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Many birds lose the power of flight - for there are no large predators to make it worthwhile.

There were very large predators , too, swimming beneath the scattered dandruff of flotsam.

The only large predator of the region with a deeply forked tail, except for the Black Kite.

But with them comes the threat of larger predators , namely the great white shark.

The larger predators require large surroundings and as many are gross feeders, are tolerant of less than perfect water quality.

Although their names make them sound like large predators , they are actually tiny insect larvae.

The presence of a large predator of fish is not in the least surprising.


Digestion of the molars by mammalian predators varies considerably.

Digestion can therefore be expected to be greater in mammalian predators , and so it has been found here.

The diurnal birds of prey and the mammalian predators consistently have the highest rates of mandibular and maxillary breakage.

The prey assemblages of the other mammalian predators have low values, probably because of the destruction of bone through chewing.


The rabbits you are after may already have been bolted by natural predators such as stoats, weasels, mink and pine martens.

Unchecked by natural predators and conditions, they reproduce by the millions, chasing out native species.

They lose much of their natural paranoia about predators , but is never disappears entirely.

The king snake and the barn owl are natural predators .

Aphids are kept in check by beetle banks and shelter strips of willow to harbour natural predators .

But natural predators could benefit, especially the otter which is rare here, but may in time return.

The maleos of Sulawesi have a number of natural predators .


There were, however, other predators in the area - the birdwatcher's menace, cats.

Also send in any records of mole remains in owl pellets or the diets of other predators .

Like any other predator , leopards when hunting seek to get the maximum return for the minimum expenditure of energy.

It is possible to work hard at a complete system and get very little from it because of interference by other predators .

It is known to pick up tortoises, birds eggs and carrion, which may be stolen from other predators .

Blackbirds, wrens and some others will mock a ferret just as readily as they mock any other predator .

The prey assemblages of the other mammalian predators have low values, probably because of the destruction of bone through chewing.



In general, however, bone breakage is less in owl bone assemblages than in those of other predator species .

Maybe one predator species notices only the colour, another only the shape, another only the texture, and so on.

As would be expected, the predator species preserving the more intact skulls also preserve the highest frequencies of zygomatic process.

The predator species studied here are described in the Appendix.



In fact it seems likely that mountain goats are very successful at avoiding all these predators .

Rather than using the diversity of behavior to explore, it can be used to avoid predators .

But most animals, seeking to avoid attack from predators , use disguise in a quite different and more cautious way.

Often the first application should be delayed as long as possible to avoid killing parasites and predators .


They escape predators mainly by avoiding them.

That, indeed, is the way in which most animals escape their predators .


Because of the risk of injury and the need to kill prey quickly, predators usually predate animals smaller than themselves.

Almost every hare during a population decline is killed by a predator and the few survivors suffer much stress.


The long spines of the sea urchins protect them from most predators .

Angiletta said the primary purpose of the web site was to keep the public informed about legislation to protect children from predators .

So plants, quite naturally, have the ability to protect themselves from predators , just as all other creatures do.

Ants often farm colonies of aphids on garden plants, feeding off their honeydew, while protecting the aphids from predators .

They lay comparatively few eggs but look after them carefully, protecting them from predators .

Many fish have ingenious ways of protecting their eggs from predators , - mostly other fish.

These shells provide a home for the crabs and protect them from predators and the elements.

It had long been recognized that many species are protected from predators by colouring that provides camouflage.


In due course the numbers will be drastically reduced by natural mortalities, disease and predators being the chief causes.

It is a skill predators will readily learn.

The long spines of the sea urchins protect them from most predators.

The more striking the colours, the easier they are to remember - no predator is likely to forget these particular insects.

The toxins defend them against predators, and most interestingly against the effects of bacteria and fungi.

They also suspect that the move against wolves is part of a wider campaign against predators.

This beetle discharges a very hot fluid from a special gland at potential predators.

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