Meaning of RESTRICTION in English


-kshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English restriccioun, from Late Latin restriction-, restrictio limitation, from Latin restrictus (past participle of restringere to restrict) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at restrain

1. : something that restricts : qualification: as

a. : a regulation that restricts or restrains

new restrictions for hunters

b. : a limitation placed on the use or enjoyment of real or other property ; especially : an encumbrance on land restricting the uses to which it may be put

c. : a limitation that is imposed upon a class or ethnic group and that excludes its members from a fairly competitive use and enjoyment of the facilities of a community (as housing, employment, or education)

d. : limitation of the opening two or three moves in a game of checkers to one series chosen by lot from an accepted list

2. : an act of restricting or the condition of being restricted : confinement within bounds

undue restriction of children

3. : a tacit or expressed qualification : reservation

a mental restriction

4. : tightening, constriction

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