Meaning of PRODUCTION in English




a production crew (= working to produce a film, programme, play etc )

She’s a member of the production crew for a new television series.

cease trading/production/operations etc (= stop operating a business )

The company ceased production at their Norwich plant last year.

crop production

The area is mostly unsuitable for crop production.

electricity production (= the process of producing electricity, or the amount produced )

California’s strict environmental policies make it difficult to increase electricity production.

energy production

hydro-electricity and other methods of energy production

food production (= the process of making or growing food to be sold )

Farmers have increased food production to meet demand.

gas production

The company expanded its gas production facilities.

industrial production/output

Industrial production has risen by 0.5% since November.

labour/production/transport etc costs

They had to pay £30,000 in legal costs.

mass production

oil production

a fall in US oil production

production line

production number

production quotas

With an excess of milk in the European Union, production quotas were imposed on dairy farmers.

the means of production (= factories and equipment used for producing goods - used especially in Marxism )

the class of people which owns the means of production




Extra funds were given to agricultural production , food subsidies, and housing for armed forces personnel.

Understanding of population growth in relation to the level of agricultural production facilitates future food planning and management.

Data on aggregate agricultural production that are comparable over time is only available from 1961.

A drought caused agricultural production to plummet 11 % in 1995, driving up food prices and retarding overall economic growth.

Economic activities An increase in primary, and especially in agricultural production , will remain the basis of rural economic regeneration.

That does not represent a sensible integration with agricultural production .

Important families grew out of brewing, for example, linking agricultural production to the financial system which channelled the profits.

Agrarian reform programmes have differed in their emphasis, whether it be on land distribution or agricultural production .


The capitalist mode of production , for example, developed in Britain prior to industrialisation.

They therefore had a monopoly on technological advances and the dynamics of capitalist production .

But this ideology, though revolutionary in content, in fact sustained capitalist relations of production in general and big business in particular.

This was compared with the situation where capitalist methods of production were used to further undermine pre-capitalist methods of production.

Massey provides us with a fascinating and persuasive account of how capitalist production has used space.

In this lay the historical peculiarity of the capitalist mode of production .

The root of the problem, however, lies in the capitalist form of production which generates these conflicting tendencies.

Alternatively the state may be relatively autonomous of the capitalist mode of production , which is appropriate for a functionalist approach.


Because of multinationals, industrial production means little improvement in levels of employment.

Many industrial production managers have a college degree in business administration or industrial engineering.

Their version of an improved world may be very different from that of the economist oriented towards the expansion of industrial production .

In general, industrial production managers share many of the same major functions, regardless of the industry.

The chart on the next page shows how industrial production has fared since last July compared with the past three recessions.

Never had any nation relied so completely on industrial production and material superiority to wage a war.

Severe import controls were introduced and were one of the factors explaining the slump in industrial production in 1973.

Consumer spending and corporate investment are recovering and industrial production is improving, he said.


Second-pass silicon will sample in the third quarter, with mass production coming by the end of the year.

Eli Whitney, famous for the cotton gin, also developed mass production techniques for muskets.

The mass production and marketing of family food expresses the dissolution of domesticity as a way of life.

Competition and mass production is now changing that.

In the commercial horticultural field, the mass production of pot plants has been facilitated through cloning.

Software engineering is still a craftsman's industry, awaiting the development of mass production .

These problems can be overcome by utilising assembly lines ie moving over to a mass production method. 17.


Food safety and quality management; New food production and service systems.

Major changes in history are the result of new forces of production .

Therefore, with demand outstripping supply for new aircraft production , existing in-service aircraft are replaced more slowly.

Markets force firms perpetually to develop new products and production processes. 3.

These could be described as a New Form of production .

Once this new mode of production began to replace the old, it threw up a new class of owners.

We're working on a new production model for the whole factory - new stock control, new purchasing policy.


The total production cost is the sum of these two quantities, giving the line so marked.

The total level of production in an economy is usually measured by one of two monetary figures.

Using the methods offered by the new technical media, he must become a self-aware participant in the total apparatus of production .

In spite of the shorter work day, total production increased and hourly production increased dramatically.

The national brewers account for more than 90 percent of total lager production .

This system still represents less than 10 percent of total production .

Grain Whisky: United Distillers' grain whisky distilleries account for more than one third of total industry production .

So, when looked at from the point of view of total social production , Dept.



In 1994 the world was awash in excess production capacity .

For many types of work, its maximum production capacity is well below the level of ten years ago.

Chellam also said the memory-chip maker will expand production capacity more than 40 percent this year.

Schneider said it was selling the business because there is not enough hog supply to meet production capacity .

The higher prices would dovetail nicely with production capacity increases that are already in the pipeline.

Huge investment will be needed to develop production capacity and operate new oilfields.

Damage to the plant's production capacity immediately affected world oil and petrol prices.


He now runs a highly successful production company which bears his name and wins award after award.

The lead police detective signed a contract with a television movie production company .

Exploration and production companies have to manage huge amounts of data from diverse databases and business disciplines.

Actually, the call was not from Jane herself, but her production company .

This will give Anglia a major stake in a top Hollywood television production company .

Kassar is expected to produce one or two films a year at Paramount under the banner of a still-unnamed production company .

In London Channel 4 journalists and Insight News, the production company , brought pressure to bear.

Paramount referred queries about the report to the movie's production company , Mandalay Pictures, which did not return phone calls.


In purchasing costs , stock holding and direct production costs.

Their already world-class development and production costs were lowered more.

Without them production costs would rise because farmworkers would have to be employed and paid.

Beyond some point manufacturers usually encounter increasing production costs per unit of output.

This ensures that production costs of electricity generated by these methods are no greater than for fossil fuels.

But Sony says the Plasmatron is suitable for large-screen sets and low production costs .

Only if the lowering of production costs results in lower prices will there be any benefits to consumers.


Yet these earlier occupants would marvel at the advances in crop production .

Such measures inevitably incur substantial costs which in turn increases the cost of crop production .

The amount of new land available for crop production is extremely limited in almost every part of the world.

There is a herbarium, as well as a laboratory concerned with scientific research and investigation into plants and crop production .

We can free up meadows for crop production and we are already seeing rainforests stripped out for new farmland.

How can it benefit crop production ?

The already hot, dry countries of the world tend to be the ones with poor crop production and troubled economies.


Merrydown has bumped up production facilities to cope with the expected demand.

The locations range from former weapons production facilities to fuel tanks to federal landfills.

But a major part of the work is the creation of production facilities to treble capacity to around 10,000 cars a year.

Completed in 1936, the brewery is currently undergoing a £53 million four-year modernisation programme to renew production facilities .

This investment programme has begun with the installation of a new wort production facility .

The family-owned firm has its head office in Sefton Street and existing production facilities nearby.

Further expansion of the production facilities has recently taken place.


Nowhere is this more true than in food production .

Water conflict is inherently local, depending upon neighborhood needs for human consumption, food production , industrial processes and waste treatment.

Informal chats with guests provide an excellent opportunity to meet consumers and answer their questions about farming and food production .

It also privatized agricultural land, giving a huge boost to food production .

Clearly food production and consumption have changed vastly since industrialization but the devaluation of women's contribution remains a constant.

In fact, in several countries, food production is at surplus levels, making exportation to neighboring countries possible.

Greater food production also means improved incomes for farmers.

The introduction of cash crops in the 1930s further reduced the amount of land available for food production .


The company had assured these would be the last cuts because of lower production levels , he said.

Factories were ordered to cut production levels and road repairs were halted in an effort to cut traffic jams.

The reason for this is that the renewal of fixed capital is normally to maintain existing production levels .

The task of maintaining existing production levels has therefore come to consume a higher and higher share of national output.

The demand for higher production levels leads to more formal manufacturing methods and some special process plant is justified.

But the production level was restored within one decade, and climbed above the pre-reform levels in 1992 and 1993.

It then entered the domestic market to begin the explosive growth towards today's production level of millions of tonnes a year.

Prewar production levels were not regained until the early 1950s, and not until even later were 1930s agricultural productivity levels exceeded.


Design faults meant that each new station required major alterations; any hope of a production line quickly went out the window.

Others are former production line supervisors who have been promoted.

The firm designs and sells magnetic and optical sensors for use on factory production lines .

The P5 will share the same production lines as the 80486.

Harman leads by example, putting his time in on the production line .

Here I was on the production line , as the kind of fodder passing along between doctors and consultants.

Nawakille had become a squash production line , but this was no accident.


A further important consequence was the more rapid implementation of planned petrochemical projects in response to sharp rises in oil production and oil prices.

In the case of lube oil production , an aspect of primary importance is catalyst selection.

The possibility of oil production seems less likely.

The group will supply a floating production , storage and offshore installation to handle oil production.

By 1959, its wants took care of 60 percent of the world's oil production .

As the oil price rose, so did oil production .

There are two production sectors in the model, manufacturing and non-manufacturing, as well as North Sea oil production.

The Shell-owned Eider oil production platform, with 38 people on board, was shut down for a while.


Inventions - the discovery of new information about the production process - are a particular example of this general theme.

Vicki Hochstedler ably steered the book through the production process .

The decision to stop the line is with the employee, as is the decision to review the production process .

They meet on call to present and analyze recommended improvements of the interaction of the teams or of specific production processes .

In a manufacturing firm typically the budgets will be more complex due to the production process itself being complex.

Economists assign value to resources based on their relative value in the production process , Preston says.

In product markets characterised by complex production processes long-term supply contracts or sub-contracts are commonly used to try and lower these costs.

Each operating team consisted of twelve to eighteen employees with skills and responsibility for completing all steps in the production process .



In a year of recession, Land Rover is taking on more staff and increasing production to cope with the worldwide demand.

His studies show that some of these molecules, called tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-6, can increase viral production .

Cash flow from operations will increase as production from these new fields is brought on stream.

Any potential for increased farm production has to be weighed in the balance against stubborn facts.

The E-C wants to increase production by fifty percent.

Chrysler is the only domestic automaker increasing production in the first quarter.

The desire for economic security was long considered the great enemy of increased production .


Conversely, state hospitals in the National Health Service involve public sector production of private goods.

You get the sense it was a blast to make for everyone involved in the production .

As a multi-skilled employee, her shifts involve chemical analysis, production monitoring and work as a colourist.

As the system becomes more complex, many actors are involved in the production and distribution of goods.

But before anything can be put into the hands of the worshipper, many people are involved in its production .

The new technology could prove most useful in subsea drilling, where the expenses involved in stopping production are enormous.

This latter involves the production of food energy and fuel energy which can supplement animal feedstocks and fossil fuels respectively.

And get some one who has not been involved in the production to give you an honest opinion of the end product.


Owing to reclamation, technological improvements and urbanization, agricultural productivity and the level of production rose during the period.

Total copper production rose 5 percent because of higher ore grades at and increased output at Escondida.

Without them production costs would rise because farmworkers would have to be employed and paid.

Declining global production and rising demand drove prices higher.

But both the production and Fiennes rise superbly to the spectacle of Edward's decline.

Copper production is expected to rise amid expansions at mines owned by Codelco, Phelps Dodge and other large producers.

Prime costs for newspaper production were rising fast as supporting industries and services demanded real payment under khozraschet conditions.

For 1995, those type of imports fell 35 percent, with those associated with export production rising 33 percent.


the means of production

It would be foolish to nationalize all the means of production.

A class in itself is simply a social group whose members share the same relationship to the means of production.

But it did not own the means of production.

Classes did not exist since all members of society shared the same relationship to the means of production.

Finally, the owner-worker cleavage involves questions of labour exploitation and control over the means of production.

Since managers are in control, they effectively own the means of production.

The bourgeoisie class own the means of production, the proletariat do not.

The dominant class, the capitalists, own and control the means of production and thereby exploit the subordinate working class.

The power of the ruling class therefore stems from its ownership and control of the means of production.


As demand for the drug has grown, cocaine production has skyrocketed.

Bulmers will be making around 40 million gallons of cider this year -- half Britain's total production .

Have you seen the new Shakespeare production at the Arts Center?

He will star in the Los Angeles production of "Phantom of the Opera' this year.

Most caustic soda is used in the production of aluminium.

Steel production has decreased by thirty-four percent.

the body's production of white blood cells

the Northside Theater Company's production of "A Christmas Carol"

The Riverside Theatre is used to staging major productions.


A second explanation is that antibiotic production is rooted in the plant material that is the food source.

At present the factory has one production line running with a yearly capacity of 25,000 tonnes.

But as they go into production the stock exchanges go into free fall.

Companies may intensify production , improve productivity or reduce output - all of which tend to reduce employment.

Rather, they affect production through their influence on labour quality and, to a lesser extent, labour quantity.

Thankfully, this production receives a kinder, gentler updating.

The last two columns give the production and export rates in 1975 in million tons.

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