Meaning of REPRESENT in English

[] vb [ME, fr. MF representer, fr. L repraesentare, fr. re- + praesentare to present] vt (14c) 1: to bring clearly before the mind: present "a book which ~s the character of early America"

2: to serve as a sign or symbol of "the flag ~s our country"

3: to portray or exhibit in art: depict

4: to serve as the counterpart or image of: typify "a movie hero who ~s the ideals of the culture"

5. a: to produce on the stage b: to act the part or role of

6. a (1): to take the place of in some respect (2): to act in the place of or for usu. by legal right b: to serve esp. in a legislative body by delegated authority usu. resulting from election 7: to describe as having a specified character or quality "~s himself as a friend"

8. a: to give one's impression and judgment of: state in a manner intended to affect action or judgment b: to point out in protest or remonstrance 9: to serve as a specimen, example, or instance of

10. a: to form an image or representation of in the mind b (1): to apprehend (an object) by means of an idea (2): to recall in memory 11: to correspond to in essence: constitute ~ vi: to make representations against something: protest -- adj -- n

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