Meaning of QUANTUM in English



quantum computer

quantum leap

There has been a quantum leap in the range of the wines sold in the UK.

quantum mechanics

quantum theory

quantum/great/huge etc leap

a quantum leap very great increase or change in population levels

taken a quantum leap

The treatment of breast cancer has taken a quantum leap forward.




Research in theory and computation encompasses quantum field theories of elementary particles, neural networks and quantum chromodynamics.

Finally there is quantum electrodynamics, which is the quantum field theory of light and charged particles.

The answer to this question takes the discussion deep into the realm of quantum field theory.

There have to be quantum fields with very definite properties of energy, mass and so on.

Capra's parallels are between not hypotheses but concepts, for example the ch'i and the quantum field .


This, however, is difficult to determine in the case of quantum gravity , for two reasons.

In October 1981, I went to Moscow for a conference on quantum gravity .

We do not yet know the exact form the correct theory of quantum gravity will take.


By placing Franco in overall command, the Nationalists made a quantum leap forward in their efforts to secure victory.

Agricultural technologies have revolutionized farm production, resulting in quantum leaps in output.

The quantum leap expressed itself partly in population levels.

The market is forcing the players to move on in quantum leaps in order to keep their market share.

I think that there are two aspects to the question of a quantum leap in nuclear weapons.


It is not the case that absolutely anything can happen at any moment, at the quantum level .

What Heisenberg claims is that not every event, at the quantum level , is sufficiently caused.

How does this affect things when effects at the quantum level get magnified so as to reach the classical level?

We shall only use these strange complex-number combinations at the quantum level .

The quantum level is the level of molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, etc.

We shall be seeing that the complex numbers that we must use at the quantum level are closely related to classical probabilities.

But at the quantum level these terms give important interference effects.


In telling you how it works we will have told you about the basic peculiarities of all quantum mechanics .

We have learnt that, according to quantum mechanics , even a single particle must behave like a wave all by itself.

One might expect the fluctuations that are implied by quantum mechanics to give a cosmological constant that is very large.

To understand quantum mechanics , we must come to terms with complex-number weightings.

In such strong fields the effects of quantum mechanics should be important.

Quantum cryptography exploits a key principle of quantum mechanics , according to which certain aspects of any subatomic process are inherently unknowable.

We no more understand how biology emerges from physics than we understand how classical measuring apparatus emerges from quantum mechanics .

Physicists like the mathematical beauty of string theory because it banishes the absurdities that pop up when quantum mechanics and gravity combine.


The quantum numbers represent energy levels.


Microchips aid quantum physics Technology from the semiconductor industry has allowed an experiment in fundamental physics previously possible only in theory.

Such people often see their lives more effectively framed by the reality metaphors that modern quantum physics and chaos theory provide.

Tried to explain the real implications of quantum physics as we crossed Kensington Road.

This is because, in the wacky world of quantum physics , light is wavy as well as particulate.


Instead, they had a quantum state , which was a combination of position and velocity.

Thus these symbols now denote quantum states .

This picture is that presented by a quantum state .

This collection of complex weightings describes the quantum state of the particle.

We shall also be examining, in some detail, how quantum states are actually described.

Products' can also be taken between any other pair of quantum states , not necessarily single-particle states.

However, it is possible to copy a quantum state if we are prepared to destroy the state of the original.

A single point of Hilbert space now represents the quantum state of an entire system.


We are back again to the idea that quantum systems exhibit an unexpected degree of togetherness.

Instead, each Hilbert space dimension corresponds to one of the different independent physical states of a quantum system .

For quantum systems it seems that once they have met there is never true parting.


A divorce is decreed between wave and particle which quantum theory had for ever joined together.

Might not some essential aspects of quantum theory also be playing crucial roles in the physics that underlies our thought processes?

In the quantum theory of gravity, on the other hand, a third possibility arises.

According to quantum theory , elementary particles do not really exist until an intelligent observer measures them.

This tale of parallel realities claims to be based on quantum theory , and is dressed up with suitable jargon.

Using quantum theory to understand gravity makes as much sense as trying solve a crossword puzzle with the key to your door.

It also has the great advantage that many of the infinities that arise in quantum theory cancel each other out.

And yet, the most sophisticated experiments have proved quantum theory correct time after time.


Measurement involves an intervention by our everyday world into the quantum world.

But hold on to your hat-there is more strangeness yet in the quantum world !

The microscopic quantum world is imprecise; it is the domain of Heisenberg uncertainty.

This is so that we can attain some genuine understanding of the quantum world .

In particular, how does it come about that the imprecise quantum world yields a precise answer when it is experimentally interrogated?

If you thought that science was invariably characterised by clarity of vision you may have found the quantum world unexpectedly murky.

We have to give that up in the quantum world .

Perplexities A layman venturing into the quantum world no doubt expects to encounter some fairly strange phenomena.



It doesn't really matter if you don't understand relativity and quantum mechanics, or even if these theories are incorrect.

As we now know, quantum theory is needed in order that the actual structure of solids can be properly understood .

Richard Feynman, said to be the greatest theoretical physicist of modern times, stated that no-one understands quantum mechanics.

To understand quantum mechanics, we must come to terms with complex-number weightings.

This is so that we can attain some genuine understanding of the quantum world.

Yet, some day science may give us a more profound understanding of Nature than quantum theory can provide.


Actually, quantum descriptions are very precise, as we shall see, although radically different from the familiar classical ones.

Because string theory has so much symmetry, it can accommodate the disparate faces of nature displayed by gravity and quantum theory.

But at the quantum level these terms give important interference effects.

Contemporary cosmology even suggests that the whole universe might have appeared out of the quantum vacuum: the ultimate free lunch.

Finally there is quantum electrodynamics, which is the quantum field theory of light and charged particles.

In the quantum theory of gravity, on the other hand, a third possibility arises.

Of course, there is nothing intrinsically quantum mechanical in what has been said so far.

The first derives from the quantum theory.

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