Meaning of RESIDUAL in English






As this comment suggests, food is the major item to be paid for within the family's residual income .

Next year parents whose residual income is below £11,500 will not be assessed for a contribution.


The hydrogen to carbon weight ratio of residual oil is approximately 1 to 9.

Note that residual oil is approximately 1. 6 whereas coals vary around 0. 8.

These reasons rest largely upon the intermediate nature of various properties of residual oil as compared to gas and coal.


Its cherry and strawberry flavors give the impression of sweetness without a lick of residual sugar .


They have always had a certain macho image and reasonable new prices have ensured that residual values are sensible.

At the end of the lease term, the residual value of the asset will belong to the lessee.

Depreciation is provided on all property, plant and equipment on a straight line basis, taking into account residual values .

If the asset were owned, the residual value of the asset would belong to the business.

These might include residual value insurance, up-grade options and so on.

It has an expected useful life of ten years and the residual value is likely to be negligible.

Betas, their reputation and residual values in ruins, just got thrown away instead.


Both sets of inquiries pointed to the existence of a degenerate underclass of the population which formed a residual pool of infection.

My personal theory is that the reported goldfish deaths are due to residual effects of these F rays.

The residual stress so created enables the bond to release the grains at predetermined stress levels.

Those left with residual paralysis faced a range of ill effects, from the minor to the life-changing.

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