Meaning of QUANTUM in English

ˈkwäntəm sometimes ˈkwȯn- noun

( plural quan·ta -tə)

Etymology: Latin, neuter of quantus how much — more at quantity


a. : quantity , amount

the quantum of proof needed

the quantum of damages to be assessed

the tiny quantum of popular knowledge on any matter — John Buchan

the quantum of the sin — Robert Burns

b. : a certain or an allotted amount : portion

in almost all men … are quanta of love and tenderness — Levon West

the Indian blood quantum of the population — D.P.Delorme

c. : gross quantity : aggregate , bulk

the total quantum of securities … that circulate in the economy — H.V.R.Iengar

increase the quantum of material well-being — H.J.Laski

2. obsolete : something having quantity : body


a. : one of the very small increments or parcels into which many forms of energy are subdivided and which are always associated directly or indirectly with a frequency ν such that the quantum is equal to ν multiplied by Planck constant

b. : one of the small subdivisions of a quantized physical magnitude (as molecular spin, angular velocity, magnetic moment) — compare light quantum , magneton , phonon , photon

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