Meaning of PROPAGANDA in English




subversive propaganda/literature




We are the last nation to acknowledge the Communist propaganda of 47 years ago.

Its collection of Communist propaganda is now being dismantled.

He swallowed the Communist propaganda about Mihailovich being inactive and treating with the enemy.


They've also been plastered on walls usually reserved for political propaganda .

There was less interest in programmes on political subjects and an actual dislike of political propaganda programmes such as Nation and Humanism.

But to subject a patient to political propaganda within the context of a consulting-room discussion about treatment is both unprofessional and cruel.


Their purpose was to affirm Soviet propaganda about the evils of capitalism.



In Najaf, Khomeini had begun a propaganda campaign against the Shah and his regime by circulating audio cassettes containing his pronouncements.

Than Tun stepped up the propaganda campaign to end military government.


The coming of war in 1914 quickly gave new impetus to the hitherto rather limited and amateurish propaganda efforts of governments.

They offer little protection against heavily financed, one-sided campaigns and special-interest propaganda efforts .


The representatives of the media should see the meeting as a constructive activity and not just a propaganda exercise .

They are part of the propaganda exercise of doubt itself.

Were all the sendings of messengers, offers and counter-offers, a propaganda exercise , a charade?

Franco was assisted in the orchestration of this propaganda exercise by a convenient coincidence of the calendar.


Anyway, there was always the suspicion that they were exaggerated by Stalin's propaganda machine .

The chancery was used as a propaganda machine perhaps as never before.

Even Saddam's propaganda machine failed to bring that lie to life.

We have to find a way to utilise our fifty thousand members as an educational and propaganda machine .

The malai propaganda machine had always lied about the scale of casualties in our earlier Civil War.

But in recent weeks it has cranked an impressive propaganda machine into action.


It is inconceivable that Edward would, for propaganda purposes , have falsely implicated one of his own household knights in treason.

The railway industry had a propaganda purpose in the streamlining of outlines and in the new doctrine of modernism in these years.

In some instances, I believe, spurious cases were cobbled together for propaganda purposes .


But its propaganda value should not be allowed to deflect the urgent need for reform.

But the caution of other princes may not have blinded their followers to the possible propaganda value of the Laudes.

Such a confirmation was to be of great propaganda value to the papacy in addition to its immediate political and financial value.


Even the mobile telephone has become a weapon in the propaganda war .

Mr Barak has not just lost his majority; he has lost the propaganda war , too.

Instead they were treated to a live on-air, across the networks propaganda war , with Al Gore firing the first salvos.

It was thus necessary to reanimate local antislavery societies, renew the propaganda war , and once more undertake large-scale petitioning.

We pride ourselves on having won the propaganda war .



At the same same they are using propaganda and terror to boost their position in the countryside.

A place where there are no foreign journalists, no chance to use him for propaganda .

The chancery was used as a propaganda machine perhaps as never before.

In ways such as these coinage was used for contemporary propaganda .

And they are not above using some sharp contemporary propaganda .


Propaganda is a tool of war.

a propaganda film

a piece of anti-Communist propaganda

In Najaf, Khomeini had begun a propaganda campaign against the Shah.

Neo-Nazi propaganda

Radio Marti is still there, spewing its US propaganda across the waters toward Cuba.


Anyway, there was always the suspicion that they were exaggerated by Stalin's propaganda machine.

Beginning in the 1970s, petrodollars financed the propaganda that encouraged submission and repudiated reflection.

But such propaganda may not be welcomed.

Coevolution can be seen as two parties snared in the web of mutual propaganda .

Externally, a range of print media is available for the insertion of company propaganda , should the occasion arise.

His name is known around the world-its prestige would be great propaganda against our enemies.

In other words, at these points, Dawkins depends on propaganda and rhetoric.

It was a lesson in propaganda he did not forget.

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