Meaning of REBOUND in English

I. verb


a ball rebounds (= hits something and moves back and away from it again )

The ball hit the goalpost and rebounded.


Electrons move around quickly, hitting and then rebounding off each other.

Summers caught the ball as it hit the wall and rebounded.


Although your skin might feel a bit taut after washing, the skin oils rebound in about the same time, too.

He led the Eagles in scoring and rebounding for each of his four years.

It ran over the cloth, hit the brass base of the lamp, rebounded, wavered, fell.

Springs shares fell as much as 1 1 / 8 before rebounding to 39 5 / 8, up 1 / 8.

There is a process of segregation which can rebound on the marriage.

We win playing a certain way, and you have to defend and rebound .

When you factor in their offensive rebounding, they shot 70 percent.

II. noun


And then you're going up again on a surprisingly gentle rebound .

Clyde Drexler had 28 points, eight rebounds and eight assists while Hakeem Olajuwon had 26 points and 16 rebounds.

Corie Blount suffered a mildly sprained right ankle after his awkward landing following a defensive rebound .

Hakeem Olajuwon had 22 points, 12 rebounds and five blocks, but nobody else had more than 13 for the Rockets.

He played only 13 minutes and finished with two points and one rebound .

His shot was blocked by goalkeeper Milton Flores, but the rebound came right to Caio, who poked it in.

My best basketball is not based on on how many points, rebounds or assists I get.

The home fans were relieved to see the rebound strike defender Kay and cannon over the crossbar.

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