Meaning of REPETITION in English






The constant repetition of an untruth did not make anyone believe, but it could batter the brain into unthinking apathy.

But as experience is gained through constant repetition , each movement of the form begins to flow smoothly into the next.

Karate has quite a high drop-out rate because of the hard work involved and the constant repetition of techniques.


His inspiration fell on fertile ground, prepared by endless repetition .

Escher worked in endless repetition , attainable here with a click.

The endless repetition strikes one as inexorable, like a recurring dream.

His parents, perplexed by this endless repetition , thought it meant that he was unable to get anything right.



In summary, therefore, most special aftercare services have had no effect on repetition rates after attempted suicide.

Nation-wide, the 1980s have seen downward trends in enrolments, and increases in drop-out and repetition rates .



It remains to be seen whether such measures will go far to avoid a repetition of the basic abuses, however.

I started talking to Suzette about some syntactic maneuvers that would enable her to avoid repetition .

You can avoid this repetition by defining a macro which you use every time you want to include the code.

Try to avoid repetition or tautology.

Britain drew different conclusions - to continue its imperial withdrawal and to avoid any repetition of the UK-USA conflict of 1956.

I would take it easy and avoid a repetition of the day before.

Part of the new Governor's job will be to avoid a face-saving repetition .

In order to avoid repetition , description and evaluation of these theories is mainly postponed until Chapter 4.


Repeat 35 times, holding each repetition for 1 second.


The remedy sought will in any case often be an injunction to prevent any repetition of the trespass.

Can we be informed as to what action will be taken to prevent a repetition ?


The best he could do to simulate this pause for reflection, was to use repetition at certain points.

Again we're using repetition of the same starting phrase in two octaves here.

Again we're using repetition in different octaves and lots of slides and pull-offs to make a smooth transition between each position.

I have often shown them how using repetition wisely, they could have halved their labour and produced a more coherent work.

The Mozart shown beneath the Chopin has the same form, using repetition and ending with a recall of the first section.


Repetition is good for helping children learn language.

He builds his speeches around the repetition of certain key phrases.

Students are taught math by constant repetition .


And so it went on: a series of intrinsically meaningless turns that gained a semblance of significance through weekly repetition .

Day-to-day television, in its regularity and its availability, seems regulated by repetition and modulated by acceptable difference.

I started talking to Suzette about some syntactic maneuvers that would enable her to avoid repetition .

In this way, the repetition may achieve extra contextual effects by modifying the propositional form of the utterance.

Instead of translation of the self through repetition , transformation through mutual shaping is allowed.

Lush simplicity, spatial silence and rhythmic repetition create a musical atmosphere the mind can inhabit.

Over-use of such mediating devices is unwise, especially where they involve direct repetition .

They needed the repetition , the dense hypnotic drone of woods and water, but above all they needed to be together.

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