Meaning of POORLY in English

I. adverb


be well/extensively/poorly etc documented

It is well documented that men die younger than women.

beautifully/skilfully/poorly etc executed

The skaters’ routine was perfectly executed.

poorly lit

a poorly lit car park

poorly off

well-ventilated/poorly ventilated etc

a well-ventilated kitchen

well/badly/poorly etc written

The article is very well written.

well/poorly/fully etc equipped

a well equipped hospital




Here the homeworkers poorly paid job dovetails neatly into the work for which she is not paid at all.

We went to eat lunch in a restaurant frequented by poorly paid clerks and secretaries and, no doubt, messengers.

She could only get a poorly paid job as a sales assistant in a King's Road shoe boutique.

Conversely, pursuing a mundane, poorly paid job or no job at all may provoke a sense of alienation from society.

Low morale among poorly paid health workers has led to strikes and lessened the quality of care.



Round five of the Foundry Bouldering Competition was again poorly attended .

At the Games: Poorly organized and poorly attended , the Paris Games turn into a disaster.

Traditional film nights were ditched and lectures, which had been poorly attended , were radically reduced in number.

It was one of the most poorly attended games in the tournament.

And if Fosdyke had been popular, it's strange that his funeral was so poorly attended .

If you don't and slalom continues to be so poorly attended it risks becoming a has-been sport.


Our results show that poorly controlled surgical pain significantly reduces tissue-oxygen tension.


However, the density of that material is poorly defined by these observations.

A fourth structure, with a poorly defined plan, was interpreted as for the preparation of frit.


Such organizations can be said to be poorly designed .


Humans have a vestigial appendix which is so poorly developed that it is prone to infection.


In most cases, such changes are poorly documented , if they are recorded at all.

The TCP/IP implementation is still poorly documented .

Unfortunately however, these functions are poorly documented and it takes quite some time to discover how to use them.

The archaeology of this region is poorly documented .


So Britain is poorly equipped to even consider making any comparisons of the productivity or usefulness of research.

The small number of white troops available for defense were poorly equipped and seldom paid.

Most schools are in such poor physical condition and are so poorly equipped that this is unlikely to be a viable option.

Numerous surveys show how poorly equipped students are to enter a work force that faces increasing technical complexity and intensifying competition.

Most noticeably the troops were poorly equipped to deal with riots.

To us poorly equipped and half-starved rebels it was a revelation.

It is one the region is still poorly equipped to manage.

For years after Franco's rule, the army, badly paid and poorly equipped , was viewed with suspicion.


There were hardly any well known names; the recently purchased Simon Vouet is very poorly executed .

Their spree of corporate takeovers is, for the most part, wildly ill-advised and poorly executed .

There is an occasional poorly executed sketch of a tiny organism or of a bone and muscle structure.


They rarely publish their arguments in the technical literature; when they do, the arguments usually fare poorly .

The state also fared poorly in the teen birth rate category.

This prompted two Republican candidates who are faring poorly to invite Mr Weicker back to the party; he refused.


Thelodonts are not included in these classifications, they are too poorly known .

The cost of these complex operations is considerable but poorly known .

A number of clades are still too poorly known to be included.

The equation of state of molecular hydrogen at high pressures and temperatures is particularly important and yet it is poorly known .

These were put down to provide underground information in critical areas where the succession of rocks was poorly known .

J 2 is in any case a weak constraint on density models and when it is this poorly known it is useless.

The tail of galeaspids remains poorly known .


Higher percentages of the elderly than of the general adult population live in accommodation built before 1919 that is often poorly maintained .

He wrote that he saw poorly maintained practice fields with one temporary goal post for kickers.

There was, however, evidence that public sector homes have been poorly maintained and that councils had spent their money elsewhere.


Thus while most farm workers recognize that they are poorly paid , few blame their own employer for their poverty.

Until now all that women were taught to do, from housework to carpet weaving, was devalued and poorly paid .

The jobs themselves are poorly paid , but the benefits, especially in higher education, are incalculable.

For one thing, in terms of buying power, Congress is probably more poorly paid today than it has ever been.

A survey revealed that scientists were poorly paid , on the whole.

For the poorly paid , the twelve-cent round-trip fare could eat up 10 percent or more of their wages.


We do not wish to perform poorly or to undercut our objectives.

The pressure on Sainsbury will continue if it performs poorly , he said.

A new body, the National Clinical Assessment Authority, has been set up to tackle the problem of poorly performing doctors.

Who or what was at fault when subordinates made mistakes or performed poorly ?

But after performing poorly at the polls it quickly disappeared.

Physical education classes were difficult at times, for Sean performed poorly in most competitive games.

However, their use is limited because they are brittle and perform poorly in tensile loading situations.

It would be the shortcut enabling their poorly performing public schools to catch up to the rest of the nation.


It does seem to be the case that Fuchs was very poorly served by his finance director Cees List.

London is relatively poorly served in this respect, as are historic towns subject to significant Conservation Area protection.

In some areas there may be centres of population which are very poorly served by public services.


But they failed to stop the accident because staff were poorly trained .

The police are poorly trained and grossly underpaid.


Astronauts have learned that we live on a delicate planet whose complex workings are poorly understood .

The exact cause of hypercalcemia in this disorder is poorly understood .

The internal arrangements and uses of these buildings are poorly understood .

But back then, he says, aerodynamics were poorly understood .

For some poorly understood reason, this most often involves the visual areas of the occipital cortex.

The directive signals an inexorable process towards liberalization, but with many details left open and implications poorly understood .

These steroids are uricosuric, but the mechanism by which they promote uric acid excretion is poorly understood .


The film was poorly written and acted, and utilised much stock footage of manoeuvres supplied by the Department of Defense.


be well/poorly/generously supplied with sth

The lounge was well supplied with ashtrays.

Football stars are well supplied with female groupies.

The markets are well supplied with agricultural produce, and with linens and yarns from the surrounding country.



a poorly lit room

The article is really poorly written.


Compared with her predecessors Elizabeth was poorly placed to raise loans, especially during her later years.

Environmentalists, claiming that the plant is poorly constructed, have for years objected to its opening.

It gets on poorly with other genres.

Port lawyers at the time drew up poorly worded contracts that do not properly protect district interests.

So if yours is looking poorly , hack it out and replace it.

Until now all that women were taught to do, from housework to carpet weaving, was devalued and poorly paid.

II. adjective




Since she reads so poorly , she called up and asked me to come over.


Some groups are doing very well economically and others very poorly .


"I'm afraid your grandmother's very poorly ," the nurse on duty said.

Dad was always out, Mum was often poorly , and I had to look after the rest of the kids.


Marie's still rocking - hugging herself like some of the poorly kids at school used to.

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