Meaning of POOL in English


I. noun


a pool of blood

A dark pool of blood was spreading from his head.

a pool of talent (= lots of talented people )

Employers can draw on an enormous pool of talent in this area.

a pool/circle of light (= an area of light )

They stood in the pool of light cast by the streetlamp.

car pool

football pools

gene pool

infinity pool

motor pool

paddling pool

pool hall

pool your resources (= put together the resources that each of you have )

They decided to pool their resources and buy a business together.

pool/card shark (= someone who uses their skill at pool or cards to cheat other players out of money )

rock pool

swimming pool

the gene pool (= all the genes in a particular species )

It is hoped that these new wolves will mate with the native population and increase the wolves' gene pool.

tide pool

typing pool

wading pool




He paid, walked down a dark corridor and pushed through a curtain into a deep pool of sound and flickering light.

She leaves the coach and wanders through fields for many miles until between trees she sees a deep black pool of water.

His skin was translucent with age and he had dark brown eyes like two deep pools .

In the dry season, the wonderfully cool river water is a stunning blue-green in the deep pools below the falls.

Yanek fell into the deep pool and was drowned.

During his walk Van Cheele came to a deep pool under some tall trees.

He had large dark eyes, like pears set in port wine aspic, deep pools in a thin, delicate face.


The small heated swimming pool hidden from view near the rose walk was a wedding gift from the Army.

Free indoor heated swimming pool with small bar.

It includes a heated swimming pool for the 220 pupils.

The gardens shelter a heated swimming pool and a private sun deck with panoramic views.

Next to the lake is a heated outdoor swimming pool and children's pool.

The indoor heated pool is free to guests, as is the sauna three times a week.

There is a small cellar bar, a sun terrace, a large garden and small heated outdoor swimming pool .

Leogang also has a super leisure and fitness centre, with a heated open-air swimming pool .


Our hotel had an indoor pool , a nightclub and good food - notably, reindeer stew with cranberry sauce.

Seven purpose-built conference suits, exclusive health club and heated indoor pool and gymnasium.

The town of Andover had no legal requirement for a fence around the indoor pool .

The hotel has a new indoor pool leading directly on to the well-kept gardens with table tennis and sun-bathing lawns.

Within the park there is a large swimming pool , a separate children's pool, and an indoor pool.

Gymnasium, sauna, steam room, beauty salon, indoor pool .

Zell am See also has an excellent Sports Centre, with an indoor swimming pool and sauna.


One of the keys to the success of software companies in Northern Ireland is the large local pool of talented labour.

But many business groups and some unions would welcome the ability to tap a large pool of legal workers.

Within the park there is a large swimming pool , a separate children's pool, and an indoor pool.

Outside, a large swimming pool is surrounded by private cabanas.

Between five and 15 consultants chosen from a large pool of employees are typically called upon to review any given idea memorandum.

That means producing more work per worker as well as creating a larger pool of workers to exploit.

He would make less stir in the larger Aintree pool .

It formed urban areas, with their large pools of labour, shopping centres and transport networks.


Well recommended food. 2.5 acres of terraced lawns with 25 metre heated outdoor pool .

The Form has a bar, sauna and massage rooms, an outdoor swimming pool as well as clock golf and a tennis court.

Next to the lake is a heated outdoor swimming pool and children's pool.

In addition there is a billiard room, solarium, cinema, indoor and outdoor pools , bowling alley and gym.

Optimum Sports Centre: Indoor and outdoor pools , sauna, solarium, massage rooms and outside whirlpool.

There is a small cellar bar, a sun terrace, a large garden and small heated outdoor swimming pool .

There are indoor and outdoor pools , sauna, solarium, massage facilities and sunbathing lawns.

In the resort itself are indoor and outdoor swimming pools .


Mating takes place at night in shallow pools in dunes and other sandy areas.

Picture a shallow pool with a glassy surface, and in the pool picture minnows fluttering their tail fins but otherwise stationary.

And they mate, laying their eggs in the shallow tepid pools .

The stomach is mostly empty-the whisky is lying in a shallow pool where it is now mixed with highly acidic gastric juices.

She picked up the stick and hurled it, skimming it low over the shallow pools left by the tide.

Shortly thereafter we enter a stretch of shallow pools and channels cut into the rock by a millennium of erosion.

The resulting shallow pits and pools , often extending over many hectares, accumulate salts and nutrients from year to year.

It grows in shallow water in pools and ponds, most frequently on substrates ranging from sand to fine silt.


If you were to visit it you would be struck by the quietness of the small pool .

They stood beside a small , gurgling pool at the foot of the altar and professed their faith.

The small heated swimming pool hidden from view near the rose walk was a wedding gift from the Army.

Water is using sparingly, not wasted on thirsty lawns but displayed in fountains and small pools .

Start with a puddle and progress slowly to a small pool and shallow stream.

That's enough to fill a small blow-up swimming pool in a couple of minutes.

Outside, there is a sun terrace, small pool , children's pool and whirlpool with sea views.

The hotel's extensive grounds include colourful gardens, a small swimming pool , and a short tennis court.


There was a swimming pool and a distant view of the donkey field.

More than 40 homes were flooded, valuable shop stocks were ruined, and the local theatre turned into a swimming pool .

Hotel guests can use the swimming pool and pleasant garden of the nearby Hotel Imperial, under the same management.

Sports facilities include a swimming pool and 4 tennis courts.

Zell am See also has an excellent Sports Centre, with an indoor swimming pool and sauna.

It includes a heated swimming pool for the 220 pupils.

A swimming pool is available throughout the season.

There's a swimming pool and large sun terrace and guests are welcome to use the facilities of the Montanamar hotel opposite.



The service operates rather like a car pool .


With home shopping out of the way, Pitcher will be able to concentrate on the football pools and high street retailing.

Stephano and Trinculo are the football pools .

We will raise revenue for investment in safety by increasing levies on footballs pools and betting.

But the great dream was winning the football pools .

Winnings from betting, football pools , and premium bonds.


The gene pool of the resulting subgroups would be too small to ensure the viability of the population.

Because the gene pool for a growing breed is slight, munchkins are generally bred with other cats.

Even the gene pools in the South are drying up.

People have to be executed, removed from the gene pool .

The net result was a widening gene pool and an altogether hardier national herd.

In the long term, the loss of genetic diversity will reduce the gene pool available for agricultural crops.

A plague of uniformity is sweeping the world, numbing the taste buds and reducing the gene pool .

The genes themselves don't evolve, they merely survive or fail to survive in the gene pool .


When they fished me out I made a few phone calls, fed a few meters, hung round the pool halls .

Lawrence was a big fifteen-year-old, and sometimes made money playing for dances in the Strasburg pool hall .

Seen through the lacy walls of the village pool hall the polystyrene floats of the fish farm bobbed busily.


Others crouched over rock pool , teasing out sea anemones.

Explore perfectly recreated rock pools and enjoy daily talks and feeding displays.

Bathing is safe and children can have lots of fun, paddling and shrimping in the rock pools and making sand castles.

A bottle swept up to his feet and rolled in a rock pool .


Recreation areas have telephones and pool tables .

But the pool table proved to be a bigger bone of contention.

The Tirajana has two pool tables , a bar and supermarket.

I had met Evan in the basement near the pool table .

For those who prefer something a little more energetic, there's also a darts board and a pool table .

Two television sets and a pair of pool tables will be added to the setting.

For the energetic there is snorkelling and fishing, tennis, table tennis and a pool table.

There was a pool table in the cellar, a good big professional-size pool table.


You can also relax on the terrace of the lovely fresh water pool sipping a cool drink form the bar.

Hot water pools beneath these flanges, creating unique hazards for a pilot ascending the structure.

There is a fresh water pool with bar, a panoramic sunbathing terrace and an airy, first-floor restaurant with sea views.

First, they decreased the depth of the water pools .

There is a fresh water pool , tennis court, peak season beach restaurant and sound proofed discotheque.



Downlighters can also be recessed into ceilings, to create atmospheric pools of light on the surface below.

Reaganomics created a pool of scabs as big as Lake Michigan.

Floor lamps Use a floor lamp to create enticing pools of light.

That means producing more work per worker as well as creating a larger pool of workers to exploit.

Lamps glowed here and there in the room, creating pools of warm light.

Rocky and shallow coastlines create the most spectacular pools , where small seaside animals become temporarily trapped in these natural aquariums.

The countenances of all three were radiant, which created a special pool of light on the gospel side.

When the filthy yellow flow reached the desk-top, it created a pool about the size of a Kennedy half-dollar.


It was a dead Hearthware, lying in a dark pool of blood.

A guard found him lying in a pool of blood, and a doctor saved him.

Behind a grey stone wall lay a little pool .

The stomach is mostly empty-the whisky is lying in a shallow pool where it is now mixed with highly acidic gastric juices.

Even after they have dropped, they are valuable, lying in a blood-red pool under the dense thicket of branches.

Some people will always want to lie around the pool .

She found him lying in a pool of blood in his cot.

The Elle-men are stooped and old, and are happiest when lying in a pool of sunlight to warm their withered limbs.


I play pool , but I am really brutal.

There is a games room where you can play pool or table-tennis, and live music is planned for the summer.

There were sewer backups in both cities, which added to the odor; children played in stagnant pools .

She reported that when members play pool they pay 10p.

I have fond memories of Sussex-\#playing pool and, much more to the point, the excellent discussions on science.

He left the house less and less frequently and spent more and more time in the cellar playing pool .


Therefore, finding a job is akin to winning the pools .

So will all of us trying to win Oscar party pools .

For shareholders, it must have been like winning the pools .

Maybe she'd win the pools or walk off with first prize in the national lottery!

New member Peter Lambert won the match and pool with three good dabs.

Now when you've done that, it's almost like winning the pools .

But the great dream was winning the football pools .


shoot pool

The place is empty but for the bar and three or four slightly-built lads shooting pool without words.

They went out, he in a white suit, and he told her they were going to shoot pool.


A pool of oil had collected under the car.

a pool of volunteers for community projects

a secretarial pool

He won $50,000 from the pool .

I spent the entire afternoon relaxing by the pool .

Kids were looking at the starfish and anemones in the tide pools.

Most countries have a pool of surplus labour.

The Kohlers' have a pool in their backyard.

There is a much smaller pool of houses to rent than there used to be.

Trautman was lying in a pool of blood.


Anna was gazing at the pool of fluid, and the corners of her mouth began to droop.

Below us in the center of the compound there was a swimming pool , set amidst flower beds and rows of palms.

But even more intriguing was the third pool , Heart pool.

Going too fast would result in his jumping over the pool and crashing into the far end.

Huge pools of eyes stared back at her from the dead white planes of the face.

Littlewoods, the pools promoter, calculates each punter has a 1:39 chance of a win.

There had been the world, with the pool in the middle and the petals round the edge.

What Mr Milken did was to make huge pools of capital available to finance takeovers.

II. verb




It seemed that the men pooled their money to help survive.

Partners can pool their money capital and are usually somewhat better risks in the eyes of bankers.

The idea was to give small investors the chance to pool their money and so spread their risk and get better returns.


The front door stood open, water pooling in the hallway.

The trapped water pools and backs up under the shingles, where it can leak into the house.

She saw the water pooling in the kitchen sink.



She has a picture of herself and the boy by a swimming pool at the Fountainebleu Hotel in Miami.

Those of us with tadpoles for children have made local swimming pools our summer homes.

Approved a measure requiring electrical wiring in older swimming pools to be retrofitted.


If we all pool our money I'm sure we'll have enough to buy her a present.

Why don't we get together and pool our ideas?


All information can be pooled at the report session, and problems discussed and clarified.

If constitutional independence is what sovereignty is, I do not know how one can reduce it by pooling it.

Other voluntary hospitals with such funds lost them to the Exchequer, which pooled them in a central fund.

Usually they pool their financial resources and their business acumen.

We will be pooling our sovereignty, not losing it.

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