Meaning of PREJUDICED in English




an outdated and prejudiced set of laws

Even today Southern states are seen as being more racially prejudiced than other states.

He denies that he is prejudiced against women.

People around here are sometimes prejudiced against Catholics.

She's the most prejudiced person I've ever known.


Do more prejudiced children differ in their popularity and self esteem?

Either way, the prejudiced persons are attempting to justify their position by adopting either a theoretical or empirical perspective.

For instance, it has been suggested that the prejudiced themes exist at a psychologically deeper level than the denial of prejudice.

I stress this in order to underline that the view which I express is idiosyncratic, prejudiced and probably heretical.

Instead they show to my prejudiced eyes that the sea changes were very rapid indeed.

It is obviously a prejudiced system.

The author was keen that neither himself nor his readership should be considered prejudiced .

You argue with one another and put it down to the fact that people who are prejudiced are ignorant.

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