Meaning of RELATIVE in English

I. noun


a relative/comparative lack of sth

There is a relative lack of research into this medical condition.

relative calm

The last five years have seen a period of relative calm .

relative clause

relative frequency

The relative frequency of fraternal twins has halved since 1950.

relative importance

We discussed the relative importance of these different sources of revenue.

relative poverty (= when someone is poor compared with someone else )

the relative poverty of the southern states

relative pronoun

relative/comparative obscurity (= not known about compared to other things that are better known )

He brought the team from relative obscurity to fame.

relative/reasonable harmony (= quite friendly and peaceful when compared to something else )

The tribes have lived together in relative harmony for years.

the relative/comparative merits of sth (= the good qualities of something as compared to something else )

She is an expert in the relative merits of spa waters.

with comparative/relative ease (= seeming easy, especially considering how difficult something is )

Most modern laptops can store large amounts of data with comparative ease.




Human beings, being observant and intelligent, spot the consequences of matings between close relatives and make safety laws about them.

Even our closest relatives , the chimpanzees, are guilty.

Until recently was more or less confined to his home having no close relatives or transport.

All of its close relatives except one make the whine but not the chuck.

Overinvolvement by close relatives seems to be implicated in relapse of an established schizophrenic illness.

We let grandparents and other close relatives and friends enter and touch the infant, if the parents wish.

Monkey business A legal case in Los Angeles County may have far-reaching implications for the rights of our closest non-human relatives .

Another 25 percent of abusers were close family relatives such as brothers, uncles and grandfathers.


Shrimps are distant relatives of insects.

No-one was able to locate even a distant relative .

I even had some distant relatives living here, of the sort that are called cousins, seven times removed.

Two brothers of wife Gail Spiro and a distant relative of her husband arrived in San Diego yesterday.

Multiplayer games are also available, allowing viewers to compete against distant friends or relatives on the network.

All four looked white different, yet slightly the same, like distant relatives with an underlying family resemblance.

Two letters that might have been written to a distant relative , and that was all.


He says he's angry, everyone has elderly relatives .

Active adults had to take care of both their elderly relatives and their children.

When families place elderly relatives into residential care, a similar feeling of guilt is often apparent.

People are becoming increasingly faced with having some responsibility for the care of their elderly parents or relatives .

Project 2: The impact of elderly relatives in the household.

They always had to share with other people, our elderly relatives .

Mary had been looked after by a nanny until the age of seven and had then stayed intermittently with elderly relatives .

Home responsibilities protection Many women spend some years away from paid employment bringing up children or looking after elderly or disabled relatives .


close relation/relative

All of its close relatives except one make the whine but not the chuck.

Because the government abandoned any formal incomes policy there was less call for it to maintain close relations with union leaders.

Because, they argued, the males in coalitions were almost always close relatives, kin selection enhanced the benefits of cooperation.

But they are thinking about commercial applications for the chanterelle and its close relative, the Tricholoma matsutake.

Financial need, even on the part of a close relative, has apparently never been seen as a situation which required an automatic response.

It may also be powerful between close relatives where one may be in a dominant position vis-à-vis the other.

The people who had saved my life were my close relations!

We let grandparents and other close relatives and friends enter and touch the infant, if the parents wish.

near relative/relation

Again, applications may be made by the nearest relative or an approved social worker and two medical recommendations are required.

Also, as Sheila Silcock's article highlights, the nearest relative may be unaware of their rights under the Act.

As the nearest relative, I have found the care team bound by rules of confidentiality which limit communication.

Further protostome diversification led to a plexus of annelids, molluscs and near relatives.

In 1357 he is required by statute to entrust the administration of the property to the near relations of the deceased.

Specially trained staff interviewed the parents or the nearest relative of any study child who died.

The informant was expected usually to be the person's nearest relative. 3.

The three woodpeckers are different from their nearest relatives in Java and Borneo.


Are your relatives from Denmark coming to the wedding?


Because, they argued, the males in coalitions were almost always close relatives, kin selection enhanced the benefits of cooperation.

Family Eldercare also helps out-of-state employees with concerns about aging relatives who live in Austin.

Legalization also appears to have strengthened relationships between amnesty recipients and their relatives living abroad.

She is socially dependent on friends and relatives.

Shrimps are distant relatives of insects.

The women were to spend the night at a community youth center in Tokyo before meeting their relatives today.

Their graves were tended by surviving relatives in much the same way that they looked after the house of an absent friend.

Within the family, meanwhile, money-making is reinforced as admirable through stories featuring relatives as the heroes.

II. adjective




Such isoforms and their relative abundance could mediate specific cell type or matrix interactions.

The relative abundance of these elements is increasingly being used to trace chemical processes in the mantle, crust, and oceans.

Every year particular species arrive and disappear, and change in absolute and relative abundance .

The relative abundance records the percentage of the total population represented by each species.

Finally, we should comment on the relative abundance of ozone and hydrogen peroxide at Cape Grim.

Unhappily, habits which may have had some virtue in times of scarcity became vices in times of relative abundance .

Provided this is taken into account, the differences between comparable samples are as readily discernible as when relative abundance is used.

Temporal variations of solid concentrations at that level indicate the relative abundance of particles whose diameters may be calculated.


List the different methods by which this modification value could be specified, and discuss their relative advantages and disadvantages. 3.12.

I am convinced, however, that this represents at most a relative advantage .

Given such variety, it is difficult to discuss the relative advantages of the different respiratory pigments.

What are the relative advantages and disadvantages in questionnaire construction of closed and open questions? 7.

Each has their relative advantages and disadvantages.

It is quite possible to discriminate in their favour by allowing their relative advantages to play a greater role.

One neutral viewpoint is to consider formally the relative advantages and limitations of men and machines.


The relative amounts of reactants and products, measured in moles, are indicated by the coefficients in the balanced equation.

Column 4 indicates the absolute and relative amounts of employment provided by each industry.

The identity, size, shape and relative amount of the inclusions help to characterise the clays.

Of equal importance are the relative amounts of assimilation and accommodation that take place.

They are also classified as felsic or mafic, depending on the kinds and relative amounts of light and dark minerals.

By eating meals in which the relative amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates are strictly set, he writes.


Our path dropped down to the relative calm of the sea shore, edging craggy inlets beneath overhanging cliff tops.

The relative calm before this convention is almost eerie.

Yet by comparison with the fate of most people in Caxias, this is a haven of relative calm and well-being.

But as the period of relative calm continued, it seemed to last an eternity.

The scent-sensitive Lepidoptera are thus associated with the strongly-scented flowers in the relative calm there.

The history of many colleges can be seen as periods of conflict and confrontation alternating with periods of consolidation and relative calm .


The most notable is the relative pronoun that, which can only be used with a restrictive relative clause .

A relative clause counts as dependent whereas an adjective modifying a noun clearly does not.

Moreover, as we have remarked, many relative clauses with adjectives will not give postnominal adjectives.


A second form of state intervention to promote rural industrialization is the use of direct subsidies to change manufacturers' relative costs .

There should be new types of pavement design and extra research into the relative costs of concrete and bitumen roads.

The relative costs are listed in Table 3.2.


But relative decline is used as an indicator by some; and output can be used as a measure rather than employment.

This label reflects the apparent concentration of power in executives and the relative decline of legislatures' powers.

An empirical test of the relative decline of legislative power is especially difficult.

A decline in the national importance of industry must also, however, induce relative decline in industrial regions.

Using published sources, a region in relative decline will be contrasted with a relatively expanding region in each country.

That would only hasten the rich countries' relative decline .

Although there are bright spots, the general picture is one of relative decline in relation to other advanced democracies.


It provides the breadth and depth of financial resources required to enable banks to adjust their liquidity positions with relative ease .

Do you really want to give up the relative ease of having a whole accounting department at your beck and call?

We are able to explain and understand completely new ideas with relative ease .

Why not just stick with egg rolls and pot stickers, which most kitchens can handle with relative ease ?

It includes assets which could be converted with relative ease and without capital loss into spending on goods and services.

Such schemes as this will offer the possibility for speed with flexibility and relative ease of use.

Whilst most user groups can be identified with relative ease , the various types of material or service often resist clear definition.

C., where she lived a life of relative ease and privilege.


This may be related to a relative lack of social stability: being more frequently single and in less permanent accommodation.

The relative lack of input from Texas means a relative lack of interest from the candidates.

Proof of this may be demonstrated by the relative lack of pleasure when smoking a cigarette with one's eyes shut.

The relative lack of input from Texas means a relative lack of interest from the candidates.

These factors may have contributed markedly to the relative lack of success of the minor marriages.

From this position there is a relative lack of regard for the Symbolic order.

The lesson, the drama, the learning all appear to be at risk because of the relative lack of structure.

They say they consider him uncorrupted, and are impressed by his relative lack of political ambition.


First, we will need to consider the relative merits of selling the assets of the business as opposed to the shares.

He lost all perspective on the relative merits of the jobs.

In private, however, all are making judgements about the relative merits of each of the authorities.

Within weeks after our arrival the managers of each department had begun to debate our relative merits .

The relative merits of free, natural and controlled language need to be evaluated.

Worse yet, they provide lots of ambiguity and material for debate on the relative merits of centralization and decentralization.

The relative merits of both approaches have to be considered when opting for a solution to a particular diagnostic problem.

There is some debate as to the relative merits of homoeopathy and herbalism.


A relative newcomer to the news control booth is the remote coordinator.

The detractors say they are relative newcomers who would have constituted a gamble.

A relative newcomer to Wallingford, starting seven years ago.

But having lived in a Louisiana prison for five years, he is a relative newcomer .


Marinello's was played out in relative obscurity .

This nondescript little gem across from Arizona Stadium has been languishing in relative obscurity for the last two years.

Like anyone who has lived most of his life in relative obscurity , Payne remains uncomfortable with public scrutiny.


Or they can decide that the main problem is that relative poverty got no better during the prosperous 1980s.

You only attain new levels of relative poverty .

But they are aware of their relative poverty .

Nevertheless, a majority of Goyigamas, in common with the rest of the population, lived in relative poverty .

In the first few days, too, I was made to realize my relative poverty .


The fry drift with the current to the relative safety of plant growths.

They also had to let go of the relative safety of conducting such discussions privately.

Many flee rural areas for the relative safety of the cities, particularly Bogota.

Every time it seems hopeless, the trail switches back and the climb proceeds in relative safety .

They have all you could need to test your mountain skills in relative safety .

I have difficulty believing we can climb it in relative safety without ropes and gear.

Henry then withdrew to the relative safety of Richard's stronghold at Aixe.

They carried the little family with them to relative safety .


This is partly true-which explains the relative stability the Czech Republic enjoyed in the first half of the 1990s.

The overwhelming reasons cited were the economic progress and develop-ment under his regime, and its relative stability .

Both latter categories suggest the relative stability of the York economy in 1899.

The decline of the relative stability and growth of world capitalism that marked the 1950s and the early 1960s.

The country's relative stability has tempted some people to return from overseas.


Also, there is a need on the part of decision makers to assess the relative value for money from competing health care interventions.

Economists assign value to resources based on their relative value in the production process, Preston says.

Although this applies to stratified societies as a class the relative values attached to particular substances varied in space and time.

Preparatory schools in Oxford, their relative value for money.

Decision makers need to assess the relative value for money of competing health care interventions.

What are the relative values of a lump sum investment or a pension?


Farr escaped to the relative quiet of his room.

It's all relative , isn't it? Someone who is poor in this country might be considered well off in another.

Kim lived a life of relative ease and privilege.

She was terrified of flying. The relative advantages of air travel didn't tempt her at all.

the relative strength of the dollar against the Mexican peso

The two men stood at the bar discussing the relative merits of various sports cars.


Relative social position and relative command of this skill became regularly associated.

Figure 2.2 shows the changing relative importance of manufacturing in employment terms.

It had been designed in a period of relative economic stability and was not fitted for such tumultuous times.

The object of job evaluation is to provide a systematic approach to defining the relative worth of different jobs.

The trend is further underlined by the relative size of the companies acquired.

There was something else Dilip offered me, the seductions of relative comfort.

To sit in relative peace and quiet in the Miller house was a very rare occurrence and Terry was enjoying it.

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