Meaning of REGIME in English



a totalitarian state/regime

an exercise programme/routine/regime British English , an exercise program American English (= a plan that includes different types of exercise )

The athletes follow an intensive exercise programme.

I’m finding it quite hard to stick to my exercise routine.

communist regime

a communist regime

puppet government/regime/state (= a government etc controlled by a more powerful country or organization )

regime change




There had been some authoritarian regimes that were also populist and had been sustained by votes not repressive force.

A thorough comparison of authoritarian regimes .

It may be easier for an authoritarian regime than for a democratic one to carry out economic restructuring.

It connoted a rational, efficient method of organization-something to take the place of the arbitrary exercise of power by authoritarian regimes .

The temptation simply to continue with presidential rule would be enormous and another authoritarian regime would be born.

In this sense, most authoritarian or totalitarian regimes are nonconstitutional.

An alliance between workers, peasants and petty bourgeoisie necessitates a bureaucratic authoritarian regime . 2.

Citizens are not permitted to question the political institutions, procedures, or value allocations of an authoritarian regime .


But in the process, said his opponents, his brutal Ofsted regime drove teachers out of the profession.

Is it not time that the Government stopped selling arms to a country with such a brutal regime ?


Well, partly because the corrupt Marcos regime mismanaged the industry.


The new democratic regime has carried out very few investigations into war crimes.

There were no guarantees that the wealthy, stable, democratic regime of later years would emerge.

And governing any kind of democratic or nondemocratic regime means you have to be tough.


It would be possible to have different patent regimes in different parts of the world.

Thus, the war was not a no-man's-land between, and distinct from, two different regimes .

Comparing the absolute number of patents filed between countries is difficult because of different national patent regimes .

He thought of Andrei Gromyko, the great survivor of the different regimes that had followed the revolution.

The different media regimes , moreover, do have social effects.

In a letter to Companies House, the Institute points out that the different filing regimes would complicate matters.

Moreover, the analysis of this chapter suggests that efficiency is likely to differ under different regulatory regimes .

We have a different regime from the other 11 member states, one which is more competitive.


There is still concern that a military regime would be reluctant to prosecute its own kind.

Finally, after deliberation, it was decided to initiate the Peace Corps program despite misgivings about working under a military regime .

Human-rights groups may carp at foreigners for dealing with an unpleasant military regime .

The peaceful transition to democracy depends mainly on the military regime .

When Mr Cerezo, before his election, stood up against successive military regimes the rightists tried to kill him.

Each of the half-dozen military regimes since then has eventually foundered on the strength of the miners.

Those efforts were effectively buried by new evidence of the atrocities committed under the military regime between 1973 and 1990.


Thus their dubious loyalty to the new regime was eroded even further.

Indeed, the new regime has refocused Conde Nast, once notorious for its excesses, firmly on the bottom line.

You probably do stick to your new regime for a short while.

The new regime is for three years.

Under the new regime , companies will be liable for automatic penalties for late filing.

Mostly it is a Monday that slimmers pick for a new health regime , a new diet.

We strongly recommend that you spend a week, or preferably two, preparing for your new regime .

She envisaged a totally new recreational regime when Livingstone moved in.


She has defended the Mulroney government, whereas Mr Charest has discreetly distanced himself from the old regime .

My dad was of the old regime .

But this fit of morality hardly survived their short-lived victory over the old regime .

The economic and political leaders of the old regimes would be thrown out, along with religious leaders and editors.

The Dome was Ceausescu-land, a monument shoring up the fantasies of an old regime .

Under the old regime at least you knew who the enemy was.

The line between party and state was washed away under the old regime and has not been redrawn.

Some east Berlin enterprises, though grotesquely overmanned under the old regime , have good technology and promising futures.


Throughout 1815 MiloÜ maintained that his quarrel was with the oppressive regime of Süleiman Pasha and not with the sultan.

The public has reacted in this way because they felt a great relief at the overthrow of an oppressive and unpopular regime .

Tired of this paternalistic and oppressive regime , Beida students aired their complaints over several evenings in mid-December.


In such ways Augustus changed his image to match the changing political regime over which he presided.

Part Five of this book will reveal that many contemporary political regimes are powerfully influenced by classical liberalism.

If Mr Milosevic succeeds, he could extend again his political regime .

All political regimes attempt to manipulate information as a means of social control.

The same is true in cases where coins have ceased to be legal tender because of a change of political regime .

Of course, some of the most powerful political regimes are masterful at using both illusion and coercion.

The consequences of war for political regimes are thus quite diverse.

All other countries, whatever their political regimes , try to copy and equal it.


He also vetoed a Congressional investigation into corruption under the previous regime .

The alumni don't want to hear it, but the previous coaching regime vastly oversold the goods.

He has a moral stature which comes from being wholly untainted by the previous regime .

The churches themselves began reorganizing their affairs, often removing those officials who had close contact with the previous regime .

It sees them as little more than rural ghettoes designed by previous hated white regimes to keep blacks and whites apart.

Gen. Oscar Botero, the Defence Minister under the previous regime , was retained in his post.

That is what it would be paying under the previous regime of the last Labour Government.

The nature of the privileges suggests the rigour of the previous regime , which was still slow to change in many unions.


One was a relatively liberal regulatory regime compared with other financial centres.

Yet the regulatory regime he put in place is a meddlers' charter.

Make no mistake, argues the broker, the regulatory regime for utilities will get tougher under the Conservatives.

The regulatory regime does too little to protect cost-conscious customers.

Moreover, the analysis of this chapter suggests that efficiency is likely to differ under different regulatory regimes .

Mr. Redwood Overseas undertakings investing in the United Kingdom often comment favourably on our regulatory regime .

It is clear that firms are taking the regulatory regime seriously; nearly all have taken steps to comply with audit regulations.


When we live with war, under a repressive regime we can not close our eyes any more.

Their story plays out amid the insane violence of a repressive political regime .

Both the Sandinistas and Frelimo came to power after a liberation struggle against highly repressive regimes .

In the face of repressive regimes , the peasantry have shown a capacity and willingness to organise and mobilise.

There is a new insistence on the illegitimacy of debts incurred by military dictatorships and other repressive regimes .


It seemed to shout defiance towards the Soviet regime .

He was probably the first prominent Western person to suggest that the Soviet regime had failed to obliterate religion within its domains.

The longer-term one might be the Soviet regime itself.

The implosion of the Soviet regimes and the ensuing collapse of state capitalism caused great suffering to women.

Disseminating for the purpose of undermining or weakening the Soviet regime slanderous fabrications which defame the Soviet state and social system.


In this sense, most authoritarian or totalitarian regimes are nonconstitutional.

We have had the collapse of the totalitarian regimes .

In a totalitarian regime , the definition of res publica becomes total.

The classic study of the forces underlying totalitarian regimes .

A case study of political transition in one of the major totalitarian regimes .



While arguments about equity are important in overthrowing the Thatcher tax regime , they are not the only ones.

This means fresh consideration of factors like tax regimes , property prices, travel convenience and even lifestyle.

The best tax regime is one in which firms behave exactly as they would if there were no tax.

This success has been achieved despite the discriminatory tax regimes which are plainly protectionist.

Mr Bauman would collect £754,777 under Labour and £1,040,822 from the Tory tax regime .

There has been speculation that Mr Brown may alter the North Sea tax regime .

They will still be subject to the tax regime of the country in which they are listed.

The current tax regime encouraged pensions, share options and subsidised meals, but discouraged company loans, cars and petrol.



While arguments about equity are important in overthrowing the Thatcher tax regime , they are not the only ones.


Baker was part of the Reagan regime .

The military regime refused to recognize the elections.

the region's military regime

The US supported several right-wing regimes in central America.


But recently the regime seems to have lost the trust of the people.

During the last weeks of 1688 James's regime began to disintegrate.

His Gaullist successor, Jacques Chirac, publicly condemned Vichy as a criminal regime and called for reparations.

It is time the regime proved how much it loves its country and how much courage it has in embracing change.

The line between party and state was washed away under the old regime and has not been redrawn.

The secretiveness of the regime and the often seemingly wilful disinformation provided by its opponents makes matters worse.

There are at least four crucial differences between the new regime and the old.

Within this, the regime was heavily dependent upon the civil administration.

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