Meaning of REGION in English


I. ˈrējən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English regioun, from Middle French region territory, region, from Latin region-, regio direction, territory, region, from regere to guide, rule + -ion-, -io -ion — more at right


a. obsolete : realm , kingdom

b. : an administrative area, division, or district (as in Rome under Augustus or in Soviet Russia)


a. : a major indefinite division of inanimate creation

in the dark regions of the night sky

the aquatic regions of the earth

b. : a sphere (as of activity or interest) subject to expressed or implied forces

the abstract region of higher mathematics

: field 2a

3. : a particular part of the world or universe (as natural waters, the sky, a particular galaxy): as

a. : a large tract of land : one of the large districts or quarters into which a space or surface is conceived of as divided ; broadly : an indefinite area of land (as a country, province, district, or tract)

there are few unknown regions left on earth

b. : a broad geographical area containing a population whose members possess sufficient historical, cultural, economic, and social homogeneity to distinguish them from others

the region of the Southwest in the U.S.


(1) : a major area of the world that is to some degree isolated by climatic or physical barriers and that supports a characteristic fauna differing both qualitatively and quantitatively from that of other regions

faunal overlap of the Ethiopian and Oriental regions

(2) : an area often with distinct natural boundaries that is characterized by the prevalence of one or more vegetational climax types or by a mosaic of such types

the oak-chestnut region of the deciduous forest formation of eastern No. America


a. : one of the major subdivisions into which the body or one of its parts may logically be divided

the nine regions of the abdomen

b. : an indefinite area surrounding a specified body part

a pain in the heart region

c. : space occupied by something : part in question, engaged, occupied, or under discussion

the region of highest concentration

5. : one of the portions or zones into which the atmosphere is divided according to height or the sea according to depth

the dark abyssal region of the sea

6. : a mathematical aggregate consisting of the totality of all values of an aggregate of continuous variables each varying over an interval

II. noun

: an open connected set together with none, some, or all of the points on its boundary

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