Meaning of REPETITION in English

ˌrepəˈtishən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin repetition-, repetitio, from repetitus (past participle of repetere to repeat) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at repeat


a. : the act or an instance of repeating something that one has already said or done

she heard again that he was a widower and a grandfather but there seemed to be design in his repetition — Lenard Kaufman

no more than two repetitions of the same course will be allowed to any student — Loyola University Bulletin

b. : the act of repeating or saying something over in order to learn it : rehearsal

c. : the act of reciting something learned

listened with delight to her repetitions of her favorite passages — T.L.Peacock

d. : mention , recital

yawning at the repetition of delights which she saw no likelihood of sharing — Jane Austen

2. Scots law : a demand for restitution or repayment ; broadly : restitution , recovery , restoration


a. : the fact of occurring, appearing, or being repeated again

wait a long time for a repetition of this feat

the design consists of a repetition of the same geometrical figure

b. : copy , reproduction

when Greek art, even in Roman copies, was the only indisputable art, except for some Renaissance repetitions — Roger Fry

c. : spore germination in various fungi in which a spore is produced at the end of a stalk arising from another spore and in turn often germinates in the same way

4. : the ability of a musical instrument to respond to the repeated striking of the same key in rapid succession

an organ defective in repetition

a piano with excellent repetition

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