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dispatch rider




On ozone depletion, which harms everyone, the Montreal agreement accepted that trade sanctions could be used against free riders .

Many indeed will choose to remain free riders , benefiting from services and entitlements to which they contribute little, if anything.

However there is a free rider problem.

However, sports clubs are also social organisations and social pressure can be an important deterrent to free-rider behaviour.

In New York, though, these global free-riders have an easier time than in London.

With many A's and B's, the free rider problem arises.

As with acid rain and ozone depletion, international co-ordination of government policy is required to tackle the free rider problem.

Free wireless LANs will sooner or later encounter free-rider problems.


Don't pretend to be a better rider than you are; you will inevitably be caught out.

The bike has got a much tighter feel to it now-it wants to turn and responds better to rider input.

A good rider , like a good ballet dancer, needs to be the right shape.

Because you're not that good a rider .

The wide and undulating fields here provided good scope for riders of all levels.

Here is one of the best riders in the province and he only has one ride at our final road race meeting.


The other rider rode up and stopped.

Two other police riders escaped serious injury.

After a while the other riders don't even bother to come and look for you.

It may take two kilometres to overtake one other rider .

With lesser riders far down the slopes, the brutality of the attacks on other riders becomes more apparent.

People treat you differently, though I was glad to see the other riders reacted well.

Then he said something, his tone amused, and the other riders laughed.

I, like many other riders , am eagerly awaiting the clocks going forward.


The race is on ... for forty top riders ... or at least thirty nine of them.

Many top speedway riders will be pitting their skills in the National motor cycle grass track meeting.

Zoe Nesbitt was a top class rider who dreamed of becoming an equestrian star.

It would be lovely if we could produce another top local rider and these three boys could fit the bill.

However, hand on heart, even if you are a top dressage rider , can you really justify the fancy dress?

They're certainly worried about finances and the future of top rider , Hans Nielsen.

The first big meeting is next month; most of Britain's top riders have already entered.

The top eight riders after 16 heats will go into the semi-finals.


Police believe the trap could have had far more horrific consequences, especially for younger riders .

Continued from page 6 Olympia is also the high point for twenty of our leading young riders .

But she's being encouraged in her fightback by a young rider who's recovering from a similar fall.

They barge around upsetting other, nervous horses and young riders .



There's no way it can be the bike riders .

Beginning next month, more Crissy Field buildings will be taken apart, opening more Bay vistas to hikers and bike riders .

Could it have been the demon bike rider ?

Placid river views are plentiful along the rest of the project for walkers or bike riders as well.

The boys were a pretty fast bunch of bike riders .


Cyclists and horse riders are keen to progress with the scheme but there has been some opposition from one particular village.

So have horse riders and the California Legislature, which is on the riders' side.

Although writing on behalf of cycling interests, these do coincide to an extent with the interests of walkers and horse riders .

He plans to enter the arena as a cutting horse rider .

These included dualling the road, creating a network of underpasses for horse riders , and safety provisions.

The railway now gone, the trail is open to walkers as well as horse riders and cyclists.

She also sang with Lothian Gaelic Choir and coached disabled horse riders .



During the Hayes administration, southerners had failed in their attempt to accomplish repeal by adding riders to appropriation bills.


The donkey threw its rider to the ground in a dozen different, hilarious ways.

He would not try the flight, and he threw his rider .

Ahead, her father's horse had pecked slightly on landing, throwing his rider up his neck.


The rider states that paragraph 27 applies only to foreign imports.

The rider wasn't badly hurt, but his bicycle was all smashed- up.

The leading rider in this year's motorcycle championship is Wayne Rainey.


During their seven-day marathon, the riders will call at nature reserves, country parks and sites where wildlife is under threat.

Hours later, the horse came back without a rider , its flanks bloodied.

Many indeed will choose to remain free riders, benefiting from services and entitlements to which they contribute little, if anything.

One by one, other horses and riders followed.

Ralph Castaneda, a West exercise rider and friend of the owners, recommended his boss.

What might have happened if the rider and horse hadn't arrived, mercifully she never discovered.

While a bill modeled on these lines stands a good chance of passage, partisan riders could kill it.

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