Meaning of RESPECT in English


I. noun


a token of your gratitude/respect/appreciation etc

Please accept this gift as a small token of our appreciation.

command respect/attention/support etc

Philip was a remarkable teacher, able to command instant respect.

deserve respect

Our police officers deserve our respect.

give sb loyalty/obedience/respect

The people were expected to give their leader absolute obedience and loyalty.

grow to like/hate/respect etc

After a while the kids grew to like Mr Cox.

the city he had grown to love

healthy respect/disrespect/scepticism etc

a healthy disrespect for silly regulations

mutual respect/trust/understanding etc

Mutual respect is necessary for any partnership to work.

European nations can live together in a spirit of mutual trust.

respect a custom

Strangers should respect the customs of the country they are in.

respect for the individual

The policies are based on respect for the individual.

respect sb's privacy (= not invade their privacy )

Show teenagers that you respect their privacy by knocking on their bedroom door.

respect sb’s wishes (= do what someone wants )

We have to respect his wishes.

treat sb with respect/contempt/suspicion etc

When you treat the kids with respect, they act responsibly.




In certain crucial respects Aquitaine was different from the northern heartlands of the Merovingians.

In certain respects , as I say, I am like every man.

Indeed, there are certain respects in which Acts, especially for the historian, may be even more significant.

In this there is a certain basic respect for the transcendence of the mystery which is quite healthy.

In certain respects the Old Testament is now invalidated.

That Ptolemy was a conservative, even a reactionary in certain respects , is undeniable.

The particulars in fact also act as a ready reference in certain respects .

In certain respects City is very much a traditional liberal arts / professional college.


The Home Office was willingly cooperating with other authorities to ensure the events passed off peacefully and with due respect .

With all due respect to February, it can be one of the most mundane months of the sports year.

The headteacher exercises the delegated authority with care and due respect for both the power and responsibility it entails.

With due respect to our father, a very nice man, Mum possessed all the charisma.

Yet, with all due respect , are there not too many central bankers stalking the globe?

Dad, with all due respect , was not exactly the most suitable husband.

Even so, the All Blacks, who include seven capped players, will give today's opponents due respect .

Apparently they had not approached with due respect to the spirits of the Hills.


He had a great respect for his rival, but its letters simply cheered him up.

He commands great respect from that thing he calls show bid-ness.

Age and experience also command great respect .

There is still great respect and fear here for the Rajputs.

Yet it is likely that Chilperic was the more impressive monarch and inspired the greater respect .

Before Marcos spoke, other comandantes made brief appeals for greater respect for indigenous people.

Really, Mycroft, I have the greatest respect for your powers.


I wouldn't insult their intelligence by lying and we had a healthy respect for each other.

My fear turned into a healthy respect for the sea.

Having said all this, the court accepted the need to pay healthy respect to the principles of comity.

Acclaimed designer Carleton Varney has introduced bright new colors and a sense of airy spaciousness while retaining a healthy respect for tradition.

In the main they are shy creatures, though their speed, strength and agility demand a healthy respect .

A different set of values existed, such as parental respect , and a healthy respect for law and order.


Careful timing by the cuckoo is important in another respect .

Certainly insurance companies, however widespread their operations may have become, were in important respects City institutions.

He was fairly predictable except in one important respect .

A goal of short-term profit maximisation implies conduct different in important respects from that required by a long-term profit goal.

Pollution control work also differs in important respects from routine police patrol work.

The details of this framework need not concern us here, except in one important respect .

What now of the claims that other primates can communicate with systems in all important respects as complicated as ours?

This was critical of LEAs in two important respects .


Love and submission and mutual respect is certainly just as important as the success of the new church.

A conventional union based on love and mutual respect is, quite clearly, impossible to maintain.

Autonomy of reasoning and affect continues to develop in social relations that encourage mutual respect .

Good discipline is mainly based on mutual love and respect .

Different perspectives, shared in an atmosphere of mutual respect , will always get a better result than Lone Ranger approaches.

It is possible for both parents and children to show mutual love and respect in spite of their very different views.

Resolved, in which there is mutual acceptance and respect , conflict is handled productively, and the potential for genuine intimacy.


These people were, with utmost respect-I ought to have some respect for them-liars.

In fact I have the utmost respect for it.

We know from the observations of Herodotus nearly a century later that they were still treating the animal with the utmost respect .

He was a very class guy, and I have the utmost respect for him.

Everyone has the utmost respect for Rickey Henderson.

We have the utmost respect for what coach Hunt has done.

The A list is a privileged lot that is treated like royalty and given the utmost respect .



On the other hand, Havel is a figure who commands trust and respect , unlike Iliescu.

This is an all-star team that commands support and respect .

Age and experience also command great respect .

He commands great respect from that thing he calls show bid-ness.

She was too tall and sensual of feature, too voluptuously loose in her movements to command his respect .

Fat men command more money and respect than thin ones.

Desch was a lithe man of military bearing whose presence commanded immediate respect .

When people are paid like professionals, they tend to command the respect of professionals.


As fellow creatures on this planet, however, they deserve respect and considerate handling.

They deserve more respect than Disney knows how to give.

He also won the Bangor Open singles this season, and deserves a lot of respect from the former champion.

Warped he may be, but nevertheless deserving of respect .

None the less they deserve notice and respect , for their forebears were once the most advanced and revolutionary creatures in the seas.

Our policemen and women deserve respect and Mr Clarke should make sure that they get it.


We have already seen that two sentences differing only in respect of cognitive synonyms occupying parallel syntactic positions are in general logically equivalent.

Individuals differ with respect to the contribution of each of these variables in their development.

Pollution control work also differs in important respects from routine police patrol work.

Yet Cantor differed in several respects from the superstars in universities that counted Nobel laureates by the dozen.

If the people and positions which make up society did not differ in important respects there would be no need for stratification.

The first is that there are no systematic entailments between sentences differing only in respect of compatibles in parallel syntactic positions.

He was looking at a peaceful family group, differing in only one respect from the scenes he knew.


His instinct for identifying photographs that would seize the public's attention earned him the awed respect of professionals.

In losing, though, she earned as much respect as any victory gained her.

His defiance of Uncle Sam has even earned him a grudging respect .

What she once considered oppressive about Joseph, his cold style and impenetrable attitude, now earned her respect .

His courageous industry earned the respect , not only of his fellow Roman Catholics, but of Christians of all denominations.

As a new manager, you had to earn their respect .

Maybe they should be apart until they have earned the total respect of the rest of the cricketing world.

Emslie earned great respect from all who knew her in those days.


But more than 80 % of people thought it was harder for women to gain respect in some foreign cultures.

He also knew that this was Lennie's chance to gain some respect from the other men, especially Curley.

He gained their respect and they his.

Both had been ridiculed, struggled for sponsors and money and both had gained respect for their efforts.

It is difficult to gain their respect as an adult.

Get yourself somewhere to live and gain her respect again.

Adam quickly gained the respect of the soldiers and popularity with those officers whose currency was not to deal in rumour.

To gain respect in this infuriating but somehow compelling man's eyes?


He suddenly did not want to lose her respect .

Patsy was getting ratty, Betsy was getting distressed, and Jimmy was losing all respect for his mum.

Burgess says such activities increase the danger that sharks will lose the respect for humans that mostly makes them keep their distance.

Had she lost respect for him for not being so positive and forcing her to stay last year?

It is not easy to look a nine-year-old in the face and know you have lost her respect .

The less good lose in all these respects , and the system becomes more two-tiered.

The natives would quickly lose their respect for the Company if he did.


Wilson felt obliged to pay his respects to the tradition he had inherited, and then moved on.

No one had gone up to the casket itself to pay their respects .

Many thousands paid their last respects to Dubcek at his funeral in Bratislava on Nov. 15.

As if playing their roles from an identical script, the men bowed and paid perfunctory respects in phrases punctuated with honorifics.

He paused to pay his respects but the official was busy with his heap of files.

It will only take a minute or two, but your friends will be grateful that you came to pay your respects .

Thousands of people lined the route to pay their respects .

They looked pale and drawn as one person after another came before them, presumably paying their respects before the service began.


At a command given by the sensei, every member of the class shows his respect to the instructor by bowing.

To show proper respect and consideration for the families and the dead, funeral directors must dress appropriately.

They simply show the courtesy and respect demanded of them in such a society as theirs.

When the Open next came to the Old Course, in 1970, and Nicklaus won, they showed respect and admiration.

In many ways, it would be better to show respect and let people grieve in private.

Things like knowing how to show people the proper respect .

He showed the same scant respect for other agents of central power.

We have our own ways of showing respect .


She deserves to be treated with respect and sensitivity, and to be formally recognised.

It means treating a viewer with respect .

Domovoi would cheerfully undertake household chores while the family slept, if they were treated with respect and gratitude.

As employers, we are responsible for making sure employees are treated with respect and dignity.

The island is the home of some fascinating wild life including alligators, which should be treated with respect .

Many women have serious problems and deserve to be treated with respect and offered help that is to the point.

I have worked loyally, shown you respect , but I too expect to be treated with respect.

He did little to earn their respect , and many complained that he treated them with little respect.


She has deservedly won the respect of everyone in the field of movement and dance both for the Society and herself.

We can win their respect once more by being real, by caring.

The Charter's commitment to modern, open services will help them to win the respect that good service deserves.

When the Open next came to the Old Course, in 1970, and Nicklaus won , they showed respect and admiration.

Suffice to say that Tim won a lot of respect from a lot of people that day.

Friends are won through mutual respect and understanding.

To win people's respect you must be able to hold the job down.

He discovered an unexpected gift which won boys' respect .


a mark of respect/honour/affection etc

As a mark of respect I did the same thing, followed by Tam and Richie.

As a mark of respect, and in keeping with the tradition of the family, all the Denknetzeyans stayed at Le Richemond.

Before entering it, a student must make a formal bow at the doorway as a mark of respect.

He had expended himself so much for the people Eva made the long journey to his funeral as a mark of respect.

However, he regarded it as a mark of respect and discipline, and old habits died hard.

It is a mark of respect for those you intend to do business with.

It seemed a mark of respect for the dead.

The following day's race was cancelled as a mark of respect.

the utmost importance/respect/care etc

Brian was always keen to stress that the comfort and wellbeing of the birds was of the utmost importance.

Everyone has the utmost respect for Rickey Henderson.

How soon and how broadly will you communicate that the changes at hand are of the utmost importance?

Hygiene and safety take priority on the sunbeds while personal supervision is regarded as of the utmost importance on the toning tables.

In fact I have the utmost respect for it.

In particular in the sophisticated world of alchemy, the resonances of chemical and other truths were of the utmost importance.

It is of the utmost importance that it is the mind of the human operator doing the selecting.

Professors Berry and Mott are right to stress that the support of the child and the family is of the utmost importance.

with (all) due respect

Apparently they had not approached with due respect to the spirits of the Hills.

Dad, with all due respect, was not exactly the most suitable husband.

The Home Office was willingly cooperating with other authorities to ensure the events passed off peacefully and with due respect.

Yet, with all due respect, are there not too many central bankers stalking the globe?


a relationship built on trust and mutual respect

I have great respect for Tom's judgement.

My respect for my teacher grew as the months passed.

With his firm handling of the dispute, he had earned the respect of his opponents.


But then Saunderson and Gray differ in many respects.

Feminists in psychology have always had more respect for biology than have feminists in other disciplines.

I developed great respect for the man.

I have a lot of respect for what they do.

In many respects, the conditions proposed by the Bush Administration are similar to those proposed by the Carter Administration.

Kingsley is almost alone in saying what he means in this respect .

The interior certainly does look light, though it is assisted in this respect by the Cathedral eastern Gothic rose.

The ruler continued to enjoy, unless he were unusually vicious or unlucky, a respect which sometimes verged on worship.

II. verb




One player has recalled: I've always greatly respected von Karajan, simply because he treated you man to man.

You are a man of special sympathy and intelligence, and I greatly respect you for it.

Mrs. Bottomley I greatly respect the hon. Gentleman's comments.

The professor, who was greatly respected and whose classes were much enjoyed, used to stage an experiment.

I accept it because it was said by Breton whose opinions I respect greatly , but that's all.


He is highly respected and is Anthony Herbert's assistant judge in the players' court.

He is generous and highly respected in the district.

Teachers are often highly respected and children will confide in them.

Avro Avians were highly respected both for dependability and performance.


They were not much respected in the village because of John's laziness.

Mr Ellsworth is... a Man much respected for his integrity, and venerated for his abilities.

But remember the opinion of John Stuart Mill, a political philosopher much respected by the early Economist.


Although not formally trained as a historian of ancient art, Ortiz's scholarship is widely respected .

He was widely respected for his work as special master in chancery in the Minnesota Railroad Rate cases in 1910.

She has been an excellent academic vice chancellor, and I think she is widely respected .



I can't say I went because I respected her decision or because I thought it was in her interest.

It was up to him to decide what we should do, and we would respect his decision .

Is the doctor under a duty to respect treatment decisions proposed by relatives or next of kin?


It needs to respect basic ecological laws .

The judiciary respects neither the law , nor religious standards, nor public opinion.

Democrats must respect the rule of law .

He respected the law , and everything he said was qualified by it.


However, you should always respect a person's privacy and not attempt to prevent relationships from developing.

Children also feel more comfortable and confident in their relationships with their parents when parents respect their right to privacy .

But Jane had always respected the privacy of others.


King Henry respects my lord's views on all that pertains to the march.

Gandhi respected his views and would listen to them.

She would respect their views and wouldn't want to upset them in any way.

I respect his views , although I do not agree with them.

He was one of my tutors, I respected his views , that kind of thing.


At all times respect the wishes of residents who do not wish to join in activities.

I'd have loved to have thanked him personally, but we have to respect his wish to remain anonymous.

She wished to live her own life, and they must respect that wish.

I've always believed one must respect the wishes of the dead.

None the less, the importance of the obligation to respect the wishes of the patient can not be overstated.

Has the manager at all times respected the wishes and aspirations of the artist?



I admired him, I respected him and I was flattered that I was his friend.

She could no longer admire or respect them.

It was so good to be among people who respected and admired her, and whom she admired and respected in return.

This hasn't stopped me admiring , respecting and feeling affection for Steffi.

We may not feel close to our royal family, but we can admire and respect what they do.


It's through exploring our differences that we learn to respect one another.

Kids are learning to respect their pop elders, too.

Others do learn to respect your need to be alone, if you persist in maintaining it.


Petal seemed to like and respect him, and he was gently affectionate with her.

Affable and understated, Kenen genuinely liked and respected the lawmakers he worked with.

This, together with his membership of the Athenaeum and the Beefsteak show how much he was liked and respected .

Our platoon leader was a lieutenant who was very well liked and respected .

The person in charge wants to be liked and respected by the people who work for him.

Tom Courtney appeared to like and respect women.


And I loved him and respected him.

Do you love and respect yourself enough to be able to read it in front of you on paper?

Though Uncle Tom was fourteen years older, my father loved and respected him above all his brothers.

But she had only ever pulled the stops out for people she loved and respected .

All Bud ever wanted to do was to be loved and be respected .

And as all worthy Austen women eventually do, I met and married a man I loved and respected .


He's a very strict teacher, but the students respect him.

He's an honest, responsible citizen who respects the law and is dedicated to his family.

I totally disagree with him, but I still respect his opinion.

Logan, a long-serving Congressman, was both feared and respected by his political opponents.

Most of the students liked and respected Mrs. Moline.

She always told me exactly what she thought, and I respected her for that.

The doctors respected the dying man's wishes.

When traveling abroad, it is important to respect local customs and laws.


And they certainly are not going to respect you.

As a human being I had to respect that.

At the same time, Haley has maintained his individuality, which Rodman respects.

It needs to respect basic ecological laws.

Surely it was more important to keep a proper distance from your servants and employees, so that they respected you?

That was impossible without the two most respected agencies.

To respect the environment and to seek to protect it in the course of company activities.

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