Meaning of SCAFFOLDING in English




An early start is being made, in fact scaffolding is going up already.

Each step you take provides scaffolding which will enable you to build the essay a little further.

Forays had been made at night; scaffolding had been torn down and a few workers employed in building Carewscourt had been killed.

If necessary climb the scaffolding yourself to get the lights right.

Refurbished on a budget of £20, the shop is kitted out with old tyres, corrugated iron and scaffolding .

Scaffold stolen: Aluminium scaffolding worth more than £1,000 has been stolen from outside Evenwood Community Centre.

The scaffolding , explains Miss Edwards in her book, was improvised from spars and oars.

You can see the scaffolding and the temporary roof well enough I should hope.

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