Meaning of PRINTING in English


( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English printing, prenting, from gerund of printen, prenten to print — more at print


a. : reproduction (as on paper or cloth) of an image from a printing surface made typically by a contact impression that causes a transfer of ink — compare letterpress , intaglio , planography , stencil , electronography

b. : the process of producing a positive or negative photographic image on a light-sensitive material from a negative or positive by contact or projection : the process of making photographic prints

c. : the process or act of decorating pottery by means of transfer papers printed with mineral colors or of gelatin sheets printed in oil with the colors being fixed by firing

2. : the art, practice, or business of a printer

3. : the number of copies or the amount of material printed in one continuous operation : impression 6c

4. printings plural : paper to be printed on

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