Meaning of RESIDUAL in English


I. rə̇ˈzij(ə)wəl, rēˈz-, -jəl adjective

Etymology: Latin residu um residue + English -al

1. : of, relating to, or constituting a residue : remaining after a part is taken : left as a residuum

2. : relating to or like a residue or remainder

residual analysis

a residual quantity

3. : remaining in a body cavity after maximum normal expulsion has occurred

residual urine

— compare residual air


a. : leaving a residue that remains effective for some time after application

residual insecticides

b. : of or relating to a residual insecticide

a residual spray

II. noun

( -s )

: remainder , residuum : as


(1) : a binomial expression with one negative term

(2) : the difference of the results obtained by observation and by computation from a formula

(3) : the difference between the mean of several observations and any one of them

b. : a product or substance remaining over (as at the end of a chemical process, distillation, extraction)

the various residuals of metabolic activity


(1) : an internal aftereffect of experience or activity that influences later behavior : a memory trace

the residuals of past training

(2) : the disability (as a scar or a limp) remaining after satisfactory recovery from a disease or operation

III. noun

: a payment (as to an actor or writer) for each rerun especially of a commercial

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