Meaning of RELEASE in English


I. verb


a film is released/comes out (= it is made available for people to see )

The film is due to come out in May.

a movie is released (= becomes available for the public to see )

The movie has already been released in the US.

be discharged/released from hospital British English , be discharged/released from the hospital American English (= be allowed to leave a hospital because you are better )

It was several weeks before he was released from hospital.

be released from custody

Seventy-five percent of young people released from custody re-offend within two years.

be released from prison

He was released from prison six weeks ago.

be released without charge

She had been arrested twice and released without charge.

be released/freed on bail (= be allowed to stay out of prison if you pay or agree to do something )

The men were questioned yesterday before being released on bail.

be scheduled for release/publication/completion etc

Her first album is scheduled for release in September.

cinema release (= the showing of a new film at the cinema )

His film was banned from cinema release for some years.

day release

disclose/reveal/release details (= make secret information public )

The company has refused to reveal any technical details until next month. release

The University has issued a news release announcing the results of their experiments.

issue/release/put out a statement (= give a written statement to newspapers, TV etc )

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a short statement saying the meeting was ‘useful’.

news release

The University has issued a news release announcing the results of their experiments.

press release

release a CD (= make a CD available for the public to buy )

The group have just released a new CD.

release sb from jail

More than 30 of those arrested were released from jail for lack of evidence.

release the brake (= stop using the foot or hand brake )

The traffic lights turned green and I released the brake.

release the figures (= make them public )

The company will release the sales figures later this week.

release your grip (= let go of something )

The guard released his grip on the prisoner and pushed him into the cell.

release your hold (= stop holding something )

As soon as his fingers released their hold, Robyn turned and ran.

released on parole

He was released on parole after serving two years.

released unharmed

The hostages were released unharmed .

release/free a prisoner

Hundreds of prisoners were released.

the police release sb

The police released William and all charges were dropped.

work release




He recently released a live acoustic album on the Plump label.

Cashing in on the interest, Donovan is releasing his own album later this year.

Even Johnny Cash released an album on vinyl last year.

She may also release an album of theatre classics.

But only last year, at age 31, did she release her first solo album .

Seven singles were to be released from the album , all sinking without a trace.

Onyx has released two albums , its first selling 1 million copies.


The case was adjourned until June 26 and Dargue was released on unconditional bail .

The magistrate said he would announce sentence after a two-hour recess; until then Gandhi would be released on bail .

A woman ticket clerk has been arrested and released on police bail .

The last six detainees were released on bail last June.

The 14-year-olds have been released on police bail .

The men, all under 25, were questioned yesterday at Middlesbrough police station before being released on bail pending further investigations.

Two others who were being questioned have been released on police bail .

Inspectors were concerned that prisons are not told when defendants brought to court in custody were released on bail .


Tithonus directly begs the Gods to release him from their grip and let him die.

Before the audience can figure it out, I release my grip and tumble to the ground.

Then you can simply release your grip and back slowly away over a few paces.

Virginia Stillman released her grip on the chair and put her right hand under her chin.

For a split second, Constance failed to realise that he had released his grip on her.

Benton, in his terror, released his grip on her waist.

Emilia sighed and released her grip .


The gunmen released most hostages and headed for Chechnya with the rest after receiving a promise of safe passage.

Smith released the hostages , but remained in the house.

On 26 July 1986 Father Lawrence Jenco was released after being held hostage for 18 months.

Newly released hostage Frank Reed declares from his hospital balcony that he is looking forward to a three-pound Maine lobster.

As a precaution they recently released 40 of their hostages , in case they were carrying the disease.


After being released from jail he told protestors the police beat and shot at him.

Woman hired to kill by a family is released from jail .

I've just got you released from jail .

More than 30 of those arrested were released from jail for lack of evidence, but the rest remain behind bars.

Tan Malaka was released from jail .

Bembenek was released from jail on December 9 after serving 10 years for the murder of Christine Schultz.


They're unlikely to be able to release names until tomorrow.

Police have not released the names of the victim or the suspect.

Police have yet to release the victim's name .

Police would not release his name .

Police have not released their names .

Authorities did not immediately release the victims' names , but said four men and two women were shot and killed.

There are no circumstances in which we would release the names of any of our account holders without their authority.

Perot declined on Sunday to release the names of possible Reform Party presidential candidates.


The news they've released is vague and incomplete but all very, very bad.

In a news release , Spreckels's board reaffirmed its position that the company is not for sale.

Microsoft has issued several news releases about the problems.

Erroneous news releases are one thing.

Wall Street liked the news , which was released at midday Eastern time Tuesday.

Political reporters received news releases about how sexuality should be expressed more freely in daily life.

Antivirus software makers and providers of data backup services led the parade, sending out news releases and soliciting interviews.


The press release the editors sent me was acceptable, but I may have been the only person to get it.

Publisher, a journalism trade magazine, and a series of press releases .


There is no historical evidence for the custom of releasing a prisoner at festival time, although such an amnesty was possible.

The king also released any prisoner that Leonard went to visit.

The first step needed for building confidence is for the regime to release all political prisoners .

Not believing Mays was gone, the mob ransacked the jail, releasing white prisoners .

Amnesty International has welcomed the releases , but is urging the government to release all remaining prisoners of conscience immediately and unconditionally.


They asked us whether we would consider releasing this record .

Utilities in Texas can no longer release certain records .

He had just released a record called Passages, made with Ravi Shankar.

Some of the recently released assassination records substantiate other evidence that Garrison was a fraud.

Most recently, he's released a record of solo violin, and his strong 1982 duet with drummer Dennis Charles.


A report released last week by the United Nations shows that unemployment has soared from about 70,000 to 260,000.

According to the report released Wednesday, 75 percent of banks in the United States operate ATMs.

A new report released yesterday now estimates the bill at $ 232. 02 million.

Instead, Vinik began moving money into Treasury securities, according to a report released by Fidelity Investments.

Perkins spoke at a morning news conference in Washington, where the report was released .

The latest bad news came from a report released by the Book Industry Study Group.


No radiation was released as a result .

The company will release its results on Jan. 24.

An estimated 50,000 people had been released as a result .

The agency declined to release the results of its own tests of the product and said it is still investigating the case.

The company said it expects to release its results Feb. 15.

The company will release results Tuesday.


In May 1989 Westport Tourism Organisation released a statement against the mining.

C., released a statement denouncing an art exhibit on display in Phoenix.

After his arrest in Virginia, Carney released a statement that Salvi had written while imprisoned.

So persistent is the warning that government agencies have released statements discounting its claims.

Dortch-Okara, who in August found Salvi competent to stand trial, refused to let Salvi release the statement .


Moreover, the group intends to release version 6.0 of its database under Unix by the end of this year.

And in almost every case, the previously released version was the superior cut.

A few weeks later, they release a Mac version .

A number of companies have released IBM-compatible versions of their programs before turning their attention to Mac versions.

They expect to release a version priced at £50 during 1992.

Microsoft recently released versions of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh and Windows 3. 1.

ProActive will release new versions of its software to meet emerging requirements, but won't sell source code, says Sippl.

Moreover, a growing number of software makers are releasing short demonstration versions of their programs.


In contrast Farc released a video showing its freed guerrillas saluting stiffly as they were greeted by an honour guard of rebels.

And the adventures are released on video in 10 volumes, out now from Polygram at £8.99 each.

It's released a video aimed at encouraging people to take a holiday - in Swindon.



The defence ministry refused to release his body to his family for a postmortem examination and radiation testing.

Just at the age when our little boys outgrow us, we refuse to release them into the company of men.

Chesnais refused to release the Comte, so Fouchard told him.

Commerce refused to release the information.

The keyboards could put copy into the computers but because of the software problem the computers refuse to release it.

C., airport refused to release sales data for rental-car operators.

They're refusing to release any information about the man they've arrested.

Two defendants were pardoned before trial and one avoided trial because the Bush administration refused to release key documents.


merciful death/end/release

With the Giants leading 28-7, half-time came as a merciful relief.

And Elinor was just going to have to wait for her merciful release.

Death had been a merciful release for him.

These were the alternatives to a quick, merciful death.

Those animals put down had a merciful release.


Release the clamp gently.

Carbon stored in trees is released as carbon dioxide.

Carrey's new comedy is due to be released in the US very soon.

He took hold of my hand but then released it again quickly.

Her new album will be released at the end of the month.

McKay moved to Newcastle after being released from prison.

Paul released her hand as she sat down.

Police have not released the names of any of the people involved.

The bolts can only be released with a wrench.

The turtles will be released back into the sea.

They released ten political prisoners last year.

Try to release the clamp gently.


All clay contains such minerals, and when pottery is fired, the energy stored in the crystals is released as light.

His car was released to his fiancee, who was riding in the passenger seat and was sober, Ditzenberger said.

It was a way of releasing some of the strain and tension of her life.

James's death, in fact, released a great deal which had been held in check during his reign.

Sandi spied the stalls in an adjoining room and hurried into one, releasing her bladder.

The committee is due to release its report on Gingrich by the end of this year.

The latest leading-indicators report will be released tomorrow at 8: 30 a. m. Eastern time.

Vastly more fluorocarbons must have been released in the industrialised north.

II. noun




One of Amnesty's earliest releases , in 1964 he came to London to light a candle for Amnesty.

Wilson in 1993 ordered Aris' sentence of 15 years to life reduced to 12 years and urged her early release .

They can return home and apply for early release under terms similar to the Good Friday agreement.

You can now define up to 24 text columns on a page, compared to just five with earlier releases .

Tonight the Foreign Office insisted it was doing everything in its power to secure Paul Ride's early release .

If he had been convicted under the assault charge he would not have been eligible for early release .

If she believed in the possibility of Samantha's early release , so much the better.

In 1993, legislators added indecency to the list of convictions for which there is no early release .


It was certainly not for general release to the public.

In fact, some people would not sign the claim form, which contained a general release of Harvester.

Novell is holding off announcement of a general release date until later in the year.

Could you do a brief recording for general release , outlining the situation and explaining just what the AE-35 does.


That makes this new release an exceptionally attractive one, and essential listening for this much-loved violinist's admirers.

On Tuesdays, for example, two new releases can be rented for the price of one.

It will ship with A/UX 3.0, the new release of the company's implementation of Unix.

Derek Malcolm reviews Kevin Costner's latest film, and the other new releases .

While Blockbuster might buy a new release at $ 7 a copy, he pays $ 70 to $ 80.

The sales staff show these new releases to retailers who decide whether to place an order.

There are also new releases of Microsoft Works, 3.0.


Doctors had advised Mrs Menzies not to attend the trial, following her recent release from hospital.

It was with much excitement that I awaited the recent release of Procomm Plus for Windows 3. 0.

The Festival is showing a selection of classics mixed in with a few notable recent releases .



The ultimate pre-packaged news is the video news release .

This news release is neither an offer to purchase the Notes nor a solicitation of an offer to sell the Notes.

Mr Wilson said in a news release .

Three stories were quick to circulate, embellished at will with as much creativity as news releases from the Government Information Office.

A school news release said it was for disciplinary reasons.

Hargarten stated in a news release .

Fox, in its news release yesterday, said the finale was watched by 22.9 million.


Every press release should include a quotable, provocative statement from an officer or committee member of the organization involved.

Companies should arrive at each stop armed with press releases and cameras to record local functions.

Mr Malik had a winning way with the press release .

There would appear occasionally, in his talk and press releases , hints and bits of intellectual phrasing.

You should follow this convention in writing a press release .

The board also approved a press release which summarised, but in some detail, the terms of the notice.

His descriptions of everything from lures to reels to fish finders read like they are straight out of a company press release .



Suddenly, though, trading one career for another is no longer just a way to obtain release from a boring job.

When the ship finally arrived in Boston in 1844, Melville obtained his release .

Lo is lining up the $ 50, 000 bail she needs to obtain her own release from San Francisco County Jail.

Both states are final; there is no suggestion of gradually obtaining release from punishment by successive reincarnations.


You feel that the music carries the words along on the back of its urge to secure release .

Relatives of the men were confident the new evidence would eventually secure their release .

In Fennell a father sought to secure the release of his son who had been arrested for participating in an affray.

They will continue their efforts to secure the release of hostages in the Middle East.

Often we can secure the release of refugees from detention if we can find them somewhere to live.

Video cameras could accompany Amnesty missions to secure unique footage for release to television worldwide.

He said his membership of the Legal Aid Foundation helped to secure his early release .

Samuelson secured a short-lived distribution arrangement with First National Exhibitors' Circuit, and various other films secured some sort of release .


New releases include previously unheard recordings by Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis.

The release of the Roswell report proved very controversial.

The four men were greeted by jubilant relatives upon their release .

The judge denied Larsen early release .

The movie is slated for release in January.

There was an accidental release of toxic waste.

Thousands of people worldwide campaigned for the release of Nelson Mandela.


But it is much more satisfactory to angle the basic release to suit the readership or audiences of the various media groups.

First, a release of one joint contractor releases the others.

Most courts that have addressed the issued have found that such releases are invalid on public policy grounds.

Mr Wilson said in a news release .

On her release she refused to hand the paper over to other Communist party members, and was expelled from the party.

That they were pleased with whatever deal they'd made for my release .

Thus the check specification need not always have both its upper and its lower limits different from the release specification.

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