Meaning of PRODUCTION in English

I. prəˈdəkshən, prōˈ- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English produccioun, from Medieval Latin production-, productio, from Latin productus (past participle of producere to produce) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at produce


a. : something that is produced naturally or as the result of labor and effort : product

acrid productions poisonously irritant to throat, lungs — Emily Holt

skillful artisans, whose choice productions could secure a ready sale — H.T.Buckle


(1) : a literary or artistic work

(2) : a theatrical representation : the staging or performing of a theatrical entertainment

c. : an action resembling an elaborate theatrical performance : one exaggerated out of all proportion to its importance

taking a small child visiting … can be quite a production — Nell Dunkin

have lunch and still not make a production of it — Richard Joseph


a. : the act or process of producing, bringing forth, or making

chief activities … are maple sugar production and farming — American Guide Series: Pennsylvania

lead ore was worked … but they ceased production before 1776 — T.T.Read

b. : the creation of utility : the making of goods available for human wants

3. : the act of exhibiting ; especially : exhibiting in a court of law

the appellate court went so far as to demand production of the grounds for refusal — Report: American Civil Liberties Union

4. : a lengthening out or prolonging : elongation , extension

5. : the total output of a commodity

II. adjective

: designed to provide nutrients to an animal in proportion to its production (as of milk or eggs) and being in addition to those supplied to maintain bodily condition

a production ration of two pounds of grain for each additional gallon of milk

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