Meaning of RULING in English


I. noun


a court ruling (= an official decision )

The company appealed against the court ruling.

reverse a decision/ruling

The Supreme Court reversed the decision.

ruling elite

a struggle for power within the ruling elite

the ruling class (= the people in power )

For a long time, French was the language of the ruling class.

the ruling party (= the party in power )

The ruling party’s level of support grew throughout the year.

the ruling/governing coalition

The March elections may weaken the ruling coalition.




But one of two new rulings deemed experimental for one season, is dividing the rugby world.

The Service can, and has, offset certain undesirable Commission-inspired legislation with new rulings of its own.

However, the new ruling will be relevant only when the court is satisfied that the law is ambiguous or obscure.

The wooden stemming rod was clearly safer, yet in every mining district there were those who disregarded the new rulings .


Democrats in Congress are determined to reverse the Supreme Court's recent anti-affirmative-action rulings .

Cost of take-over battles to soar A RECENT ruling by Customs and Excise could add millions to the costs of company takeovers.



A court ruling had, however, found that the results of the referendums could not be implemented without further legal investigation.

The initiative passed by a wide margin, but initial court rulings have enjoined its enforcement.

Mr Bush continues to oppose him, encouraged by this week's court rulings in his favour.



The Bank has not given a formal ruling on this method of presentation from a capital adequacy perspective.

Please could you give a ruling .

I have already given my ruling on that and said exactly what the hon. Member should do about it.

Rather the court gave an authoritative ruling on how the statutory definition applies in the case of a motor vehicle.

After any other party has been heard the judge should give his formal ruling .

Customs will probably refuse to give an advance ruling on a mere prospective transaction.

Our courts have not yet been forced to give a direct ruling on this matter.


He has issued a religious ruling sanctioning the exchange of parts of the Biblical homeland for the chance of peace and security.

In the past two terms, the court has issued conservative 5-4 rulings on affirmative action, voting rights and school desegregation.


The courts have made several rulings against the Mugabe government.

The department plans to make rulings by the end of this year.

Following the formal request for a special prosecutor, Attorney General William Barr had up to 30 days to make a preliminary ruling .


hand down a decision/ruling/sentence etc

Just a few months earlier, the Supreme Court had handed down a decision inviting states to pass abortion restrictions.

She is expected soon to hand down a ruling.

The commission will seek to arbitrate a resolution before handing down a decision in late summer.

stay an order/ruling/execution etc

Rivals got a stay order from the courts, though after a backroom deal in mid-March the government got its way.


Case law has shown that court rulings on these kind of scenarios have resulted in arbitrary decisions.

I have already given my ruling on that and said exactly what the hon. Member should do about it.

I have no wish to question your ruling .

On Tuesday, Hastings will decide whether to adopt procedural rulings made by the Sonoma County judge.

The ruling requires that driftnet fishing be reduced by half by July this year, and cease altogether by December.

The first collection of Innocent's own decretals, or legal rulings, was that by Rainer of Pomposa.

II. adjective




As leader for nine years, he had an automatic place on the ruling body .

There are 4 major ruling bodies running judo.

But in a surprise move Short and Kasparov snubbed the ruling body and rejected the offer.

The historical hostility to commercialism among the ruling bodies of sport is indisputable.

The game's ruling body , the International Board, are monitoring the situation on a regular basis.

Governor Chris Patten plans to boost voters' rights to make most of the colony's ruling body elected by 1995.

A fee was paid to the ruling body and in the early years these were very low indeed.


He argues that capitalist societies remain polarized between two main classes: the ruling class and the working class.

Nor should the bureaucratization of society as a whole be confused with the emergence of the bureaucracy as a ruling class .

Where there is such a controlling stratum it must become socially and politically dominant and therefore a ruling class .

How the bureaucracy relates to the ruling class is more than a matter of origins.

Therefore the dominance of the ruling class in the relations of production will be reflected in the superstructure.

Some members of the ruling class have transferred property to relatives and friends to avoid death duties.

It is not a theory of history but a product of history designed to serve the purposes of the ruling class .

Westergaard and Resler put forward a conventional Marxist view of the ruling class .


On Dec. 29 Eitan's right-wing nationalist Tsomet Party formally withdrew from the ruling coalition .

But Conservatives in the ruling coalition dislike the idea because they fear losses at the polls next year to the far-right Republicans.

Rehavam Ze'evi, Minister without Portfolio, threatened to withdraw his small Moledet party from the ruling coalition .

The extension was unsuccessfully opposed in parliament by deputies both to the left and right of the ruling coalition .

The ruling coalition in Parliament in 1978 was opposed to the reform.


After his speech the night before in the Academy, Brown had become an extremely unpopular figure amongst the ruling elite .

Have they become a ruling elite or even a new ruling class?

He had travelled across the city from the suburbs to the apartments of the ruling elite .


Social mobility and elite circulation might increase, and the ruling group might become more heterogeneous, but government must remain oligarchic.

This was exacerbated by the instability and personal feuding which characterized the new ruling group .

One example can be found in the response of ruling groups and elites to the student movement of the 1960s.


Following the coup the ruling junta made few changes to economic policy.


Her arrest was attributed to her village leader's opposition to the state ruling party .

In these circumstances, what ruling party would stand a chance?

In July he saw his party make history when it won the first governorship conceded by the ruling party in 60 years.


The ruling party is confident of winning the election.

the ruling party

The crisis sparked after the ruling party rushed through revisions of the labor and national security laws in a semi-secret parliamentary session.

the struggle between the workers and the ruling classes


Ruling class power Westergaard and Resler argue that the maintenance of inequalities of wealth is due to the power of the ruling class.

A single ruling class will still emerge, but a plurality of interests can make themselves felt within it.

In July he saw his party make history when it won the first governorship conceded by the ruling party in 60 years.

On Dec. 29 Eitan's right-wing nationalist Tsomet Party formally withdrew from the ruling coalition.

Read the extract on p. 16 concerning the ruling class.

This may result in conflict between the ruling minority and the rest of society.

Those in favour included both the ruling New Democracy and the opposition socialist Pasok.

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