Meaning of RERUN in English

I. noun


We watched a rerun of "The Brady Bunch."


I finally conked out at around four, in the middle of a Twilight Zone rerun .

It turns out that not all Odyssey programs are network reruns.

It was like a rerun of the reel in which my father was edited out.

The Constitutional Court ordered the Melilla rerun on the grounds of irregularities in the original voting.

The shows may have been made aeons ago, but endless reruns have ensured kitsch classic status for information obsessives.

This is a process which may take a number of reruns to achieve what we would consider to be a satisfactory outcome.

You mean we could have just sat on the couch and watched reruns to get the same level of cultural snobbery?

II. verb


How can you be sure what really happened unless you can rerun it in slo-mo?

I could change stadium and team names and rerun stadium columns.

I could keep inserting new imperial abuses of power and rerun Willie Brown columns.

Nor when a race is lost, can it be ever rerun .

The next step might be to rerun the batch of tests with a fresh aliquot of control serum.

We can rerun them whenever we want to.

When I closed my eyes I saw the little boy with the flag again, his death rerun like a film clip.

Why not rerun the whole shooting match in every state that was too close to call?

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