Meaning of POINTER in English

I. ˈpȯintə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: point (II) + -er


a. : one that furnishes something with points: as

(1) : one that points furs

(2) : one that stitches points on gloves

b. : one that causes something to have a tapering end or sharp point: as

(1) : one that sharpens pencils, drills, or similar objects

(2) : one that tapers the teeth of combs or the ends of rods, springs, or similar objects

2. : one that indicates something : one that points out something: as

a. : a light tapered rod used typically by teachers or lecturers to call attention to details (as of material appearing on a blackboard)

b. : one of the hands of a clock or watch

c. : the indicator of a pair of scales or some similar indicator

d. : station pointer

3. : a tool with a pointed end: as

a. : a bricklayer's tool used for clearing out old mortar in pointing

b. : a tool used in engraving, cutting, or boring

4. : one that points something in a particular direction ; specifically : one that raises a gun to a prescribed elevation in fixing it on a target — compare trainer


a. : a large strong slender smooth-haired gundog of Spanish origin that has usually a white coat spotted here and there with brown or black patches, a long wide head with a marked depression between the prominent eyebrows and broad nose, soft long ears hanging close to the cheeks, and a moderately long tapered tail and that scents out and indicates the presence of game by stiffening into an intently rigid attitude with head and gaze directed toward the game and typically with the tail stretched out rigidly and with a forepaw raised and bent backward

b. pointers plural : men — distinguished from setters

6. : snakepiece

7. : point man

8. : a piece of information that is especially helpful in learning to do or accomplish something : a useful suggestion or hint : tip

gave him some pointers on how to run the business

II. noun

: a computer memory address that contains another address (as of desired data)

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