Meaning of SENTIMENT in English






Surely now national sentiment demanded that he return to Baghdad and await big bombs dispatched by white-gloved Westerners.

Nowadays such national sentiments are also defended by those who place themselves within the traditions of liberalism.


According to Western reports, officials in Xinjiang had acknowledged the impact of rising nationalist sentiment across the border in the Soviet Union.

Many observers are worried that a resurgent interest in local cultures must inevitably lead to xenophobia and ultra-\#nationalist sentiment .

Transnational links were shattered by closing frontiers and the tide of nationalist sentiment sweeping through society.


Though, as we discuss below, this provision has been modified, the nationalistic sentiment was clearly registered by prospective buyers.


In effect, the proposals discussed above take no account at all of popular sentiment .

That was the message that the two businessmen carried to other neighboring communities. Popular sentiment was on their side.

The real problem with assessing popular sentiment over the 1790s is the interplay of contradictory forces shifting it between radicalism and loyalism.

Though they were breaking the law, the popular sentiment was such that they were seldom prosecuted.

In his biographical criticism this took the form of showing how popular sentiment acting on suggestible minds simplified people into myths.


But analysts said politics and public sentiment almost certainly played key roles.

It is imperative that courts decide cases based solely on the evidence and never on public sentiment , however strong.

Are there more representative ways in which public sentiments regarding governmental action may be expressed? 2.

A massive change of public sentiment is always overdetermined.

Yet in the years before 1938 Eden was obviously closer than his critics to public sentiment .

Rojas did not attend the meeting, which was the first of four sessions held to gauge public sentiment .

BIn this saga of judicial wrangling, the government misread public sentiment .

Clearly miscalculating public sentiment as well as underestimating his rival, in 1999 Netanyahu adopted the same strategy.


The anticlerical feeling was not incompatible with a very active religious sentiment .

In the very next county, he alleged, five or six well-meaning men were suffering for having published mild religious sentiments .

Why is Feuerbach suspicious of religious ideas and sentiments ?


And I could turn out imitative verse which expressed similar sentiments .

Ruskin, too, had similar sentiments about Lasinio.

Ray Cochrane has expressed similar sentiments .



The record price caused a revolution in market sentiment .

Figures showing a fall last month in official reserves did not dent market sentiment .

During the first week in March, market sentiment was anticipating a cut in base rates.

Moreover, stock market sentiment is still flowing strongly against techs.

They may also arrange sub-underwriting of any cash underwritten alternative and provide valuable feedback on market sentiments regarding the offer.



I agreed with his sentiment , of course.

Mr. Hughes I am not sure that I can agree with the last sentiment that my hon. Friend expressed.

P White I agree with all those sentiments , especially the one about Bailie.

Robertson found himself agreeing with its sentiments .

Those who saw Fred play will fully agree with those sentiments .


Forgive me if I share them with you, in the hope that they may echo your own sentiments .

He was echoing the sentiments of almost every one of his coworkers.

Furthermore, what the men express echoes the sentiments of soldiers in wars throughout history.

Ann Lewis, spokesperson for the Clinton reelection campaign echoes that sentiment for the Democratic side.


Andreeva's letter had echoed such sentiments: indeed it had gone further and was completely incompatible with the principles of restructuring.

Four months later, Cornish echoed the sentiment in a letter to Stewart.


And I could turn out imitative verse which expressed similar sentiments .

He sent this humorous little roofer to express his sentiments .

Ray Cochrane has expressed similar sentiments .

Furthermore, what the men express echoes the sentiments of soldiers in wars throughout history.

This is a family peculiarity-a reticence in expressing sentiment or deep feeling.

Yet, they were expressing the sentiment of every Koreanthat this division was unnatural.


I know that, in saying that, I reflect the sentiments of all hon. Members.


Though his language is softer, Sweeney shares these sentiments .

President Wahid did not share these sentiments .

That Liza did not appear to share these sentiments was something which Harriet grieved over and found hard to accept.

She did not share his sentiments .


There is evidence, from a variety of sources, that ordinary people voicing anti-black sentiments typically deny their own prejudices.


He was overwhelmed by sentiment as he thought of his wife.

Most people were outraged by the bombing, and their letters of sympathy reflected this sentiment .

Several meetings were held to determine what public sentiment was on the issue.

The speeches were full of nationalist sentiments.

Those are fine sentiments, boy, but they're only going to cause you trouble.


He could afford his lofty sentiment .

He makes no record of his own sentiments at this point; nor of what he said in reply.

The characters have a heightened and highly emotional response to events, actions and sentiments.

These sentiments remained with him until the morning light came shining through the windows.

They could have done without De Gaulle's sentiment .

This was a sentiment roundly endorsed by all present.

Yet in the face of this particular story such sentiments can seem like pious claptrap.

Your sentiments have been echoed in the faculty chambers along with many others.

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