Meaning of SCAFFOLDING in English


-diŋ, -dēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from scaffold (I) + -ing


a. : a system of scaffolds

go up ladders and walk about scaffoldings — J.D.Beresford

erected the steel scaffolding to support the roof forms — Civil Engineering

b. : materials for scaffolds


[from gerund of scaffold (II) ]

a. : the construction of scaffolds


(1) : the formation of a scaffold in the smelting of ores

(2) : scaffold 2


a. : a framework serving as a supporting structure, base, or outline for something (as a literary work or a part of an organism)

use of the epic as a scaffolding for his stories — Robert Halsband

comprehending the naked scaffolding of an idea rather than its architectural fulfillment — H.V.Gregory

cartilaginous skeleton serves as a temporary scaffolding for a skeleton of much harder material — Norbert Wiener

b. : evidence or explanatory matter tending to confirm, validate, or bolster something (as an argument)

book … a little overequipped with the scaffolding of research — H.J.Laski

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