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printing ink

printing press

screen printing




We've got the miners rattling sabres again and there's been mob violence outside that new printing works in Sheffield.

Profits raised from the new printing press will be used for church renovation.



In 1852 he purchased a small bookselling and printing business in Bloomsbury.

Three years later Thomas Cook relinquished his printing business and devoted all his attention to being an excursion agent.

When I had a small printing business in Stornoway several of my employees were crofters.

Last month saw his dreams shattered and his printing business in ruins.

To set up an art and printing business had always been his pipe-dream.

At the age of twenty-eight he established his own printing business .


They might, for example, be mixed with pigments to make magnetic inks for colour printing .

The facsimile editions are worth the £12.95 price tag for the Frenchified handwritten text and superb colour printing .

Three practical sessions are planned during the courses, covering photography, colour printing and audio visual.

Register marks used in colour printing to position the paper correctly.

The latest application of the ink-jet principle is that of colour printing .

Unlike the colour printing achieved from multi-ribbon matrix printers the results are really excellent.

He introduced colour printing of one-inch maps and caused the resumption of publication of 6-inch maps of selected areas.


In March, Northampton won a two-month breather from a winding-up order on more than £13,000 owed to a printing firm .

Are there any printing firms out there who will help us?

It ends months of financial worry for Alan Govier, who worked for a printing firm for forty-nine years.

He was rich, he owned a printing firm .


The advantages for the printing industry have been enormous.

In September 1971, a dispute in the printing industry kept New Scientist off the streets for nearly three months.

Similar agreements followed in the construction and printing industries .

One could also mention the printing industry machines which we export to the West.

No knowledge of computer science or of the printing industry would be assumed.

Pica a printing industry unit of measurement.


The blank spaces become wet and therefore reject the printing ink .

Restrictions on the use of paper and printing ink resulted in canned goods carrying only half-labels.


Many governments thus resort to financing expenditure through domestic bank borrowing and printing money , both of which are inflationary.

For example, one year the Government stopped printing money and instead resorted to issuing cheques valid for 90 days.

Governments were not responsible for this expansion of credit in the sense of running larger deficits and printing money to finance them.


Rotary press a web or reel fed printing press which uses a curved printing plate mounted on the plate cylinder.

Letterset a printing process combining offset printing with a letterpress relief printing plate .

Anodized plate an offset printing plate with a specially treated surface to reduce wear during printing.

Line block a letterpress printing plate made up of solid areas and lines and without tones.

The photographically prepared printing plate when being made is treated chemically so that the image will accept ink and reject water.

Paper plate a short run offset printing plate on which matter can be typed directly.


There has suddenly appeared a multitude of banners and pamphlets from these printing presses of the trees.

The documents travel from printing press to wastepaper basket in one uninterrupted motion.

Last, but not least, workers have fretted about being displaced by machines ever since the invention of the printing press .

Pupils learn about how a printing press works.

The Communist Party and various affiliates control nearly all Soviet printing presses and broadcasting stations.

Sheet fed a printing press which prints single sheets of paper, not reels.

By Saturday new plates had been made and the printing presses re-set.

Ivan's son Djuradj is honoured as the first man to introduce a printing press into the Balkans.


In 1836 Baxter received a royal patent for his printing process .

Broadly speaking, the printing process falls into two stages, typesetting and printing.

Letterset a printing process combining offset printing with a letterpress relief printing plate.

Lithography a printing process based on the principle of the natural aversion of water to grease.

Photographers also need to be informed of the printing process involved in the publications for which the picture is intended.

This is a printing process and a machine would only be practical if the volume of office printing was high.

Microsoft claims it speeds up printing and helps users understand the printing process .

This negative can be used directly in the printing process .


Sericol, for the development of water-based screen printing inks.

Safety clothing. Screen printing of bottles.


With many micros standard interfaces are provided to allow a wide choice of printing systems to be attached.


After its partial recovery in the middle 1920s, the Edinburgh printing trade was hit by the depression.

It is not in itself surprising that any mention of industrial employment for women should bring the printing trade to mind.

Top of the list - and there are obvious reasons for this - comes the printing trade .

Until they are, female labour at half rates will have a dangerous effect on the printing trade in general.

In the printing trade , mobility had long been a traditional element in the organization of mutual support.


Anna-Francis's side-kick Alan Tate and Mike Treloar, the foreman at the printing works .

The rest of the week he was at the printing works .

The printing works is a good investment for anybody's money and this site is a key one in the street.

He shuddered involuntarily and walked on towards the printing works .

I was working in brother Louis's printing works .



The host software interfaces with the native Unix spooler to allow the workstation to use its own printing resources.

This negative can be used directly in the printing process.

Can also be used for printing upon.

By 1826 no less than ten newspaper presses were using Applegath &038; Cowper printing machines.

Rotary press a web or reel fed printing press which uses a curved printing plate mounted on the plate cylinder.


printing technology

The book is in its fourth printing .


A modest investment in design and printing can produce extremely impressive and high quality materials.

An optional gateway function to other terminals and personal computers is included, as is a printing function.

Are there any printing firms out there who will help us?

Other new features in this version are automatic envelope printing , and an easier route to mail merge, called Smart Merge.

The division's business is in microfilming computer output and laser printing .

The use of three-dimensional shapes for printing gives opportunity for the shapes themselves to be compared and discussed.

Under the 1643 ordinance to control printing , Bachilor was appointed one of the twelve divines empowered to license books of divinity.

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