Meaning of RELATIVE in English

adj indicating or expressing relation; refering to an antecedent; as, a relative pronoun.

2. relative ·adj arising from relation; resulting from connection with, or reference to, something else; not absolute.

3. relative ·noun a person connected by blood or affinity; strictly, one allied by blood; a relation; a kinsman or kinswoman.

4. relative ·adj having relation or reference; referring; respecting; standing in connection; pertaining; as, arguments not relative to the subject.

5. relative ·noun a relative pronoun; a word which relates to, or represents, another word or phrase, called its antecedent; as, the relatives "who", "which", "that".

6. relative ·adj characterizing or pertaining to chords and keys, which, by reason of the identify of some of their tones, admit of a natural transition from one to the other.

7. relative ·noun one who, or that which, relates to, or is considered in its relation to, something else; a relative object or term; one of two object or term; one of two objects directly connected by any relation.

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