Meaning of RIDGE in English





Despite a decent map it had become obvious that we were approaching the high ridge of the mountains.

The high ridge displaces ocean water.

The cottage is set on the highest ridge of the Chiltern Hills and is surrounded by the most glorious countryside.

You can see the trees up on the high ridges from their front porch.


Cloud swirled up from the valleys, clearing spasmodically to reveal distant peaks, ice-cold lakes and the long ridge in front.

From Lose Hill, after descending the long southeastern ridge , the walker has a choice.

They were walking on to the long ridge they had been able to see from the cottage window.

Starting early, I traverse the long ridge of hills that separates me from Isafjördur, arriving late in the afternoon.

Turn left along this lane; a signpost points the way to Norber, a long limestone ridge forming the north-western skyline.


The Trust owned nearly a hundred acres, most of it along a low wooded ridge .

As the driver spoke they crested a low ridge .

Narrow paved streets that are little more than alleys wind informally round a low ridge once densely packed with houses.

Go left over a low ridge and downhill.


Handfast Point was joined to the cliff by a narrow ridge at this time.

They are linked by a narrow ridge which dips in the middle to a saddle.



I flew with her into the bush, to land on a tiny crushed-pumice airstrip laid along a mountain ridge .

Steep, inclined tracks helped get it over the mountain ridges .

The highest of the mountain ridges separated the headwaters of the Belpan and Makaa.

For agonizing seconds the Boeing 757 tried to climb, almost clearing a mountain ridge .

The trees and mountain ridges have a magnificent stark beauty.

They know, for example, that plumes in the atmosphere form most commonly over mountain ridges .


On the summit ridges Racomitrium is often confined to the lee side of boulders.


Everyone will have their favourite ridge walk , and that's one of mine.

Contact. 19 Three hour ridge walk in Nottinghamshire to Bramcote and Stapleford.

Main pic: classic ridge walk links Bostg and Piz las Palas.

The ridge walks are said to be second only to those of the Cuillin in Skye in terms of drama and scenery.



By this time we were climbing towards a ridge .

They drove all night to climb the ridge .

The moon becomes ever brighter as the sky darkens, and it climbs above the ridge .

We climbed around on the ridge overlooking the canyon.


Here join path which follows ridge and turn left.

Those Veins which follow the ridges are termed convex veins and those which follow the furrows concave veins.


It formed a ridge called a terminal moraine.

But beneath the oceans the layer of crust has only recently been formed by the mid-ocean ridge and then dusted with sediment.

Beyond, the huge sea cliffs of the northern edge of Heimæy form a sharp ridge that offers an airy walk.

Basalts are the rocks which are formed at mid-ocean ridges , and which make up the entire oceanic crust.


Cycles of freezing and thawing caused an ice ridge to build up.

My fingers traced the ridges and folds of his hand.

The sun disappeared behind the ridge .

They came out onto a sand ridge that curved away toward the rocks.


A helicopter shot across the ridges overhead and disappeared into the adjoining canyon.

Dove would not move his eyes off the ridge of white wash.

From the ridge , the light seemed to cover all the slope below, drowsy and still.

He lives in that house that Daddy designed, up on the ridge , on Jellison Road.

Over to the right is rough dune land, a big area before you top a ridge of shingle.

Rotting guavas and fruit flies that hover around them are also prevalent on the ridge route.

Stephen looked down at the ridge of grass along the centre of the track where the cart wheels had not pressed.

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