Meaning of RIB in English


I. noun


fractured skull/jaw/rib etc

She suffered a fractured skull in the accident.

poke sb in the eye/arm/ribs etc

Be careful with that umbrella or you’ll poke someone in the eye.

rib cage

spare ribs




Robert Cunningham, 35, who suffered a broken rib in the fracas, admitted assault.

A postmortem showed she had 55 injuries, including broken ribs and bruises to head, neck and body.

Read in studio A misadventure verdict's been recorded on a man who died in hospital after being admitted with broken ribs .

Although he had suffered severe head injuries and eight broken ribs , he was found to have died from drowning.

Apart from a broken rib , massive bruises all over my body, and slight concussion, I was in one piece.

The pilot was being treated for suspected internal injuries and his passenger for a suspected broken arm and ribs .

And Eve's in a hospital ward with broken ribs and concussion and all kinds of things.


For a Chunky machine and a full needle rib setting use double knit yarn.

Push up needles for full needle rib .

Some yarns will give a neat sideways band using full needle rib but others look very floppy so beware.

Three and four colour knitting is usually more successful using full needle rib and fine yarns with the ribber.

For a full needle tuck stitch garment then you can choose between a full needle rib or a 2x1 setting.


Rub prime rib with salt and pepper.

Let the prime rib rest for 10 minutes, then remove roast from pan to a carving board. 4.

Past his prime and carrying too much prime rib of beef, Witherspoon was still far too much for Cole.

The bulk of the entr es are represented by more meats-21-day, Black Angus prime rib .


I can smell them short ribs .

Y., are chicken wings or short ribs braised with a malty brown ale.

Instead of pork short ribs , how about beef for a change?

The city lies against and below two short spiny ribs of hill.

The remaining wholesale cuts provide hamburger, stew meat, short ribs , flank steak, and brisket of beef.

His opponent was about to have his short ribs broken.


Trim spare ribs of any excess fat, then place in a large roasting tin.

Pour the barbecue sauce over the spare ribs .

The food was good: a thin soup followed by pork spare ribs .



The Endomorph isn't necessarily large framed but is sturdily built with a large rib cage , waist and hips.

The cold pressed into his rib cage .

His rib cage was missing on one side where a large piece of shell casing stuck out from under his breastbone.

I drive my chin into his rib cage .

Graham Marshall followed with injuries to his rib cage which according to the internationalist following the game, will possibly terminate his career.

It gradually tightens itself so as to not allow for expansion of the rib cage .

Breathe in and out - not too deeply, expanding both the top and bottom of the rib cage Muscle-tensing.

No bulging rib cages , no collar bones out to here, no sunken eyes or bizarre hipbone bulges.


The exciting Warrington scrum-half has a rib injury .

Marshall took 10 for 92 in that match but arrived at Old Trafford for the third Test reportedly with a rib injury .

Robert Rosario returns after a rib injury to challenge on-loan striker Paul Williams.

His rib injury is more serious than first thought.

Last night, the No. 8 Phil Davies, protecting a rib injury , also dropped out.



World Champion Jan Kellner broke his rib during the squirt competition the day before.

I had to kick him all over the room, broke ribs and stuff.

Collisions with concrete walls have broken three of his ribs and shattered a kneecap.

An hour later, when the shock was over, he confirmed my fears: I had broken two ribs .

I picked him off Newbury racecourse after he had broken most of his ribs under the flying hooves of his competitors.

They laid them on the floor and they walked over them until they broke their ribs .

Apart from a 10% collapsed lung, Lester broke two ribs and his left collarbone.

I could hear the broken ends of a rib clicking together as I breathed.


It nicked a lung and probably cracked a rib , but it didn't open the abdomen.

I left my body while he did in my cracked ribs .

He was reported to have also suffered cracked ribs and a broken jaw as a result of the difference of opinion.

Glavine cracked a rib three years ago and missed one start.

Once he had actually cracked her rib .

A couple of weeks later the male chorus danced straight into him, elbows akimbo, and cracked his ribs .

Coulthard, who despite x-rays to the contrary believes he has cracked a rib , made only passing reference to the discomfort.


Ted said, poking Petey in the ribs .

Bobby poked him in the ribs .

Polly poked me in the ribs and I nodded at her and smiled.


stick to sb's ribs


A bruised rib sent Shaw out of the game.


Bobby poked him in the ribs.

Bring mixture to a boil and simmer until ribs are tender, about 1 hour.

I picked him off Newbury racecourse after he had broken most of his ribs under the flying hooves of his competitors.

On the staircase, Ried's hand can be seen again in the rib vaulting of c.1500.

Right on her rib was a circle and a cross burnt right in the skin.

Some brachiopods are smooth, but many became corrugated or ornamented with course or fine ribs.

II. verb


Jose's teammates ribbed him about the flowers he got.


Only the most daredevil gentlemen will choose the flannel shorts or fitted velvet trousers worn with a body-hugging ribbed sweater.

The achenes of Sagittaria species differ from those of Echinodorus species by not being ribbed.

The outside of the shoe was constructed from woven fabric and metal with a ribbed silicon rubber tread.

The sand under his feet had been crusty at first, ribbed, but now it was turning smooth, soft, unmarked.

The vaulting is ribbed throughout, lofty and well-proportioned.

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