Meaning of PREJUDICED in English


prej ‧ u ‧ diced /ˈpredʒədəst, ˈpredʒʊdəst/ BrE AmE adjective

1 . having an unreasonable dislike of someone or something, especially a dislike of a group of people who belong to a different race, sex, or religion – used to show disapproval:

Some officers were racially prejudiced.

an intolerant and prejudiced man

prejudiced against

The early Christian church was prejudiced against the Jews.

Environmentalists are prejudiced against the dam.

2 . seriously affected by a bad situation:

The council must provide housing for young people whose welfare is seriously prejudiced.

• • •


■ treating people unfairly because of their race, sex, age etc

▪ prejudiced treating someone unfairly and having an unreasonable dislike of them because of their race, sex etc, or because they are old, disabled etc:

The media had very prejudiced attitudes towards disabled people.


I don’t want to sound prejudiced, but I do think women are better at this type of job.

▪ racist treating someone unfairly because of their race:

racist remarks


Children pick up racist attitudes from their parents.

▪ sexist treating someone unfairly because of their sex:

He had made sexist comments to several women in the office.


The show was about two female inspectors who had trouble with their sexist bosses.

▪ ageist treating someone unfairly because of their age – used especially when old people are unfairly treated:

Ageist attitudes result in older people being discriminated against in the workplace.

▪ homophobic treating someone unfairly because they are homosexual:

Many of his songs are homophobic.

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