Meaning of REGION in English




a border area/region

The Afghan border area is open and wild.

a desert area/region

A hot dry wind blows from the desert areas of North Africa.

an autonomous region/state/republic etc

Galicia is an autonomous region of Spain.

arid regions

Water from the Great Lakes is pumped to arid regions .

far-flung corners/places/regions etc

expeditions to far-flung corners of the globe

people flying to far-flung destinations

hilly region/area/terrain etc

nether regions

exploring the nether regions of East Sussex

somewhere in the region of

We have somewhere in the region of 500 firefighters in this area.




In order to overcome the problem of an inadequate water supply, many parts of the arid and semi-arid regions have been irrigated.

The concentration on arid and glacial regions was probably also partly instrumental in the development of climatic geomorphology.

In arid and semi-arid regions leaching may be minimal and solutions in the weathering mantle can attain high concentrations of dissolved constituents.

The pattern of light and dark areas represents variation in rock type and surface weathering in this arid region .

In arid regions , rainfall above the average one year will produce a particularly thick annual ring.


Indeed, there are no taste buds in this central region .

In construction, the number of commercial and residential starts and their value rose only in the Central and Northeast regions .

The image of the insect may pass over the edge of my retina rather than the more acute central region .

The many crevices once hid hundreds of the venomous snake indigenous to the Central Maryland region .

This batch is expected to include all the main hospitals in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Central region .

Read in studio Crime recorded in the Central South region last year rose by more than the national average.

In many cases the headquarters were retained in the central region and only the production processes were decentralized.

A number of military commanders from the southern, central and northern regions were appointed as ministers on Sept. 24.


Meanwhile Grom's attentions had turned to the west and to the coastal regions of the Empire.

For two days, police in the remote coastal region around Sodwana Bay had stumbled and fumbled their way into the case.

An estimated 2,000,000 people either fled or were evacuated from the coastal regions in advance of the hurricane.

The coastal regions , those richest in marine life, were found to have the highest concentrations.

It comes from coastal regions of Sierra Leone, again in soft, acid water.

Unless expensive sea defences were built, low-lying coastal regions would be permanently submerged.

These forests vary in character from closed forests to open woodlands and include mangrove forests that occur in coastal regions .

Yesterday, Coun Davies said she understood that bids had been invited for exploration of the coastal region which included Aberconwy.


In Tasmania aborigine hunters led a nomadic life to take advantage of the seasonal food supply in different regions .

This must be done in the local market area because market conditions vary in the different regions of the United States.

Their differing concerns have led the two groups to dwell upon different regions of the Empire.

Clearly, different regions are choosing different paths.

These larger companies often own plants in different regions of Britain, as well as in other countries.

Particular metals are concentrated in different regions of the micro-organisms.

There are different styles of singing in different regions , and we balance the programme to include different songs from different regions.

The war has accentuated the disparities both in educational level and general economic status between different regions of the country.


There are 120 competitors entered in this year's events coming from clubs throughout the Northern region .

The first dives will be in the northern region , at the Flow Site, where the lavas escaped on to the seafloor.

Pruning will also delay the flowering while new shoots grow - a very important point in northern wine regions like Champagne.

Relatively few students reach secondary school, with a substantial proportion of these being in the Khartoum and Northern regions .

In the key northern industrial region of Lombardy official unemployment fell to 1.7 percent in 1962 and 1963.

Nevertheless, it is an early maturing variety well suited to the long ripening period of a northern wine region .


Low levels of hybridization are also detectable in other regions of the spinal cord.

But lions and elephants exist in other zoogeographical regions , too.

Some, such as the civets, are represented in other zoogeographical regions .

This deal was subsequently accepted in the other regions , which had hitherto failed to reach settlements.

The main rebel movements represent other regions .

The other eight regions recorded significantly smaller changes - some good, some bad.

A similar situation is to be found in other regions of the world.


In Temperate regions there are regular seasonal cycles, ultimately driven by the regular cycling of the Earth around the sun.

The difficulty is greater in relation to overseas markets having temperatures and humidities higher than those of temperate regions .

In more temperate regions , sunlight and temperature may he more critical than rainfall in affecting a tree's growth.


Food and medical supplies are desperately needed in the whole eastern region .

If one town benefits, the whole region benefits, he said.

This book is the most up-to-date and comprehensive volume on the whole region .

He succeeded so well that the people crowned him king of this whole region !

However, for funding reasons this centre was to be for the whole region .

Milosevic is the last Communist-era leader of the whole region .

Before this, in a period called the Carboniferous, the whole region was under the sea.

A few days later, the chaplain wrote: The whole region seems literally filled with soldiery.



Members of its executive council have been collecting signatures in the border region .

However, subsequent days saw mutual accusations of firing on the border region .

The wild whooper swan is a bird of great beauty and, I think, on the increase in the Border region .

To the east lay border regions - Berry and Auvergne - where even the Duke's nominal suzerainty was at times doubtful.


mid-Atlantic states/region

temperate climate/zone/region etc

Altogether there are four similar species known from he tropics and the temperate zones.

Here I review these data and their implications for a temperate climate.

Its distribution ranges from the tropics to the warmer areas of the temperate zone of both hemispheres.

Most aquarium plants come from tropical and subtropical areas, with a few from the warmer parts of the temperate zone.

Rodomonte hardly noticed the magnificent, unearthly architecture preserved so beautifully away from the squalls of the less temperate zones.

The epidemiology in subtropical areas is basically similar to that in temperate zones, except that the seasonable timing of events is different.

The epidemiology, at least in temperate zones, is similar to that of Ostertagia in ruminants with seasonal hypobiosis a feature.

The length of the day changes in the temperate zone with the change of seasons.

underdeveloped country/region etc

However, he is not so undiplomatic as to resist the horrendous hospitality of overindulgent underdeveloped countries.

I presume you wish to help underdeveloped countries but I fear you could do them considerable harm.

The high rates of unemployment so characteristic of underdeveloped countries make women especially vulnerable.

The West creates its power through military research, which forces underdeveloped countries to become passive consumers.

They are sometimes, especially in underdeveloped countries, illiterate.

This pole excludes underdeveloped countries from any participation.


Alzheimer's disease affects the regions of the brain that control memory.

For several years they lived in a remote region of Kenya.

Severe winter weather is expected in the northeast region of the country.

Snow is expected in mountain regions.

The soil varies widely in this region of the country.

There have been reports of fighting in the region .


As in the other mountain regions, population pressure was alleviated to some extent by seasonal migration.

However, this does not take into account the different sizes of the populations of working age between the regions.

In this regard, fundamental changes are required in organizational patterns of scientific and technological activities in the region .

In turn the rural regions become much more productive as farmers appreciate the ever-present and growing demand for food from the urbanites.

The red spots in the caudal peduncle region are one of the unique characteristics of this species.

These changes have brought about a reduction of inequality in education throughout the region .

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