Meaning of PROPOSE in English




propose a toast (= ask people to drink a toast )

I’d like to propose a toast to the bride and groom.

propose legislation (= suggest a new law )

The government proposed legislation on data protection.

propose marriage formal (= ask someone to marry you )

He plucked up the courage to propose marriage to her.

propose/introduce/put forward a resolution

The resolution was proposed by the chairman of the committee.

propose/put forward/table a motion (= make a proposal )

I’d like to propose a motion to move the weekly meetings to Thursdays.




He also proposed a referendum on private ownership of land.

Kantor said the Clinton campaign also proposed a three-way debate between the vice presidential candidates on Oct. 9.

Guidance is also proposed for situations in which the predecessor auditor's report is to be re-issued.

He also proposes a bipartisan commission to examine the issue as the best politically possible way to change the system.

It has also proposed that the abduction offences should become gender neutral.

Mr Milburn also proposed an early warning register to pick up the mistakes and bad practices of rogue doctors.

Tax exemptions for the property of literary and artistic figures is also proposed .

Chafee also proposed a five-year delay in setting specific limits for fine particulates, or soot, citing scientific uncertainty.


When Governor Perpich first proposed choice, in 1985, only about a third of those surveyed supported the idea.

Former President Reagan first proposed the 16-nation project in 1984.

I continue my efforts and stand behind what I first proposed .

When she had first proposed doing the piece, her bosses had flatly turned down her proposal.

It was first proposed in April by two Republicans, Sen.



The Clinton administration has proposed stabilizing emissions at the 1990 level.

The Administration proposed and the Senate approved a similar understanding in its resolution of ratification of the Convention against Torture.

The Carter Administration proposed a federal-state reservation.

The Administration proposed a declaration clarifying the relationship between this Article and international law.


He proposed an amendment to the poll tax to take account of ability to pay and split the Conservative Party in 1988.

He did not mention the other proposed amendments , although in the past he has supported all but one.

The proposed balanced-budget constitutional amendment will be brought up in February or early March, he said.

Lindell said that if he is elected in November, he would introduce the proposed amendment during the 1997 regular session.

But those proposed amendments are merely the ones that generate the most political heat.

Allowing citizens to propose their own constitutional amendments .


On 21 February 1992, he proposed his own bill to provide for a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty.

Today, we would reject a proposed Bill of Rights out of hand.

I propose that the new Bill , like the Bill of 1938, should contain a provision to carry out this recommendation.

The proposed Regulatory Reform Bill will also enable us to do away more easily with outdated, burdensome and overlapping regulation.

This proposed bill would have a grave effect on justice.


Senate debate on the proposed balanced budget amendment could begin as early as next week.

The proposed budget would end the next fiscal year in the black by a razor-thin $ 54 million.

The governor will submit his proposal later this month, along with his proposed fiscal 1997 state budget .

Under the proposed budget , $ 25 million would go to the effort in 1996-97.

Colleges and universities Higher education funding in the proposed budget keeps step with the third year of a four-year agreement.

Wilson marked it for full funding in his proposed budget .

Clinton fired the opening salvo last month when he included tax cuts in his proposed 1997 budget .


Health authorities will have a duty to consult local authorities on proposed major changes to service development.

This proposed change will mean it will be a little easier for some one with real opinions and views to be selected.

Your directors are proposing certain changes in respect of these schemes to enhance this objective.

The Assembly approved the proposed changes .

One proposed change , however, has an air of inevitability about it: the junking of the monarchy.

The full convention, the only party body that can dictate delegate-selection procedures, will have final say on any proposed change .

This is especially the case when the action that is proposed requires some change from the usual flow of action.

But the proposed changes are serious.


The project being proposed by the Commission would put up £450 million for collaborative work in computers and automation.

They argued that Richards' proposed state ethics commission lacked the authority to police political conduct.

He also proposes a bipartisan commission to examine the issue as the best politically possible way to change the system.

Disagreeing, Evers said the standards proposed by the commission are not like those used in leading foreign nations.

These provisions are wider than what was proposed by the Royal Commission .

The urban agenda proposed by the Commission was an unmistakable repudiation of the Carter urban policy.


If this figure proves wildly optimistic, Bill Clinton will either have to propose more cuts or spend more money.

For example, administration officials highlighted Sanchez Elementary in Austin, Texas as a potential victim of the proposed cuts .

His proposed tax cuts are warmed-over Reaganomics that could saddle our children with an ever-increasing national debt.

President Clinton is also a supporter, having criticized the proposed cut in a letter to lawmakers.

About 75 percent of all the proposed spending cuts would take effect after 2000&038;.

But the current proposed cuts mean that, nationwide, about 9, 700 schools will loose all Title I support.

Dole aides have said the candidate may propose broader income tax cuts later this year as part of his long-range economic strategy.

Instead, Dole proposed a 15 percent cut in income tax rates.


Where the Government propose alternatives to custody, they must provide the resources to make them work.

The government now is proposing further to escalate its efforts by putting some of the Social Security trust fund in stocks.

The government has already proposed using 685 billion yen in taxpayers' money to help dispose of the loans.

The Government proposes to implement a major review of adoption law in the New Year.

Yet far from seeking to defend free speech, the Government is proposing to subject the media to even fewer controls.

However, the Government has proposed changing this so that the final decision would be up to the DoE.


He also proposed an electoral law , details of which remained unspecified.

The proposed new law thus would subject prosecutors and judges to the same limitations.

Ministers will also propose stricter implementation of laws against racist and sexist remarks at matches.

Boris Yeltsin refused to support the proposed law .

The proposed law still would require businesses to report pollution releases under other existing state and federal laws, Rhoades said.

It will be reluctant to propose a law to make banks £500m richer at the expense of local taxpayers.

Under the proposed law , she would have the upper hand.


Democrats also intend to push for privacy initiatives and to propose modest gun control measures , party aides said.

In proposing such unpalatable measures , albeit with reluctance, the Big Five were showing both realism and courage.

Kessler has proposed a new measure that forbids using cattle parts in animal feed but still permits them in fertilizer.

It does not propose any significant environmental measures , but it does suggest a lower duty on diesel.

It is proposing stringent measures , underlining the urgent need for a change of attitude among lawyers.

The city attorney rarely takes a position on the legality of proposed ballot measures before they qualify.


What Valverde and Nadelstern are proposing is a new model for higher education-the remedial college.

Allen and Burton propose the following model .

I offered them an opportunity to correct my proposed model .

Psychological studies of word recognition propose models of interaction between the different levels of processing which combine to give recognition.


In March 1922 Steel-Maitland proposed a strong motion of confidence in Younger that was a clear rebuke to his critics.

It would be a formality for a representative of the Assembly to ask the Archon to propose the opening motion .


We therefore propose the 10-point plan which follows.

The goals and activities in this plan are consistent with the goals set forth in recently proposed plans for health care reform.

Cardinal Lienart of Lille proposed an alternative plan .

Despite a briefcase thick with proposed solutions, no plan has been implemented.

Each side has proposed a plan that would balance the budget in seven years, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

The group proposed the final remediation plan .

A proposed zoning plan is the topic of conversation at the Dayton Coffee Shop.


This idea, or some variation of it, often is included in proposed initiative reforms .

Section 902 of the proposed reform Act contained a controversial provision.

All accept that the public is dissatisfied with the existing system, and all propose reforms .

The proposed Regulatory Reform Bill will also enable us to do away more easily with outdated, burdensome and overlapping regulation.


Is is worth the trouble of allowing members to propose resolutions ?

A proposed resolution to oppose voucher plans and charter schools provoked a spirited debate on the convention floor.

The Committee adopted by voice vote an amendment offered by Senator Helms to the proposed resolution of ratification.


The Disability Alliance has been proposing such a scheme for nearly two decades.

Few would venture to propose such schemes today.

A converted physicist not afraid of over-simplification, Valentino Braitenberg, has proposed a scheme so simple that it needs no diagram.

In 1978, McClellan proposed a scheme based on main categories where subdivision is by readability ratings.

The report proposes a pilot scheme in selected courts.

The Commission proposes a margin scheme , i.e.


Some of our economists are proposing the same solutions .

There is a lot of agreement for many of the issues, though a lot of differences in proposed solutions .

Meanwhile, worried scientists have moved beyond offering proof of the ill effects of human activity to proposing solutions .

Despite a briefcase thick with proposed solutions , no plan has been implemented.

So far, feminists have mainly proposed numerical solutions to these imbalances, treating the categories as equivalent and autonomous.

Most proposed solutions to the funds' problems involve limiting the benefits of current recipients in some way.

Falsifiable hypotheses are proposed by scientists as solutions to the problem.

In both cases, senior management looked on the proposed solution as unworkable at best, and, at worst, subversive.


We could propose a simpler system .

Typically hypothesized peripheral mechanisms propose multicellular systems { 108 }.

It is proposed that hypertext systems go some way towards providing students with alternative structures for organizing their knowledge of electronic publishing.

The proposed system is not ready to graduate from development to deployment, and probably never will be.

The proposed system will integrate conventional computing, expert systems, and neural network methods.

The proposed satellite interconnection system that I was fighting so hard to stop suddenly looked terribly appealing.

From what we know, the proposed defense system can defeat only the dumbest decoys.


The Inland Revenue has released a consultative document that proposes a heavier tax charge for certain cars.

He has proposed a new tax credit that reinforces the traditional use of special tax breaks to affect social policy.

President Bill Clinton vetoed that, and proposed instead some small tax credits and tax deductions for higher education.

Instead, Dole proposed a 15 percent tax cut.

The clause among the Fourth Lateran Council decrees that proposed regulated taxes for the churches and provinces of Christendom suggests as much.

Financial industry executives said the proposed taxes would have dampened institutional investment, particularly by foreigners.

Underlying all the discussions is the proposed tobacco tax .

Dole aides have said the candidate may propose broader income tax cuts later this year as part of his long-range economic strategy.


This article does not propose to explain the theory behind profit maximisation with price discrimination.

In all the years since Wilson proposed his theory of hot spots, plumes have remained elusive, practically imaginary structures.

He proposed a theory in which the germ plasm was totally isolated from the adult body that transmits it to future generations.

I now wish to propose a theory about the performance of medieval and Renaissance music.

We are not proposing a theory of how a typical member generates his performance on the basis of this knowledge.


Mountbatten was to propose the toast to the Navy, I to the guests.

He stands up stiffly and proposes a toast to their old friend.

Alas for him, the speech proposing the loyal toast can sometimes take a very long time.

At the end of dinner, King Constantine proposed the toast to the bride and bridegroom, then the dancing began.

I want to propose a toast to an absent - and sorely missed - friend.

An all ladies cast with the exception of Mr. Bernard Povey who proposed the toast .


Man proposes, God disposes

propose a vote of thanks (to sb)

Chairman Gerald Davies proposed a vote of thanks.

I did listen to him proposing a vote of thanks occasionally, and I was always glad when he sat down.


At the last meeting, Mrs Williams was proposed by several members.

Did he get down on one knee to propose ?

I propose that we discuss this at the next meeting.

I thought he was going to propose to me, but in fact he just wanted to borrow some money.

I would like to propose Mr Harrison for the position of Party Treasurer.

The Russians proposed a treaty banning all nuclear tests.

We proposed several dates for the next meeting, but they were all rejected.


But what had made the girl propose to him in this way?

Each member receives an Annual Report and the opportunity to propose people to stand for the Executive Committee.

He knows Clinton will not propose and Congress will not enact legislation to seriously weaken provisions of the new law.

In essence I proposed that rather than having public investment we should substitute private investment without any Government guarantee.

Ramsay, accepting the need, wondered whether even Douglas would have the presumption to propose himself for the position.

The new or expanded benefits proposed would cost more than $ 17 billion over five years.

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