal information .

This technique is particularly useful if you will be using the same personal information for another group of letters or other documents.

Members of the public in general are concerned about personal information held by computers.

P-Trak does offer a variety of other personal information such as names, addresses and phone numbers.

Dertouzos called for government regulation to prevent the linking of databases containing personal information without certain safeguards.

Unlike using credit cards or checks, merchants have no access to any personal information with cash.

A consumer is not the only person to whom information relates, but the consumer seeks more than personal information.

The idea of keeping personal information on the Internet immediately raises concerns about privacy.


We have considered the delay likely to occur in a personal injury action which goes to trial in the High Court.

Some of them stayed home to avoid the conflict, trauma, risk of public humiliation, personal injury , and death.

The writer knows of no case prior to 1964 in which exemplary damages were awarded in a personal injuries claim.

The Council approved the establishment of a new personal injury specialist panel.

First, it is impossible to exclude liability for death or personal injuries caused by negligence.

The new provisions on allocation of personal injury proceedings should reduce the number of actions transferred from the High Court.


The lecturer who stares out of the window, for example, is unlikely to convey to students much personal interest in their learning.

I must confess some personal interest in these proposals.

Wasn't he allowing his personal interests and prejudices to cloud his judgement?

So much will depend upon personal interest and knowledge.

There was no personal interest involved.

At their best your notes can stimulate historical analysis, clarity of thought, and personal interest .

I pay tribute to the fact that he has shown a personal interest in the case.


Uri had no personal knowledge of the event.

The case ended in a deadlocked jury and a mistrial after King denied any personal knowledge of the scheme and blamed co-workers.

The referees must have personal knowledge of the applicant and consider that he or she supports the aims of the Society.


Because it has to be dealt with at a personal level , some find it difficult to deny the request.

Then he went on: It even got to a personal level , Don.

On a personal level , though, Terry's enthusiasm was sometimes gauche.

At a personal level , their relationship reflected their implicit agreement that the political initiative should rest with Paris rather than Bonn.

They should be able to offer you the support you need at an academic and personal level .

Just as thought should precede action, reflection should follow it, on the Organizational as well as the personal level .

But I took on the idea of transcendence only at a personal level .

While this model of communication is abstract, you can probably understand it at the personal level .


Ideals are not formed in an aseptic vacuum, but in the chemical brew of interacting personal lives and events.

Phillips' personal life will be thoroughly scrutinized by each interested team.

Asked if it stemmed from his personal life , she nodded yes.

Our business and personal lives depend upon being able to use words successfully.

Father Tim was feeling the confusion of too many options in his personal life .

As for the latter, Aristotle saw that the scope for practical wisdom extended both to politics and to personal life .

As my political activities increased and became more and more public, he grew increasingly protective about his own personal life .


His fall into debt started at the age of 16, when Barclays gave him a personal loan of £5,000.

Discussed with my accountant the benefits of leasing or personal loan .

They have used finance company personal loans more than women have in the past, but women now use them as much.

Banks say the devices increase the number of personal loan transactions.

The average person owes more than £6,300 through personal loans , credit cards and hire purchase.

Interest rates, running around 15 percent, and repayment terms are similar to the traditional personal loan .

They also provide personal loan facilities and financial advice to their customers.

A 125 per cent loan is a personal loan partly secured on the property, wrapped around a mortgage.


It is not a personal matter .

Second, the Constitution tips the scales in favor of the individual over the state in highly personal matters .

This is particularly important when discussing personal matters , such as some one's care plan.

For years, I would natter on, whether it was about business or personal matters .

The nature of this will vary greatly depending on a rose's ancestry, while its appreciation is a very personal matter .

Behavior change is a personal matter .

A person's level of g has ramifications for everyday life - in school, at work, and in personal matters .

It was a personal matter that was taken care of before I was elected to the City Council.


The disconnected personal opinion Concluding with your own words, however, requires caution, particularly in the handling of personal response.

My personal opinion is that the project was started too soon, as in any fast-track project like this.

Even when referring to personal opinion it is not normally considered good style to do so directly.

The concept of reason and all speculation about personal opinion would ever after be dismissed as tribal, beliefs fabricated by sects.

At the very beginning of the play Shakespeare demonstrated how easily the people changed their personal opinions .

If I should wander into the uncharted minefield of personal opinion it is only with the benefit of hindsight.

Variations in practice reflect the personal opinions of managers.

It is essentially a compilation of known facts, without intrusion of personal opinions or beliefs.


As from July 1988, however, the rules for self-employed pensions were also altered to bring them in line with personal pensions.

In 1988 there is to be a new system of personal pensions , explained on page 76.

By July I was able to set out my proposals on personal pensions .

On low earnings the rebate payments will be too small to justify the personal pension plan charges.

Some people covered by the conventional company scheme might prefer a personal pension .

Some financial decisions, such as those affecting company or personal pension planning, need to be taken as early as possible.

The expansion of occupational and personal pensions remained a firm objective of the reforms.


Also there is the insurance to consider of your personal possessions and the contents of your home.

Water penetrated the two cabins, ran down the sides, gathered in pools, speckled droplets on clothing and personal possessions .

He is one of the few people I have ever met who has never been either inflated or deflated by personal possessions .

Losses of personal possessions , money and items of kit inevitably took place at these spots.

You can not place a price on such a personal possession , however simple it may seem.

Other personal possessions include a £2,500 horse and a £25,000 Morgan car.

She used the weekend of the Windsor Castle blaze to remove what little personal possessions she had left.

The cube was Cley's only personal possession .


It is now a matter of personal preference as to whether you use loose tea of speciality tea-bags.

It fit his personal preference to use humor at work and to have warm, informal relationships with his people.

Most of us arrange our bedrooms based purely on personal preference .

My recommendations are no more than guide-lines based on my own judgment and personal preference .

And if evil is said not to exist, only personal preferences are left to decide moral behavior.

Both are effective and it's really a matter of personal preference which you choose.

Using whole chicken or bones is a matter of personal preference .


But Clinton poses a political problem , not just a personal problem.

They have personal problems because they do not have the cash flow.

The filming was bedevilled by her personal problems , her sleeping problems, her lateness on the set, her acting problems.

Anybody on the venire have any personal problem with these two?

James Baker said that he had always believed that a professional should never admit to hurt or personal problems .

The discussions in the group sessions were primarily devoted to living a life free of alcohol and coping with personal problems .

It might just be the voice of support at a meeting or the follow-up on a personal problem mentioned a few days ago.

Given the option, counselors wanted to offer more assistance to students with personal problems .


He has appropriated his country's natural resources as his personal property .

This is typically true in the case of taxes on land, personal property , and owner-occupied residences.

The lower tenant also may suffer water damage to personal property .

Related Occupations Administrative services managers direct and coordinate support services and oversee the purchase, use, and disposal of personal property .

Compensation of £8,500 for structural damage, and further sums for damage to personal property , were paid by the Metropolitan Police.

This includes a 2-percent reduction in the corporate income tax rate and lower personal property taxes.


Teachers are seen to display personal qualities of which the observer disapproves; so it is assumed they lack more desirable ones.

Like the Organization Men, they depended on their personal qualities to install a cooperative and enthusiastic spirit in those they supervised.

In Section 2 we cover the personal qualities that are evident in visionary leaders and successful change makers.

The professional also learns quickly not to rely solely upon personal qualities and a limited collection of instructional materials.

Your intellectual resources and personal qualities will be exceptional and we will only appoint those who have the clear potential to succeed.

Or block you from developing personal qualities , talents or skills?

The assessment of learning outcomes related to problem solving and personal qualities requires mathematics to be undertaken in context.

Everyday events constantly mirror our inner world, offer guidance, or provide opportunities to develop personal qualities , skills and talents.


It was the perfect excuse for ringing up complete strangers and asking all sort of personal questions .

There are many who remain equally frustrated in getting answers to very personal questions regarding UFOs.

And we've to ask some very personal questions ... Most of the time I find it's regret on the part of the victim.


However, she will also have to deal with pressures from her own colleagues who are seeking special consideration for personal reasons .

Williams flew from Austin back to California on Friday for personal reasons .

Solbourne Computer Inc's vice president of marketing, Travis White, has resigned from the company for personal reasons .

He succeeds Ray Nakano, 49, who left the company several months ago for personal reasons , a company spokesman said.

We have separated for personal reasons .

As the Gay situation unraveled, reserve guard Charlie Taylor was granted an indefinite leave of absence for personal reasons .

Some choose names based on personal reasons .


Then consideration is given to the importance of maintaining social involvement through keeping up personal relationships in old age.

The rehabilitation staff, on the other hand, sought a more personal relationship with patients.

I found it hard to believe that Flora could suffer like other people from minor humiliations, personal relationships .

In some cases, personal relationships have been interrupted or deferred.

At these times the strength of personal relationships and conviction will be tested.

Here she clearly sets things out in terms of alternatives: her work versus her personal relationship with Zampano.

Herzberg stresses the importance for motivation of the organisation of work, the quality of personal relationships and the potential for development.

Away from work, you will want to base a personal relationship on personality, and that is to be expected.


Maintaining safety in relation to medications is a personal responsibility while at home.

Another step is giving each employee the personal responsibility to make every customer happy.

We know that you can understand all you like but in the end offenders must face their personal responsibility .

And so far, no one had taken personal responsibility for making change happen.

In the human species those burdens are represented by the acceptance of personal responsibility .

I wish the church would begin emphasizing personal responsibility more.

The king-duke had to try to suggest that such appeals as were made were not his personal responsibility .

A better word was values, with its inference of personal choice and personal responsibility .


They must also want to please each other and help each other to find fulfilment, as well as looking for personal satisfaction .

Despite our analysis, most of our engineers felt that they were achieving professional success and personal satisfaction .

It was a never ending task which offered William little personal satisfaction .

But if only for her own personal satisfaction it had to be worth a try.

New skills can increase personal satisfaction Women in particular are susceptible to believing that improving their appearance can help them reinvent themselves.

Success is not about money or position - it is about personal satisfaction and self-esteem.

I was, for example and for my own personal satisfaction , trying to frustrate likely Soviet intelligence-gathering in Cheltenham.

Most work in which humans engage with some personal satisfaction would seem emptied of all point thereby.


It may be worth paying a bit extra for luxuries such as a personal service or a special lending facility.

His fee was $ 5, 500, according to his personal services contract.

Booking agency agreements All of these are for a personal service .

While online commerce remains embryonic, personal service sites are popping up like dandelions.

Hotels that do offer good professional facilities with personal service and attention to detail are sadly still few and far between.

These losses are concentrated mainly in the transport industries, aIthough the numbers employed in personal services have also declined.

The owners, Signor and Signora Leoni and their son pride themselves on their high standards of personal service .

Even during the recession, trade has grown through keen pricing and friendly personal service .


Style and colour are a matter of personal taste .

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal taste .

No longer will David Liddiment and his oppo Claudia Rosencrantz's personal tastes dominate our screens.

Many of the decisions will fall to personal tastes .

Nevertheless, they failed to stop a deluge of complaints about the collection's shortcomings and María Corral's personal tastes .

Let her know that style is more a matter of contemporary mind-set and rules than of personal taste . 2.

But whether the use of imitation wood is a success is more a matter of personal taste .

My own personal tastes are fairly spread out.


But other customers prefer to write the messages themselves, for more of a personal touch .

Despite the tight squeeze, the office has graced Borrego Springs with a personal touch over the decades.

To be successful the hotel will provide a friendly atmosphere, good service and the personal touch .

Reagan resorted to the personal touch as a matter of instinct and long practice.

Steve, a believer in the personal touch , made their day by laying on their favourite drink, chilled Guinness.

I think people appreciate that personal touch .

Family photos and a clock that tells time backward add a personal touch to the sterile academic atmosphere.


If reserved for his personal use , it might put him at a certain advantage over his employer.

Reprinting items retrieved from the archives are for personal use only.

Cattle could be stolen for the personal use of the thieves, often as beef.

It also refused to limit the use of county vehicles for personal use in the charter.

I for one will certainly be registering a copy for my personal use at home.

Under the act, teachers can make notes about students for their own personal use .

There are also handouts, which may be photocopied for personal use .

You decide which questions you are going to ask and you evaluate them for future personal use .


Next month, some famous demo-dudes express their personal views on the scene.

Rotating writers offering their personal views include Jay Harlow on fish and seafood.

This he did, insisting that Mr Bangemann's remarks reflected his own personal views .

There is no suggestion that Bush has altered his personal views .

Atypically, neither the personal view nor the soundings pieces are anecdotal.

The next crisis followed almost immediately, and once more Anselm took a similarly personal view of his responsibilities.

Women can form a communal bond quickly, but may be reluctant to stand up for their personal views .


be a matter of (personal) taste/choice/preference

If you think torturing babies is good, that is a matter of taste.

In the United States, food is a matter of taste, time and price.

Quite what that means is a matter of taste, because a breed does not exist until it has been named.

Switching to the Normal channel I would say that using the crunch option for rock solo work is a matter of taste.

The amount of the increase or decrease is a matter of preference.

The first is a matter of taste.

The size of the pleat is a matter of choice.

This is a matter of choice.

personal mission statement

social/personal/sex etc life

Full of character, Paxos has an easy social life , ideal for people on holiday by themselves.

He considered her sound as a bell in most ways, apart from this mad preoccupation with Nicandra's social life .

He frequently attempted to deflect criticism of his administration and personal life by characterizing such allegations as the product of white racism.

He would state all these things and would add that Citizen Oswald takes no part in the social life of the shop.

She didn't have many friends and not much of a social life .

The next programme started - an analysis of political and social life in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The social life of the island was in disarray.

They are active shoppers and visibly social, using their social life to forward their careers.

the personals


personal hygiene

a personal fitness trainer

a manufacturer of personal care products

Beth had a lot of personal problems at that time.

Can I ask you a personal question?

He took personal responsibility for everything that happened.

I'm not going to tell her anything personal .

I'm not going to tell you that - it's personal !

I'm sorry but my diary is personal . I don't let anyone else read it.

I've got my own personal web site.

I intend to take personal responsibility for seeing that the documents reach you in time.

I liked talking to people and solving problems, but as you get promoted within a firm you lose that personal contact.

In those days it was socially unacceptable for men to cry in public, or to express their personal feelings.

Opponents have resorted to personal attacks on Gingrich to stop the legislation.

She felt her problems were too personal to talk about.

The dead man's personal possessions were sent back to his family.

The novel is based on the author's own personal experience.

The President made a personal appeal to the terrorists.

You can arm and disarm the alarm system using your own personal access code.


All weapons are cleaned and examined before being locked back into the armoury, then personal kit can be dealt with.

Develop a mission statement of two sentences or less that clearly defines your definition of personal and business success.

It is not just in professional and business circles that personal contacts help people obtain jobs.

The absolute right of an editor or journalist to opt for a personal hearing before a complaints committee would be removed.

The stressors could include the same sorts of triggers suspected in the immune disease theory, ranging from viruses to personal catastrophes.

There is nothing here requiring personal performance by the tenant.

They committed themselves to form a new professional and personal identity.

Use Mac Hacks for your own personal recreation.

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