Meaning of RELATIVELY in English



relatively cheap

The equipment is relatively cheap and simple to use.

relatively painless

The interview was relatively painless.

relatively speaking

Relatively speaking, property there is still cheap.

relatively/fairly/quite simple

The rules are quite simple.

relatively/quite/fairly straightforward

Installing the program is relatively straightforward.




However, the very fact that they are mass-produced and relatively cheap means that they are too frequently seen.

So is obtaining a relatively cheap military technology for its modernization efforts, and diversifying its trading partners.

Local newspapers are widely read and relatively cheap to advertise in.

We're talking relatively cheap mega-acres of land and the use of mass-production techniques.

Microlights have at last achieved what they set out to be: a largely reliable and relatively cheap way to fly.

It's relatively cheap and currently much is wasted by flare-off at extraction.

Due to its small size and high fecundity it is relatively cheap to breed, buy and maintain.

As yet the land is still relatively cheap .


Rocky terrain with relatively easy access is the shore to look for.

Such networks are relatively easy to construct because they require fewer nodes and interconnects than other networks.

It is, however, relatively easy to create conditions under which people will teach themselves.

Within this range, it is relatively easy to achieve off-line training, convergence, and modification.

The good news is that technical solutions are at hand, and the incentives to implement them are relatively easy to devise.

Termites are often relatively easy to spot, especially in the early stages.

After that, withdrawal from the drug is relatively easy .

Okra is relatively easy to grow given sufficient space.


If there is a relatively free choice of hotel site you go on looking until you find the ideal spot.

Over the years, buffalo has proven relatively free from disease, therefore antibiotics are rarely required.

Now, it seems, the Likud is back, with a relatively free hand on what to do next.

Otherwise, clinically it appears to be relatively free from side effects.

The special conditions at Westminster are one part of the explanation of the relatively free rein given to counter-insurgency and covert activity.

After this stage, the young men, who are the warriors parexcellence, are relatively free of obligation until mature.

From the ashes there arose, by public subscription, a new Daily Citizen, responsible and relatively free .

The land itself is relatively free from trees, low, flat and well beneath sea level.


Conclusions - Children classified as unoccupied are almost certainly living in poverty as well as experiencing relatively high risks of mortality.

Some Democrats say it would require a relatively high tax rate near 20 percent to produce sufficient revenue.

The real mortgage rate is currently a relatively high 7 percent, implying prices 10.5 percent higher than under rationing.

In general, novels of this type are well researched and exhibit a relatively high quality of writing.

The shirt-maker gave up her job, and they both lived on the pattern-maker's relatively high pay.

I have relatively high stakes in conformity - I happen to have done fairly well out of it.

An extreme event was taken to be any event in a geophysical system displaying relatively high variance from the mean.

Nitrogen mustards in suitable doses damage only cells and tissues which normally exhibit relatively high rates of proliferation and growth.


Corn, sunflower and grapeseed oils are all for general cooking and are relatively inexpensive .

Fortunately, it is possible to achieve acceptable levels of SO2 by four Simple and relatively inexpensive measures.

These are relatively inexpensive and can help to restore order to superficial chaos.

Even relatively inexpensive hand-held calculators solve most compound interest and present-value problems quickly and easily.

Your hotel offers a relatively inexpensive fixed price menu if you wish to take advantage of this.

With the cost of news relatively inexpensive , there is more news being presented on television now than ever before.

And they are still on relatively inexpensive terms.

On the Rebound Since caffeine is relatively inexpensive and widely available, the dose escalation induced by tolerance is seldom burdensome.


At this time of the year, the goats can forage fairly freely and will cover relatively large areas.

The relatively larger supply of manufactures makes their relative price lower in the larger country.

Some parts like transformers may be relatively large or heavy or might have unusual terminals or mounting requirements. 2.

The tentacle pores are relatively large armed with one rounded tentacle scale.

Headache does not occur until an intracranial mass is relatively large .

It will be seen on the example artwork that there are several relatively large areas of copper.


Though it did not appear until relatively late in his life, Locke had been working on the Essay since about 1660.

Unlike venereal disease, leprosy came to Western attention relatively late .

These reflect a relatively late period of modest success for the town.

Garner, 50, came to the subject relatively late in life.

Considerable solution compaction between grains indicates that cementation did not take place until relatively late in the diagenetic history of the sediment.

Sir Monty Finniston entered the industrial arena relatively late in life.

The location of these buildings and the limited dating evidence strongly suggests that all three are relatively late in the morphological sequence.

Their relatively late arrival in the quarter coupled with their costs and the narrow margins on the surprise Model 20 impacted earnings.


Leasing schemes will allow large-scale investments to be financed at relatively little cost to the public sector borrowing requirement.

As a result, import prices rise relatively little even when the dollar plunges.

Oxygen had relatively little effect even on activated lymphocytes, which actually moved faster without air.

Because black mom-and-pop stores ordered and sold relatively little inventory at a given time, they were low priority.

This expansion is funded by governments who have relatively little capital.

Several changes in the control unit were made in the 1960s but the technology remained expensive and had relatively little diffusion.

Why is it that presidents come and go and yet accomplish so relatively little ?

One problem with setting the neck so deep into the body is that relatively little space is left for pickup separation.


Ear infections are most likely to occur in breeds with relatively long and heavy ears, such as spaniels.

Prussia, like Britain, had a relatively long period of effective, legitimate government before the introduction of democratic institutions.

Tumours contain a relatively high water content and therefore have a relatively long T1 and T2 compared with normal soft tissue.

Impact of investment decisions on science and technology takes a relatively long time to show up.

The majority had therefore experienced secure employment for relatively long periods of time.

Neural networks used for robotics and control applications have been around for a relatively long time.

Barat et Haimet is one of the robber's tales, relatively long and preserved in four large manuscript collections of fabliaux.

She explained that the relatively long gaps between outbreaks immediately after 1800 were because of logging operations.


Some warehouses have one crane in each aisle whilst others with relatively low rates of throughput depend upon crane transfer mechanisms.

The only explanation for this relatively low price is that West must have signed a large number of photographs in her day.

Because of the relatively low cost of such boards, the faulty one would just be dumped.

I had wanted to cross a relatively low pass at the western end of the range.

They have a relatively low shrinkage when they are dry.

But because of relatively low efficiency, it was superseded by the internal combustion engine at the beginning of the century.

In the summer of 1986, the legacy of Westland and local-government losses led to a relatively low point for the government.


It would be a relatively minor piece of work and could avoid accidents and even save lives.

Much of the controversy centers on two relatively minor farm programs: peanuts and sugar.

May I take issue with one relatively minor but important point?

Thus far, only two relatively minor planks of the 10-point House-initiated legislative agenda have become law.

Although the majority of sporting injuries are relatively minor , a substantial number are more serious.

Most of the charges in both jurisdictions were relatively minor .


However, the falls were relatively modest and, in the case of the Crown Court at least, were soon reversed.

Even a relatively modest addition to the liberal framework, universal health coverage, remains elusive.

But the dividend income is relatively modest , and coming from abroad they are not a tax-efficient source of income.

In 1996, Pryce spent a relatively modest $ 384, 780, and raised about $ 522, 000.

No such joy for Sion Mills and Donemana - both teams lost in spite of being asked to chase relatively modest totals.

Shop sales grew again in May, but the upturn was relatively modest .

Since employment growth was relatively modest , the mass of means of production per worker more than doubled over the period.

He goes on to support this with an appeal to the testator's intention, but it is a relatively modest one.


Moreover, the range of earnings within agriculture is relatively narrow .

In contrast, governments that put steering and rowing within the same organization limit themselves to relatively narrow strategies.

The final variant on provision for cyclists occurs in areas where streets are relatively narrow and pass predominantly through housing districts.

Hence, many projects benefit a relatively narrow group of people and impose costs on all taxpayers.

We are best served by being very good in a relatively narrow field.

Effective training is best delivered within a relatively narrow time frame.

Far from being randomly distributed, nearly all seismic activity is concentrated in relatively narrow zones.

So far, debate has been left to a relatively narrow group of specialists.


Intensive indoor rearing of livestock is relatively new and people are only just beginning to realise what it means for the animals.

This was a relatively new point of view.

The Golden Nugget U. This relatively new species shows just how colourful the hypostomus family can be.

The sweeter, more nutritious, relatively new varieties of ruby grapefruit made for fine eating at home.

Video is a relatively new medium for in-house communications and is used by some companies to great effect.

But the relatively new drug nelfinavir may pose a challenge.

Yet this emphasis is relatively new .


The sores are usually relatively painless , and this procedure, like the urethral investigation, need give no cause for alarm.

To be honest, it was relatively painless .

Although a few had had quick and relatively painless births, many had found it a very painful experience.

Dinner itself was a relatively painless affair.


And some airlines are more affected by flying short hops and in areas where weather is relatively poor .

The Office of Government Commerce was set up last April to draw a line under this relatively poor performance.

On their own they are relatively poor cleaning agents.

Before 800AD, bones dug up in the Ohio valley are relatively poor in the heavier form of carbon.

But for many deaf children this route to reading is restricted because their knowledge of speech sounds is relatively poor .

Its headquarters are in a small town in north-west Bosnia, a relatively poor region.

Reggie Miller scored 20 points, but it was a relatively poor outing for him considering his history against the Hornets.


Much of this ambiguity arises through relatively rare usages of the words.

Although television and newspaper reports about malformed children abound, it is reassuring to appreciate that abnormalities are relatively rare .

Fortunately, full-blown flu epidemics are relatively rare .

But, given that penguins are relatively rare birds, that turned out to be prohibitively expensive.

Others find things are worse but this is relatively rare .

Pech-Merle also contains some of the relatively rare engravings of human female forms.

Nevertheless, the expulsion of a bishop was a relatively rare phenomenon.


The concept of clients' involvement and taking their views into account in service provision is still relatively recent .

That has been so, at least, until relatively recent times.

The Open Directory is a relatively recent project, that's compiled by about 25,000 volumes.

This experiment is still relatively recent , and must therefore, be judged with caution.

The concept of aggression, however, is of relatively recent origin.

Indeed, the notion that all students should engage in serious academic work and learn it deeply is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Karpov played a relatively recent refinement of white's play on the seventh move.

In any event it seems likely that language is a relatively recent development in the human species.


Security advisers are confident the prince will be relatively safe from hostile forces.

In spite of the adverse effects, the benzodiazepines are relatively safe drugs.

Monasteries and nunneries were relatively safe from attack until the Dissolution and would have no need for elaborate and impractical tunnels.

We then take him on to a relatively safe highway.

A small monetary union here would be relatively safe , under almost any conceivable scenario.

Women gained access to relatively safe abortion, and thus gained control over their own fertility.

Mr Stringer now appears relatively safe , but he could have been the victim of his own success.

Where parking is off-street the streets seem relatively safe , but where it is not there are obvious dangers.


Schools Specialised buildings for the education of children have a relatively short history in Britain.

Organisms such as these are useful in the lab because of their simplicity and relatively short growth periods.

Far more hoards have survived from both these relatively short periods than from the immediately preceding or succeeding periods.

In a relatively short season of television, Ellen demonstrated what in real life often takes a lifetime.

Uneven allocation will thus lead to some subjects having relatively short notation at the expense of others with relatively long notation.

While early constitutions tended to be relatively short and general, many recent constitutions are quite detailed.

On the whole, though, relatively short sentences offer the advantage of helping you to keep your writing clear and understandable.

Meadows' career in acting would prove relatively short , however.


Recruitment and selection is therefore a series of logical and relatively simple steps.

This scheme often works because users tend to choose relatively simple or familiar words as passwords.

However, this relatively simple and straight forward view has, for a variety of reasons, been rejected by many sociologists.

Couples with no need to itemize deductions can use the 1040A, another relatively simple form.

The Qizilchoqa graves are relatively simple in their construction.

It is a relatively simple matter to translate the structural possibilities of this model into ideal types of heroic action.

The algorithms required for most data processing are relatively simple .

Although we are all aware of relatively simple security measures such as password controls, doing a thorough job requires experience and expertise.


However they caution that the relatively small numbers of students in both studies makes it difficult to draw any firm generalisable conclusions.

That is, what can be realistically added is relatively small , in the range of ten or fifteen percent.

There are few more cost-effective ways to invest relatively small sums of money than reinstating the support funding for tourism.

Most of us really want to preserve a relatively small amount of data.

Evaporation is a relatively small loss in this country and may be taken as 0.05 inches per day.

A number of reports about relatively small incidents could add up to a pattern of abuse that called for action.

The world's relatively small wealthy population is probably getting too large for it.

We have used glass block, and it was expensive to have even a relatively small window made.


However, the prices of rugs from each individual weaving group remain relatively stable in relation to those of others.

It is to be deceived by a relatively stable evolutionary strategy, to mistake the means for the end.

The Cartier market has previously been relatively stable at auction.

The existence of rules that ensure that complex and relatively stable structures emerge in the universe suggests an intelligent rule-giver.

Thus the relatively stable East Midlands Platform has not undergone post-Permian vertical movements of some 2500 m indicated by the vitrinite data.

Larger companies in the industry acquired smaller companies, while the overall market demand for propane remained relatively stable .

Between 1982/83 and 1984/85 the level of taxation remained relatively stable .


The government was relatively unscathed by scandals at Lloyd's, the collapse of Johnson Matthey, and the Guinness saga.

I breezed through college relatively unscathed .

The forefoot showed excessive wear while the heel remained relatively unscathed .

The Dow Jones Industrial Average remained relatively unscathed during the last six months, attracting more positive money flow.

Most significant for Ipswich, though, is that they seem to have come out of their winter blip relatively unscathed .

Much has been made of the fact that San Francisco emerged relatively unscathed from Loma Prieta.

Byrne dragged Stephen's body to a relatively unscathed section while Hunt went in search of help.


Such a state of affairs provides the seller with a unique opportunity to exploit the relatively weak bargaining position of the investor.

Sometimes the child who is relatively weaker in visual-spatial abilities may be stronger in the auditory-verbal processing area.

Hot, hydrothermally altered ground and relatively weak fumaroles, but no active hot springs, are found on these volcanoes.

Norris has a relatively weak chin but more experience than Trinidad, which could give Whitaker some trouble.

However the study shows that the degree quality of the AEs is relatively weak .

With a child who is relatively weaker visually you can emphasize play that builds these skills.

Performance was relatively weaker with small scale acoustic recital and chamber material where a certain hardness sometimes intruded.

Like many children who are relatively weak in these skills, the elementary school years were hard for Louisa.


It is relatively young , with a probable age of no more than a few million years.

And why, after all that, did she have to die so relatively young ?

None had the craggy furrows of old tree bark, so these were relatively young and in their prime.

Audio is a relatively young industry.

We would like to recruit secretaries who are relatively young and who might possibly, but not necessarily, be ordained.

While the city is relatively young , age alone provides insufficient explanation.

The parliamentary party was thus a relatively young group of men, with the most privileged also the youngest.

She had no judicial experience and was relatively young , a liberal and a woman.



The forefoot showed excessive wear while the heel remained relatively unscathed.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average remained relatively unscathed during the last six months, attracting more positive money flow.

There have been no problems in staffing the committees and the membership has remained relatively static.

Demand is projected to remain relatively flat.

Access data is only useful when records remain relatively constant in their activity.

As compared to other business upswings, real wages during this growth period have remained relatively stagnant.

Between 1982/83 and 1984/85 the level of taxation remained relatively stable.


It's a relatively inexpensive restaurant.

The phone has been relatively quiet today.


He predicted marketing would be hardest hit, while research would be relatively spared.

However, even relatively rhythmic and non-contact activities may be associated with substantial injury risks.

More important, however, is the occasional presence of an initial relatively symptom free period, which can mislead the clinician.

Okra is relatively easy to grow given sufficient space.

Termites are often relatively easy to spot, especially in the early stages.

The relatively recent outbreak of street violence and protests largely reflect the frustration of young people unable to find jobs.

The effect of this shift was a highly synchronized but relatively mild recession.

These relatively complex communicative demands establish the conditions in which simple gestures, such as pointing, are particularly useful.

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