Meaning of RECEPTION in English




a reception area (= a desk where visitors arriving in a hotel or large organization go first )

Visitors should please report to the reception area.

chilly reception

The speech met with a chilly reception .

enthusiastic reception/welcome

The audience gave him an enthusiastic reception.

hostile reception

Southampton fans gave their former coach a hostile reception .

rapturous reception/welcome

He was given a rapturous welcome.

reception centre

reception class

reception room

the hotel reception/lobby

She waited for him in the hotel lobby.

the wedding reception (= the large formal meal or party after a wedding )

Her uncle got drunk at the wedding reception.




Academics whose research found ill effects of divorce on kids faced chilly receptions .


At a civic reception that evening Chapman announced that the club would not be satisfied until it had won the League Championship.

Today, her achievement was recognised with a civic reception .

A council spokesman said this occurred when the last civic reception was held for the club and caused great concern.


But the Tribune newspaper gave her White Paper a cooler reception than we did.

Despite the cool reception that reparations are receiving among lawmakers, Rep.

Helms received a polite but cool reception .

They gave his speech a cool reception , but we laughed and shouted when he returned with his report.

He therefore received a rather cool reception from Oliver Cromwell and was never once invited to join the army council meetings.


The enthusiastic reception of the illuminated cars was such that any future occasion was bound to be graced by their presence.


The hostile reception of Alford's views led him to reflect that he was being denied the parliamentary right of free speech.

They had not been prepared for the fierce extremes of climate, or for the hostile reception of the natives.

He didn't seem in the least put-out by the hostile reception .

The two men were confused by the hostile reception the mob gave them, and they had reason to be.

But when a camera crew arrived at the rectory, they got a hostile reception .

April 1983 Generally speaking, however, family planning has met with a hostile reception .


Cuisine 2000 itself, meanwhile, was enjoying a somewhat mixed reception .

Crawford's performance also met with a mixed reception .

Orfeo had a mixed reception , with predictable hostility on the part of Mazarin's enemies.

All in all these developments have had a very mixed reception .

But Penrhyn's success has met a mixed reception .


A recurrent problem for the station was that of poor reception , even when the transmitting power was increased.

The company claims to have solved many of the problems of poor reception suffered by mobile phone users.

This met with a poor reception .

Michael Heseltine's ungainly hybrid replacement received a poor reception from Tory activists gathered at Southport last weekend.


He failed, however, to get the rapturous reception he may have expected from his chief apologist on the international scene.

They gave a magnificent recital, which got a rapturous reception .

He was given a rapturous reception by a flag-waving crowd of 5,000 when the result was announced shortly after midnight.


There was a small reception after the Tuesday night preview.

This is the ideal hotel if you are planning a small wedding reception .

They walked up the wide stone steps and into a small reception area.

They went down the stairs again, this time to another room, a smaller reception room.


Tents and marquees have traditionally been used in the grounds of hotels and country clubs for special functions such as receptions and parties.

A special opening reception will be held from 7 to 10 p. m. Saturday, April 5.

In addition to requiring special types of vessels, containerization requires a special place for reception of the goods.

Approaching when Sammler was so preoccupied, Bruch, his idiosyncrasy, got a very special reception .

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Medical Trust have hosted a special reception evening launching phase two of the keyhole surgery appeal.

He booked in at the special executive reception on the eighteenth floor, reserving an executive suite on the twentieth floor.

Only visitors and VIPs got that special reception .

Tom has promised a special reception to the big winner.


Assets of £75,000 or even less can now be enough to guarantee you a warm reception from the private bankers.

There were no problems with the trip, he said, but he was embarrassed by the warm reception he received.

I have every expectation that this chocolate team will melt in the glare of a warm Elland Road reception .

From some of the 11,000 students a warm reception , and a cheeky invitation.

We are preparing a warm reception for invaders.

This was the bond which gave him a warm and interested reception .



With children constantly moving between evacuation and reception areas , endless administrative problems arose.

As we enter the reception area , he tells me in the barest sibilance to please hush.

New carpets, partitions, desks and offices have all been installed, together with the creation of a much needed reception area .

Back out toward the lobby, just off the reception area , is a different room.

On signs in personnel departments and reception areas .

They reception area is comfortable and welcoming.

The girl who sat in the reception area and answered the switchboard was called Lucinda.


After assessment by the child care officer or reception centre , the child is placed in a suitable substitute home.

All this sort of responsibility will be taken on by the reception centre .


Just look at this winning line-up! Champagne reception in the Mirror's private box.

And they looked happy and at ease as they moved inside to the enormous champagne reception Mel had arranged.

Tickets to include champagne reception and buffet supper £57.50 from At Logiealmond Lodge, Perthshire.

Gaynor Wynne was filming her with a camcorder during a champagne reception at the Imperial Hotel.

Stableford competition and a champagne reception and prize-giving.


In this role they featured centrally as producers, as a reception class , and in the institutions of aesthetic modernism.

Headteachers began filling empty reception class places with under-fives in the Seventies because the low birth-rate had caused a shortage of five-year-olds.

The techniques in practice Chris Chris was nearly 5 years old and had just entered his infant reception class .

The 8.16 from Darlington and the returning 10.38 behaved as impeccably as the reception class at a Victorian Sunday school.

In the reception class it can be seen in the first moments of a school day.

In Southall bussing and reception classes go on through secondary school.

For my work experience I went to the local primary school where I was a classroom helper with the reception class .

But 248,000 three and four-year-olds were in reception classes meant for children of five and above.


It is such a reception committee .

It had not left much time to arrange for a reception committee .

At the nick he found a reception committee from the press.

A reception committee of such size was not exactly what he had needed.

Such passengers would then be met by reception committees and crowds at stations along the route, as well as at their destinations.

Quite a reception committee , eh?

There was a reception committee of three, their figures oddly fore-shortened, the necks straining upwards.

I had a sudden vision of a reception committee for the snake.


A note is usually made in the diary to this effect to remind the reception desk .

A recent high-school graduate sat at the reception desk .

The contract was made at the reception desk .

The reception desk was getting a last bright coat of yellow paint.

There was no porter manning the reception desk , so he didn't have to be signed in after all.

The nurses all wore sweaters, and a tiny electric heater glowed behind the reception desk .

The foyer, too, was empty as she walked across it, nodding to the girl behind the reception desk .

I worked reception desk and switchboard.


You heard about the unpleasantness in the reception hall the day before yesterday, I suppose?

They could see a corner of the reception hall and the glassed-in area for the secretaries.

A small fountain pattered gently in the big reception hall .

It has a three-story reception hall and turn-of-the century stained glass windows.

When they returned to the reception hall , Madame Gauthier had departed, leaving only one dim light switched on.

Build a new reception hall , no.

Within the palace walls were temples, baths, living accommodation, reception halls and gardens.

Think of the plaza as an open air reception hall .


The busiest time and peak hours of the reception office will depend on the type of hotel.

Describe briefly the basic function of the reception office , enumerating the services it provides. 6.

The reception office will then amend their records as follows: 1.

There is a board in the reception office , cashier's office and housekeeper's office with a switch in every bedroom.

Charged bills are sent to the reception office for entry in the tabular ledger.

The reception office should be so organised that all sources of information necessary to answer enquiries are immediately to hand.


She didn't take him to one of the two formal reception rooms opening off the hall.

Bernstein went back to the locked reception room through an inner doorway.

It offers good size accommodation, benefiting from three good bedrooms, two separate reception rooms and partial gas fired central heating.

He sits in an oversized armchair in a huge reception room equipped with a state-of-the-art video wall.

The house consisted of two reception rooms , each furnished with black oak monstrosities that created a dark and depressing atmosphere.

Tommy, as usual, is whispering to Nico hotly when I come through the reception room .

The reception room was little more than a hall.

The public reception room was not a welcoming sight.


Today Stephen was worried about the reception staff .

The reception staff hurried out to meet it.

There are certain basic rules of behaviour which the management expect their reception staff to follow: 1.


Meetings, rallies, dances and wedding receptions all brought the small communities together.

The couple also got £2,000 cash that helped to make their wedding reception a feast to remember.

The castle's impressive great hall is a popular venue with local couples for wedding receptions .

This is the ideal hotel if you are planning a small wedding reception .

Food for more than 100 guests at two wedding receptions was alleged to have been prepared at the kitchen.

It is an ideal location for wedding receptions , having large attractive grounds.

In addition to meeting rooms and lounges, a large function room is used for conferences and is hired for celebrations such as wedding receptions .



Then it was time for me to attend the evening reception on Britania.

In the evening Mabel attended a reception given in her honor by the Knights of Columbus.

True, many journalists attend press receptions and lunches for free food and to see colleagues.

More than a thousand people attended the reception at the house on Park Lane that the Phippses had taken for the season.

Watts was paid $ 500 for attending a reception in downtown Columbus sponsored by the Cleveland-based McDonald and Co.

The presentation was to have included village litter warden James Budd, but a family bereavement prevented his attending the reception .


The Mass will be followed by a reception in the hall for the children and their parents.

The trio was given a triumphal parade up Broadway, followed by a reception at city hall.

The presentation was followed by a reception and lunch in Buckingham Palace.

The lecture, which attracted press publicity, was followed by a buffet reception .

The brief research addresses will be followed by a sherry reception at 18.30.


Opposition parties gave a lukewarm reception to the proposals, which resembled ideas previously put forward in December 1989 and April 1990.

On his frequent trips to the United States, the Shah was given royal receptions .

Even the town crier of nearby Faringdon was on hand to give an official reception .

When Olivia gets married, I want to open the ballroom and give them a grand reception !

Certainly when I went there recently I was given a very good reception , which pleased me very much.

The White House gave Begin a cordial reception when he made his first visit in July.

One speaker from the Gloucester Diocese was given a particularly noisy reception .


Eventually Rose persuaded them to hold the reception in the house.

She will also hold a reception on the Royal yacht Britannia.


Basingstoke and North Hampshire Medical Trust have hosted a special reception evening launching phase two of the keyhole surgery appeal.

Colette will be on board to host a cocktail reception and discuss the progress and needs of the wildlife at the Waystation.

Later they hosted a reception for 75 guests in idyllic surroundings.


Public rooms include a spacious reception with comfortable lounge and bar area and a fresh, spacious breakfast room.

It allowed the Rams a season-low 113 yards, a figure that included a 69-yard pass reception by Keith Crawford.

Tickets to include champagne reception and buffet supper £57.50 from At Logiealmond Lodge, Perthshire.

It includes handling their reception at the station, airport or parking lot.


Such passengers would then be met by reception committees and crowds at stations along the route, as well as at their destinations.

April 1983 Generally speaking, however, family planning has met with a hostile reception .

But Penrhyn's success has met a mixed reception .


As I was taking my leave, I asked whether he would like to attend our formal opening and reception .

The exhibit runs through the holidays, with an opening reception from 2 to 5 p. m. Saturday, November 30.

An opening reception is from 2 to 4 p.m. today.

A special opening reception will be held from 7 to 10 p. m. Saturday, April 5.

An opening reception begins at 5 p.m.

There will be an opening reception for the artist from 4 to 8 tonight.

The exhibit runs through January, with an opening reception from 7 to 10 tonight.


After Wednesday's disgraceful scenes Lennon received a great reception by the travelling Celtic support.

As for Smith, he received a lukewarm reception from his teammates Wednesday.

Even during his triumphant progress in the summer, the doctor did not always receive a unanimous reception .

The combination of an original word with a well-known gourmet paradise like San Francisco helped his pickles receive a positive reception .

He therefore received a rather cool reception from Oliver Cromwell and was never once invited to join the army council meetings.

While Dole received a polite reception from the crowd, there were some skeptics.

He received a rousing reception from a partisan audience of about 90 at the public meeting held at Hummersknott School.


Holtz took him upstairs to see one of the large second-floor spaces that had once been used for wedding receptions .


a 24-yard touchdown reception

a wedding reception

I went to the church service, but not to the reception .

On the second night, the captain always holds a formal reception for the crew and passengers.

The pair were spotted together at a champagne reception at the Imperial Hotel.

The wedding reception will take place at the Lennox Hotel, starting at 3.30 pm.

There will be a reception for the visiting professors.

Two hundred guests attended an evening reception , held in honor of the Chancellor's visit.

We had our wedding reception in a local hotel.


Above the reception is the professional team's accommodation and administrative facilities.

All the mirrors in the reception hall had been smashed, all the paintings on the walls were slashed.

He added scoring receptions of 56 and 58 yards later from quarterback Cade McNown, both on play-action throws.

He also was penalized for an illegal shift that nullified his 1-yard touchdown reception late in the second quarter.

The two men were confused by the hostile reception the mob gave them, and they had reason to be.

The winner's reception will take place in a top hotel in central London.

There will be fireworks, concerts, parties, dinners, church services, receptions and a parade.

Today Stephen was worried about the reception staff.

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