Meaning of REPRESENT in English




a lawyer acts for/defends/represents sb

a group of lawyers who represent the airline

mark/represent a shift

The idea represents a dramatic shift in health care policy.

represent a breakthrough

This represents a major breakthrough in the search for a cure.

represent a client

Mead was a top attorney representing major corporate clients.

represent a minority

Old people still only represent a minority of the population.

represent a threat

He is not afraid, because you represent no threat to him.

represent an improvement (= be an improvement )

A pre-tax profit of 4.3 million pounds represents a 5% improvement on last year.

represent your country

It’s a great honour to be chosen to represent your country in a sport.

sth represents an achievement (= something is an achievement )

Few people realised what an enormous achievement Concorde represented.




In placid periods this measure would represent only a very modest implicit tax on speculation.

Political action committees, which are more active in congressional races, represented only 2 percent of the presidential campaign coffers.

For them aircraft represent only a small part of their huge engineering and shipbuilding businesses.

The results represented only small Steps toward equipping Taylor with the knowledge he needed to challenge the combined experience of the men.

Anyway, they represent only a fraction of the long distance paths Britain has to offer.

Each of these incremental shifts represents only a brief moment in geological time.

Despite its impressive growth it represents only 5 percent of the total population and is not growing as fast as evangelical sects.



Why does government give attention to the views of the associations that represent the various groups of local authorities?

The Tennessee Education Association , which represents 43, 000 teachers in the state, has opposed the evolution bill.

It would be helpful if you could indicate on the attached reply slip if your Association will be represented at the meeting.

Trade unions are associations of workers which represent their members in all negotiations with employers.

The professional associations representing accountants sponsor numerous courses, seminars, group study programs, and other forms of continuing education.

Twenty years later he decided to lodge an Entitlement Appeal against the decision, and nominated the Association to represent him.

The associations which they represent can be seen in the ways in which they have been quoted by others.


An attorney representing a client before a court helps to make the trial fair, but the attorney is not neutral.

Saturday, Wilson also signed a measure to increase the number of defense attorneys who represent Death Row inmates in their appeals.

The professors were not training young attorneys to represent peo-ple.

Theodore Graham, an attorney representing the out-of-work San Diego Symphony musicians.

But the reverse is true when an attorney represents a person who is obviously guilty or whose guilt is widely perceived.

I really believe that we would get an attorney and we would represent ourselves.

As an attorney , he represented the poor Thee of charge.


The paper claims this represents a serious challenge to other Risc vendors jostling for position in the software arena.

What happened there represents a frontal challenge to how the courts, the states and the federal government administer justice.

They represent a very real challenge to the pub traditional client base.

I chose seven contrasting but popular sports, some I had played many times before, others representing new challenges .

This historical work itself represents a strong challenge to some of the premises which underpin the idea of structured dependency.

Indirectly this must have represented a challenge to the influence of Aethelred of Mercia in the East Saxon region.

Strikes, in other words, represent a challenge to managerial authority.

Involving professional services, these two sectors represent particular challenges in managing change.


He says it's not everyone who gets a chance to represent their country .

So far, the users represent more than 50 countries .

They're embarrassed to have such primitive people represent the country to the rest of the world.

Global information distribution networks represent the infrastructure crisscrossing countries and continents.

They would like to represent their country internationally.

They have represented their country at Under-19 level.

She represented her country in the senior Home Internationals and was undefeated in singles.


The figure represents a rise of £848 compared to the 1991 surplus.

But these figures do not represent real growth of the economy that people live from.

Figure 1.1 represents the civil court structure and Figure 1.2 represents the criminal court structure.

The figures represent 2.4 children per 1,000 in the county, compared to an average of 4.2 per 1,000 in the North-East.

This equals the comparative cost and again the lowest figure represents the best value.

A heavy bar below the figure represents identity across the five genes; a light bar represents a position of conservative change.

The figures given represent an average over the year.


The second group represented wild birds transplanted from not far away.

The group represents instead, a combination of such contrasting interests.

Most of the other groups represent segments of the health care system, from insurers to clinics.

It consists of a number of locally-based groups , linked together by a holding committee on which the district groups are represented .

Work with a group large enough to represent all the various essential interests yet small enough to still be manageable.

This group therefore represents the most committed sports participants.

But groups representing the disabled are threatening to disrupt the day.


Salinity has reached 14 parts per thousand which represents a 40 percent increase since 1951.

This represents a 25 % increase over the figure for 1994, which was itself sharply higher than for 1993.

This represents an increase of 13.4 per cent compared to the previous year's results.

The investment by 3i represented a 73% increase over the previous year, which ended at 31 March 1990.

At constant prices accounting for price movements, this represents a 7.6% increase , comparing favourably with last years increase of 1.6%.

Although the figure is small, it represents a dramatic increase compared with a total of six elected officials in 1962.

Eventhat figure represented a huge increase on previous statistics.

This represents an increase of 10.7% on last years figure of £317.3 million.


It's a question that lawyers representing the two Hitachi employees wanted to pursue in open court.

A lawyer representing the company currently servicing the loan denies Aikens' assertions.

She thought lawyers represented ultimate respectability-they all made millions, rode in nice cars, and spoke fluently.

They are essential reading for child care lawyers who wish to represent their clients effectively in court.

Donald Steier, a Los Angeles lawyer who represented Llanos, said the priest maintained that he was innocent.

The lawyer representing the team doctor, Eric Rijkaert, also gave more details of the organisation of doping within the team.

Bernstein include clients the two lawyers represent and for whom they have won substantial judgments.


The election was contested by 1,126 candidates representing 20 political parties and 219 independents.

The republic's 245,000 registered voters were to elect deputies to the 42-seat Federal Assembly from 320 candidates representing 21 parties .

The congress was attended by 1,176 delegates representing over 2,000,000 party members.

The rulings were created and administered by the local law society which represents all interested professional parties .

Most of its members represent the old party and management apparatus.

The election was contested by over 2,700 candidates representing 79 political parties .

Power lay in the hands of a Committee of Public Safety, which represented all local parties and institutions.


Salinity has reached 14 parts per thousand which represents a 40 percent increase since 1951.

Either would be in sharp contrast to pre-settlement times, when pines represented 90 percent of the forest.

This represents 10 percent . of the United Kingdom total compared with 14 percent. in July 1989.

Third World loans represent a mere six percent of their total portfolios.

In 1994, the public deficit represented 6 percent of national output.

But solid coffins represent less than 10 percent of the Coop's business.

The United States is the second most popular destination for its exchangers, representing about 20 percent of houses listed.


Species, then, are real, even if they do not represent different stable states of matter.

These, representing a powerful State , are highly interventionist, concerned with efficiency and productivity, and rationalists to the core.

All three countries represent a state of affairs that defies predominant theories in comparative politics.

Thus state policies and actions reflect the balance of class forces and the way that balance is represented within the state.

But one of his students was Dan Morales, the Texas attorney general who is representing the state .

Commissioner Zen and I represent the State .

The chief executive, or her delegates, represents the state in its dealings with other countries.


The trade union representing the workforce at these plants had threatened to go on strike if their jobs are put at risk.

Many athletes from the former Soviet Union now represent their home nations.

Senior officials of the four unions representing Rover workers are trying to find an alternative buyer.

A hundred different trade unions may be represented on one site.

It is significant that the union which represents the employed workers of Cartón has never been on strike.

Some sacrifice, sneered the union representing the bank's 4,500 workers, before calling for wage talks.


What causes offence is that he merely represents a shifting of values for the mass of young people.

We think these plans represent fairness and value for all Raiders fans.

In the first version, each card laid represents a value , such as love or luck.

I used to pour the orange juice, which represented the added value in our products, into four separate glasses.

This equals the comparative cost and again the lowest figure represents the best value .

Most are heavily subsidised and represent excellent value for hard-pressed school budgets.

The new subscription rates still represent exceptional value .

Your new Thames Water charges still represent exceedingly good value for a continuous supply of water and our sewage services.


I assume, therefore, that what he has said represents the majority view within his party.

One is that each theory represents only a partial view of the 183 whole.

Is it not about time that the Minister started to represent doctors' views properly?

Andrea Seastrand, R-Calif. made an argument that seemed to represent the majority view .

This represents a limiting view of initiative.

But Bomer said members represented every point of view in the state.

A machine could effectively represent the views of the population using this information.

I found out Monday that he was representing his own views , not the organization.


let sth be/equal/represent sth

Let c equal 6.


As a top agent, Ovitz represented some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Each class will elect two students to represent them on the School Council.

Einstein's theory represented a significant departure from previous theories.

Single letters or combinations of letters represent different phonetic sounds.

The athletes will represent China in this year's Olympic Games.

the Congressman who represents the taxpayers of District 1

The dummies represent average-sized adult males.

The new law has been criticized by groups representing disabled people.

The red lines on the map represent railways.

There is no doubt that this new type of tyre represents a major advance in road safety.

Trade Unions representing ambulance workers yesterday agreed to accept a 5% pay increase.

Who is representing the defendant?

Wilson was represented in court by a top criminal lawyer.


Between them, Ickes and Morris represent the uneasy coalition of the Democratic base and centrists that Clinton requires for victory.

I wanted to spend my whole life representing these guys.

It represents one of his assignations.

None of the other defendants are represented yet, Singh said.

Over the course of the preoperational stage, children increasingly attempt to represent things through drawings and their efforts become more realistic.

This approach stems from a strongly held belief that voluntary action represents a major force for positive environmental change.

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