Meaning of RESTRICTION in English




a speed restriction

New speed restrictions have been introduced.

export controls/restrictions/quotas (= official limits on the number of exports )

The European Parliament wants tougher export controls on certain goods.

The number of goods subject to import and export quotas is being reduced.

import restrictions/controls (= laws which reduce or limit the amount of imports )

Severe import controls were introduced.

lift a restriction/an embargo/sanctions etc

The government plans to lift its ban on cigar imports.




The endorsement details certain restrictions in the cover.

Setup fees and certain restrictions may apply.

Unrelieved losses may also be carried forward and, subject to certain restrictions , set against future profits.

If you have a limb disability you may still be entitled to a licence, but there may be certain restrictions .

The sentencing powers of magistrates are subject to certain general statutory restrictions in addition to the maximum penalties prescribed for each individual offence.

This details certain restrictions on the cover for the collection.

There were certain additional restrictions upon the types of weapon systems that could be deployed within these limits.

The achievement of these aims imposed certain restrictions on the methods used during this stage of the field research.


Other measures including further restrictions on access to cigarettes and on the promotion of tobacco products need to be considered.

Riggs said Clinton administration representatives agreed to the further funding restriction in return for congressional leaders' blessing of the spending bill.

There are no further restrictions on outside ownership of member firms. 3.

To do this it will be necessary to place some further restrictions on the model.

Nearly a third have introduced restrictions , or further restrictions, on smoking in the past 12 months.

Although I favour examination rigour, further restriction on available content will be an inevitable outcome.

For example, there is a case for a further restriction on the sale of knives and for licensing shops.

Through the use of registers ATNs are able to enforce further restrictions on the input such as number agreement.


Her duties differ from a preregistration house officer's only in line with the legal restrictions on nursing staff.

But legal restrictions can significantly increase health risks as abortion services are driven underground.

Did they cease to bind in the early s when various legal restrictions were removed?

Legal restrictions Restrictive-trade-practices legislation is only one of the multitude of legal restrictions on concentrated power.

The existing policy is one of seeking abortion on demand, up to the point of birth and without legal or medical restriction .

I wrote asking if my information still applied or had some legal restrictions been imposed since the programme had been shown?


It goes without saying that any infringements of these new restrictions will imperil what is already an extremely sensitive access agreement.

The House passed its own new restrictions on illegal immigration on March 21.

These will include maintaining the status quo, retaining hunting with new restrictions , a partial ban, and a total ban.

Grand Canyon visits should be a little quieter this year, thanks to new noise restrictions for sightseeing flights.

But on the other hand increasing age brought new social restrictions .

Historically, weapon sales have jumped during legislative debate of gun-ownership controls and before any new restrictions become law.

By now a new restriction had been placed on their friendship by both parents.

In effect, Gingrich is holding the Interior Department hostage to his attempt to put new restrictions on Medicare patients.


But reporting restrictions on naming him were lifted.

The defence asked for reporting restriction to be lifted.

He was remanded in custody to appear again next Thursday. Reporting restrictions were not lifted.

Teesside magistrates also lifted reporting restrictions in the case.

The court or the Secretary of State may waive reporting restrictions in individual cases for the benefit of the child.

The defendants are to appear again on January 12. Reporting restrictions were not lifted.

The youth was remanded in custody until November 11. Reporting restrictions were not lifted.


Since an expanding post-war economy stimulated immigration into Britain, governments have imposed more and more severe restrictions on entry.

That's when Boylston initially sentenced Sherrod to 179 days in jail, then transferred the sentence to Holley with severe restrictions .

This is a severe restriction which the travelling matte overcomes.

Most lived under severe restrictions , but some dealt with their neighbors on a near-equal basis.

To a large extent this is due to the severe restriction on building.

Environmental lawyers warned that this ruling would place severe restrictions on future law suits.

The rigours of their existence place severe restrictions on the kind of rugs that can be made.


It may be difficult to move areas since many local authorities and some housing associations operate strict residence restrictions .

Fife Symington, most public lands in Arizona are under strict fire restrictions .

Under the Belfast Urban Area Plan strict restrictions have been placed on any further office development outside the city centre.

You can give away things like this and have very strict restrictions on them.

Many governments are very strict about imposing restrictions on the importation of foodstuffs which contain excessive concentrations of heavy metals.

Most of the smaller names impose strict restrictions on membership.


Mr Stoiber has been in the forefront of those calling for tighter restrictions on asylum-seekers and ordinary immigrants.

The rest will be open to exploration companies under tight restrictions .

But under a voluntary agreement, the parent retains parental responsibility, and tight restrictions should only apply in extreme circumstances.


Britain bans cigarette advertising on television, but, with tough restrictions , allows other tobacco advertising.

Many states are devising programs with even tougher restrictions .

The proposal came amid fears that the Ministry of Agriculture might introduce tougher restrictions or even an outright ban.



A single band was found for each restriction enzymes and combinations mentioned above.

Abbreviations for restriction enzyme sites: H, Hin dIII.

Control amplifications on samples to show that a constant restriction enzyme site can be cut strengthen confidence in the analysis.


Renin and atrial natriuretic peptide restriction fragment length polymorphisms: association with ethnicity and blood pressure.


The emergency import restriction on cultural artifacts from El Salvador has been extended for another three years.

However, with semen import restrictions off and markets opened up, that has changed with a vengeance.

Details of any import restrictions or payment restrictions imposed by the government of the foreign country.

This will produce more pressure in the west for import restrictions .

The report claims that this would be more effective than resorting to timber import restrictions and the imposition of logging bans.


Incomplete restriction sites produced on the junctions with linkers and adapters are indicated by enzymes with asterisks.

BglII, XhoI and BamHI restriction sites are at equivalent positions in each of the repeats as shown.

Several deletion mutants were prepared by exploiting singular restriction sites in the cDNA to enable progressive sequencing.

Only relevant restriction sites are indicated in the expanded regions.

If the mutation creates or destroys a restriction site then this can be simply examined in the products of the reaction.


Track renewals are also becoming overdue, with a succession of speed restrictions because of the condition of parts of the line.

At the end of April there will still be 61 speed restrictions across the network.

Previous requests have been turned down as the Transport Department felt the road did not meet criteria for imposing speed restrictions .


The bill was the textile lobby's third attempt within the last five years to mandate trade restrictions .

Instead, heavy trade restrictions were levied, driving the young country into a period of isolation that lasted over a century.

The parameters in Tables 2 and 3 can now be used to simulate the effects of trade restrictions . 6.

Nevertheless the pursuit of policies based on national self-interest led to competitive depreciation and the introduction of tariffs and other trade restrictions .

Even with the present trade restrictions it is estimated that we spend more than £350 million on liquor abroad every year.


The tournament was played over three rounds as a result of local government elections and the imposition of travel restrictions .



As no water is pumped through the unit, no flow rate restrictions apply .

Setup fees and certain restrictions may apply .

This restriction on copying applies equally to single, group and site licences.

The restriction applies within a 100-foot radius around any clinic entrance.

However, change in control restrictions may also apply on a share sale.

These restrictions do not apply to teachers.

Winners must pay airport departure tax and fees of up to $ 45; other restrictions also apply .


The number of deals will grow as the finance ministry eases restrictions on raising capital offshore.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Congress passed the Telecommunications Reform Act, which eases restrictions on cross-ownership of media.

The directive is designed to ease labour market restrictions and strengthen the single market.

But he supported an amendment that would have eased the restrictions .

The security forces began easing the curfew restrictions on Feb. 5.

This easing of restrictions opened the floodgates for commercial Internet access.

Within five years, 45 states had similarly eased restrictions on divorce, and now all 50 have such laws.

The proposal calls for easing land-use restrictions and establishing a road-financing plan so sparsely used properties can be turned into thriving enterprises.


We did not want to impose this restriction here but wanted to let the data reveal individual preferences.

In 1996, voters adopted Proposition 208, which imposes restrictions on candidate spending but does not affect ballot measure campaigns.

The measures imposed new restrictions on press reporting of the Kurdish insurgency in south-east Anatolia.

In 1921, the Emergency Quota Act was the first to impose a numerical restriction on immigrants.

Increasingly, campaigners are demanding that countries impose restrictions on advertising aimed at children.

Each region offers different opportunities and imposes different kinds of restriction on its inhabitants.

Other allied countries imposed similar restrictions on reporting.

Remaining with our inflation-unemployment example where, we need to impose an additional restriction on the behaviour of the prediction error.


Nearly a third have introduced restrictions , or further restrictions, on smoking in the past 12 months.

We now introduce another restriction: the production technology for differentiated products is homothetic.

Some companies which have introduced smoking restrictions have faced resignations over the issue, he said.

The proposal came amid fears that the Ministry of Agriculture might introduce tougher restrictions or even an outright ban.

Second, rational expectations often introduces restrictions which may be tested against the data.


Among them is one that would lift restrictions on the voting rights of shares.

The accent was on lifting restrictions on individual liberty.

Some countries have lifted restrictions on nationality and now allow local nationals to set up in the zones.

The unions were challenged to lift restrictions on radios, the movement of staff between stations and the carrying of seriously-ill patients.


In response the authorities had to place restrictions on capital imports. 6.

To do this it will be necessary to place some further restrictions on the model.

All but one of those released have been placed under heavy restriction orders.

Environmental lawyers warned that this ruling would place severe restrictions on future law suits.

Not withstanding his attempts to appease conservative critics, Mr Frohnmayer's aversion to placing any restrictions on artistic freedom was increasingly apparent.

The papacy, to maintain orthodoxy, placed restrictions on which universities could teach theology.

Few insurers place any restrictions on young people using an organ.


It also removed many of the restrictions imposed during the period of military rule between 1964 and 1985.

And he wants to remove the restrictions on how much money a party can spend on its own candidates.

The first will aim to remove restrictions on where the funds can invest, and who can manage them.

But Clinton said he vetoed that bill, partly because Republicans removed restrictions on corporate raids on pension funds.

Pay for all medical care with after-tax dollars. Remove restrictions on insurers and let people buy for themselves inexpensive insurance.

This ability removes the restriction on context-free grammars that only a finite set of grammatical categories are allowed.

The climate of deregulation made it necessary to remove restrictions on the ability of building societies to compete in financial markets.


On June 17 the authorities published the text of new regulations which tightened existing restrictions on demonstrations.

Fujisaki said he decided to tighten previous restrictions after learning that Caraway had agreed to a television interview.

Successive legislative steps have been taken since then to tighten the restrictions on access to tobacco by young children.

But he said they would tighten restrictions for building on coastal hillsides.

State legislatures responded by tightening restrictions and supervision of slave activities.


clamp sanctions/restrictions etc on sb


Congress voted to lift trade restrictions against Iran.

For a while they tried using price restrictions as a way of controlling inflation.

The restrictions imposed by the censors make objective reporting of news impossible.

There are restrictions on what you can bring into the country. Alcohol, for example, is totally forbidden.


But no journey restrictions will be lifted completely, and all journey times will take longer than normal.

Farming policy in Cumbria was greatly influenced by the heavy rainfall and the restrictions imposed by the National Park Regulations.

It is modern technology all wrapped up without the cable to trip over, and the restriction of power point locations.

Most lived under severe restrictions, but some dealt with their neighbors on a near-equal basis.

Registered companies are exempted from all taxes on approved activities, and no currency or exchange restrictions are imposed.

The restrictions on trading are designed to limit the potential impact of the options market on the stock market.

The Act is a mass of technical paperwork and restriction .

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