Meaning of PRIMITIVE in English


I. adjective


a primitive civilization (= one that is not at all advanced )

His main interest was primitive civilizations.

a primitive society

In almost all primitive societies, volcanoes have been regarded with fear.

a primitive/simple creature (= one with only a few cells )

primitive creatures like bacteria




The interest in primitive art had come about largely, of course, through the work of Gauguin.

In the 1980s Jacques Kerchache, a former dealer, collector and connoisseur of primitive art , took up the cudgels again.

Picasso's instinctive appreciation of the aesthetic principles of trial art was indicative of a new attitude towards primitive art.

Moreover the government is building, at considerable cost, a museum at Quai de Branly devoted to primitive art .

Through him, more than through any other single force, the aesthetic worth of primitive art forms came to be recognized.

They have always refused to place primitive art on the same plane as the work of Western artists.

This attitude was, of course, purely subjective, and their appreciation of primitive art was almost entirely emotional.

What I say is roughly this: primitive art as we call it, tribal art, is usually very good.


The primitive church employed mythology to augment and explicate the great truths of the gospel.

In it the founders dissolved also their own presbytery and headed back for their model to the ideal primitive church .

Ironically we find that this mixture of heathenism and paganism is rather like living in the primitive church .


Hence the study of primitive culture is intimately bound up with that of primitive religion.

Almost all anthropologists have followed suit, speaking of primitive cultures as compared with the civilizations that more developed societies have evolved.

Town and country here are engaged in the age-old dialogue between advanced civilizations and primitive cultures .


It is spectacular even in its present, relatively primitive form .

These simple, single-celled creatures are the most primitive forms of life on earth.

It would he hard to imagine a more primitive form of music than stamping on the ground.

There are, however, other primitive forms of life that can flourish under such conditions.

I take it that some very primitive form of life arose spontaneously on earth from chance combinations of atoms.

The first primitive forms of life consumed various materials, including hydrogen sulfide, and released oxygen.


Before long, I saw more signs of agriculture, on a pathetically primitive level .

This shows the limiting effects of fixations to primitive levels of development, engaged in out of fear.

The child can be seen as constructing knowledge at a primitive level , trying to make sense of the surrounding world.


It has been used in baking and brewing ever since primitive man became domesticated.

Do you know how primitive man generated fire?

As Lévy-Bruhl pointed out, primitive men saw the chirping of crickets and crying of birds in spring as appeals for rain.

They had no meaning for primitive man .

Other themes, such as the importance of the shadow to primitive man , flicker through these lines.

No doubt, primitive man had slept in the open.

Of course primitive man was a sun worshipper.

In that infinitely remote time primitive man could Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea.


The old anthropological concept dreamed up in the universities to describe the potentialities of nature as understood by primitive people .

After all, these were the most primitive people of all, our earliest ancestors.

They're embarrassed to have such primitive people represent the country to the rest of the world.

I know of no primitive people anywhere that either rejects and despises conflict or represents warfare as an absolute evil.

This would not seem strange to primitive people at all.


More than any others, so-called primitive peoples are receptive to nature and model their life and attitudes upon it.

A number of authoritative scholars seriously question the propriety of interpreting prehistoric remains by reference to the customs of modern primitive peoples .

It seems that primitive peoples ate human flesh for broadly two reasons.

All the islands, including even Java, harbour primitive peoples , often still living in stone-age conditions.

Like all primitive peoples they believed in spirits with influence over human life.

Between the civilized areas, those occupied by primitive peoples are also the domain of wild animals.

The West, by contrast, assimilated its own primitive peoples very early on.


Hence the study of primitive culture is intimately bound up with that of primitive religion .


The Waste Land itself functions as a primitive ritual .

She was absorbed in the primitive ritual of the hunt and work was erased from her mind.

He was also concerned with primitive ritual as underlying developed ritual.

But it seems that his interest in primitive ritual had led him to place his own stress on life as a ritual.


As a result there ceases to exist unalloyed the direct feedback, characteristic of primitive societies , between natural conditions and consciousness.

But trade in slaves has been a universal phenomenon, affecting all primitive societies .

Teheran, by contrast was a poor and primitive society in those days.

Thus virtually every primitive society divides the children and teaches the sexes separately.

He pointed out that the latency period is absent in primitive societies and is found only in higher cultures.

In primitive societies men have the compensation of physical strength.

This type of simplistic explanation of primitive societies has dogged Marxist anthropology since Engels's time.

In primitive societies , practice for Bourdieu must then primarily be about strategy.


Even primitive tribes when dancing submit to the discipline imposed by their leaders.

The ill are no longer ostracized as moral pariahs except by a few remaining primitive tribes ruled by superstition.

To primitive tribes a head, stuck on a pole at the village boundary, averted evil and brought luck.

The law of the survival of the fitted governed not only primitive tribes , but the civilized cultures of the ancient world.

First, of course, you have to locate your most primitive tribe .

Iii any primitive tribe , rule by male fighters is the most natural form of government.


primitive machinery

primitive man

a primitive design

fossils of primitive algae

In those days, dental equipment was primitive and a visit to the dentist was a painful experience.

It is a primitive but effective device for raising water from a well.

Mead's research focused on three primitive New Guinea tribes.

The cabin is primitive and lacks running water.


But how did primitive life-forms first appear on Earth?

It was basic, primitive and very, very real.

She was threatened, and the primitive male instinct to protect what was his brought his entire body to battle-readiness within seconds.

The discovery of this conodont-bearing animal suggests that at least some conodonts may be among the most primitive of vertebrates.

The gingerbread house represents an existence based on the most primitive satisfactions.

They are among the most primitive on bony fish, though their skeleton consists largely of cartilage.

This was barter, the most primitive capitalism, and this was what we were fighting to protect.

We also stopped to hike on a primitive trail, up and over a short ridge to a small, isolated lake.

II. noun


Besides, you write in Yiddish, a language no one except a few primitives can understand.

Brown said he saw Adam and Eve in a remote-viewing session, but they were not naked primitives in a lush garden.

The primitive was often underscored by social Darwinism.

They are the unfortunate primitives or fools: we know much better than that!

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