Meaning of POINTER in English




laser pointer




Right guard Kevin Gogan had a hip pointer and back spasms.


Here to get you started are a few ... Practical pointers and handy hints 1 Think about your class and year group.


At rest male's yellow wings and in flight white underwing contrasting strongly with black belly are useful pointers .

No wing-bar a useful pointer in flight.

Spotting rather than barring on tail is a useful pointer , as is contrast between heavily spotted underwing and pale wing tips.



This is done by clicking the mouse pointer either on the top right-hand upward pointing arrow or the extreme top left-hand dash.

In essence, this makes the mouse pointer disappear disconcertingly when the pointer is moved on the pad.

The screen tip will appear at the mouse pointer later when you hold your mouse over the image.

Simply clicking on the Koopa with the mouse pointer before he gets away will trip him up.

Position the mouse pointer within either window area and click.

The text is entered directly from the keyboard having first selected its position between the staves with the mouse pointer .

The mouse pointer can be used to place the text cursor anywhere on the document and also to activate menus and commands.

Does the mouse pointer still work even if the keyboard doesn't?



Each node is given a pointer to its parent.

I gave him some pointers on his stance and swing.

That may give us a pointer to one approach.

But we gave him one pointer , too.

I shall give pointers to these, which readers' own experience and understanding can fill out.

But I think we may have given them too many pointers .

Even so, he does not give any pointers to the Club's originators.

I can give you a few pointers on that too!


Exiting edit menus Move the pointer to a blank area of the screen and press fire twice in quick succession.

The technique is the same: move a pointer over the map with one hand and dowse with the other.

Arrange Friendly - Move the pointer to the home team and press fire, then same again for the away team.


You use the pointer to access the variable itself.

In order to apply this method to large-scale problems, we must find the tree T B using the pointers available.

The thumb on the right hand is used as a pointer to the other fingers on the same hand.

Other computer based variations on the basic concept use a mouse-driven pointer to select key areas of an image.


General Peckam swung his pointer across the map of Italy.

Move the pointer to the program's icon and double click.

Players win the amount of money shown by the pointer when the wheel stops moving.


Each node comprises information about which letter is allowed as well as pointers to child and sister nodes.

I believe that they provide one pointer , indicating a certain essential role for quantum mechanics in the understanding of mental phenomena.

I gave him some pointers on his stance and swing.

The pointer also serves as an instant screen blanker.

The file pointer is incremented after the byte has been written.

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