Meaning of SIGNIFICANT in English




a considerable/substantial/significant number (= quite a large number )

He received a substantial number of votes.

A considerable number of students left after the first year.

a major/significant expansion (= large and important )

The company is planning a major expansion of its retail outlets.

a major/significant impact (= important )

The war had a major impact on French domestic politics.

a major/significant landmark (= an important one )

From Parliament Hill, you can see most of London's major landmarks.

a significant correlation

There is no significant correlation between age and work performance.

a significant feature (= one that has an important effect )

Bad weather was a significant feature in the accident.

a significant incentive

The high financial rewards provide a significant incentive.

a significant minority (= a large and fairly important minority )

A significant minority of older people have difficulty in caring for themselves.

a significant reduction (= large and noticeable )

There has been a significant reduction in traffic since the bypass was built.

a significant role

Technology is already playing a significant role in classroom teaching.

a significant/important breakthrough

Another very significant breakthrough has been made by Dr David Peacock.

a significant/important contribution

All of you can make a significant contribution to the organization.

a significant/marked shift (= big and noticeable )

There has been a significant shift in government policy on education.

a significant/substantial concession

Israel refused to give up Sinai without some significant concession on Egypt's part.

a significant/substantial/considerable improvement (= quite big )

There has been a considerable improvement in trading conditions.

a strong/significant relationship

Studies show a significant relationship between smoking and heart disease.

an important/significant aspect

A person’s nationality is an important aspect of their identity.

an important/significant event

It’s natural to be nervous before such an important event.

an important/significant exception

The treaty was ratified by all the EU member countries, with one significant exception, Britain.

an important/significant/crucial difference

A study of the two groups of students showed a significant difference.

an important/significant/major influence

Parents have an important influence on children's development.

He was a major influence on my musical tastes.

great/serious/significant harm

If you drink too much alcohol, you can do yourself serious harm.

impressive/significant/great etc accomplishment

Cutting the budget was an impressive accomplishment.

serious/significant erosion

The demonstrators were protesting about the serious erosion of individual freedoms.

significant erosion (= quite severe )

This system of cultivation leads to significant erosion of the subsoil.

significant figure

significant other


The change in blood pressure was not significant.

significant (= very important )

This bonus constitutes a significant portion of their total income.


We get a significant percentage of our oil from Nigeria and Angola.

significant/marked (= definite and noticeable )

Over the last few years, there has been a marked increase in tourism to developing countries.

significant/real progress

Significant progress has been made in reducing nuclear weapons.

significant/substantial/marked (= quite big )

Global warming could have a significant effect on agriculture in many parts of the world.


Manufacturers claimed the increase would mean a substantial rise in costs.

Wealthy Americans face a significant rise in their income tax rate.

to a considerable/significant extent (= a considerable or significant amount )

The affair affected his popularity to a considerable extent.




The survey is perhaps also significant for the total absence of any importance being placed on welfare law work.

The other recent cases were also significant .

It's also significant that there is no place in the Top Twenty for clothes, religion or politics.

It is silly to exaggerate differences when the similarities are also significant .

Within these continuities, the individual variety is also significant .

Time Out is also significant for Cadbury as a mainstream snack product.

Yet there were also significant differences.

When we turn to the theatre the question of scale is also significant .


The differences are as significant as the similarities.

This gradual process was in its way just as significant as the more dramatic annexations of former Angevin territories.

Omissions from the Bill are perhaps as significant as its contents.

The scope of their kinship networks is smaller, but just as significant because they provide help in times of hardship.

Some of these, for example the popular fronts in the republics, established themselves as significant features of the political scene.

Paper rounds in particular were seen as significant in these respects.

In other words, organisational processes are as significant as organisational tasks and the one should inform the other.

And will advertising play as significant a part in the 1992 election campaign as in 1979, 1983 or 1987?


The number is highly significant in all esoteric teachings.

Because most of the data in this world is inexact, this characteristic becomes highly significant .

It was a highly significant one.

Those who later gave birth to sons averaged 2. 26, a highly significant difference.

These were highly significant proposals and meant a radical change in the nature of community care in the United Kingdom.

Group action may however be highly significant .

Basil Rocke played a highly significant role in the beginning of this transformation of the ethos of the classroom.

The growth of the library supplier has been a highly significant development of the past 20 years.


The same was certainly true of me, although my role was clearly less significant .

In Morita therapy, feelings are considered less significant than will.

Its rejection is less significant than its proposal.

Its commercial and industrial wealth was less significant .

However, less significant defects are often readily identified.

Technique errors were less significant contributors to measurement inaccuracies. 7.

Other new appointments made in response to the changing balance in international relations between economic and political considerations were less significant .

This does not make the attitudinal data any less significant .


Perhaps more significant are the events in the remaining and short history of the Rochdale Co-operative Manufacturing Society.

Much more significant is the expansion of pluralism beyond the traditions of the JudeoChristian faith.

But that day Philip gained something more significant than temporary control of a couple of lordships.

But far more significant is the up-turn in the world market.

Coming out of the closet is more significant to white lesbians.

As with nearly all financial data, changes in the ratios may be more significant than their absolute values.

Every time Ralph saw Old Chao, he seemed to be orbiting the halls over his ever more significant findings.


Britain's most significant land battle in the Seven Years War, at Minden in 1759, had involved 4,400 infantry.

This final and most significant level of metaphor is best seen in relation to the pond.

In the end there is nothing external to the broadest and most significant institutions.

Are most significant social changes directly attributable to violence?

For present purposes we may turn directly to societies in which the most significant relations were already vertically structured.

Florida could experience some of the most significant changes under the law, experts say.

The four most significant findings of the research were: 1.

One of the most significant areas covered by the Act is the conduct of interrogations by the police.


This is particularly significant in the case of weak overlaps.

That constant barrage of noise is particularly significant .

This is particularly significant in the definition and subsequent management of the same record stored on several different media.

In itself this is not a particularly distinctive or particularly significant feature.

Age is particularly significant for women psychologists.

Although there are minor divisions of interest between these three groups, Scott does not regard the divisions as particularly significant .

The growth in curriculum-related roles is particularly significant .

Such tensions may be particularly significant in the adolescent peer group.


Whether these figures are statistically significant is doubtful.

This relationship, while statistically significant , was not strong.

In 66 cases there was a statistically significant effect which could not be explained by any other means.

Walker found that there was no statistically significant difference between the degree results of these two groups.

Infections appeared to occur more commonly in the cyclosporin group, although the difference was not statistically significant .

A difference with a p value of less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant .

So far the figures show a variation that is not statistically significant .

We chose a p value of 0.01 and judged results greater than this as not statistically significant .


The proximity, both geographically and chronologically, of such similar structural arrangements is, clearly, very significant .

Differences of three or six ounces divided among twelve units are not very significant .

Yet the seventies saw a very significant decline in long-term debenture financing.

The amount of volunteering required for major international events can be very significant .

We consider the Prime Minister's visit very significant ...

There are a multitude of other very significant changes on specific matters relating to monopolies and styles of practice.

Raising additional funds on this narrow tax base will mean very significant increases in the tax.

There are still, however, very significant economic inequalities between different areas.



In financial terms, the income of the unemployed drops, usually by a significant amount .

Although anorthosite and basalt are the dominant rocks on the Moon, significant amounts of several other related rock types occur.

The presence of significant amounts of haemoglobin F has a protective effect against sickling and such individuals express relatively mild disease.

Obviously, such a drastic revision created a significant amount of tension at the plant.

To win a significant amount of new business would require a big cultural change at the company.

Even after prolonged secondary hyperaldosteronism, human sweat still contains significant amounts of sodium.

Pumps in the backpack circulated water round the pipes without loosing significant amounts .

But the crews of high-altitude aircraft, especially on polar routes, can receive significant amounts of radiation over time.


There is no significant change in leukaemia rates in the two periods.

For once the theater is secured, it is for ever protected from demolition or significant changes to its historic character.

Recent reforms could bring about significant changes in the organisation of the National Health Service and in the delivery of care.

Florida could experience some of the most significant changes under the law, experts say.

There are equally significant changes implied in the role of general managers.

That will involve significant change from the separation, suspicion, and even outright confrontation that have existed for decades.

Over the next fifty years, a significant change in policy took place.

And the Williams piece underwent some significant changes .


It was decided to have two selectors who have made significant contributions to contemporary art; one artist and one critic.

With children we can also discuss women passed over in history and literature who have made significant contributions .

It should be observed that the most significant contribution to compensation for injured workmen has been through insurance rather than the tort system.

I appreciate your confidence and I believe that I could make a significant contribution to your organization.

Clearly not all teachers are in a position to make significant contributions to national debate.

This archive will make a significant contribution to a number of debates in social science which have so far lacked appropriate data.

In doing so it is intended to make a significant contribution to information for policymakers.

It has been shown to make a significant contribution to text recognition, and the results are described in Chapter Three.


His only significant correlation is between the level of communication and democratic performance.

There was also a relatively minor but significant correlation between the rate of known opioid use and townships' population size.

No significant correlations were apparent between creatinine clearance and either duration of mesalazine treatment or cumulative mesalazine dose.

The second important finding from this study is the significant correlation between faecal wet weight and stool fat.

There were no significant correlations between enzyme expression and Dukes's grade.

In medicine, as in other occupations, there is no significant correlation between age and work performance.


In the meantime a significant development took place.

It is considered one of the most significant developments in the fight against many brain disorders and diseases.

The growth of the library supplier has been a highly significant development of the past 20 years.

This is not to say that significant developments were lacking.

During the eighties, three significant developments occurred.

Two significant developments must be stressed.

But the really significant development lies elsewhere.


In all cases, probability values less than 0.05 were taken to indicate significant differences .

Pegged exchange rates are not viable when significant differences exist in national inflation rates.

Furthermore, no significant differences between treatments were found for recurrent ischaemia or non-fatal reinfarction.

Substantial improvement was documented at follow-up to 2 years in both groups, with no significant differences between groups over time.

There were no significant differences in any of these arrhythmias between the two groups.

However, there also are significant differences .

No significant differences in sphincter pressure were noted.

There were no significant differences in the prevalence of heartburn and regurgitation among the different degrees of endoscopic oesophagitis.


Similarly on the syntactic level, individual features are likely to have a less significant effect than features in combination.

But such economic considerations have had no significant effect on the way government-run launch vehicles are designed and operated.

The impact of family disruption may also have significant effects .

The food we eat has a significant effect upon our mental agility.

Though the patient's age had no significant effect on control, years since diagnosis did.

The key elements are instead discretion and significant effects .

The independently significant effects found at 16 weeks were maintained at 32 weeks.

But there may be single genes which in a very small number of people have a significant effect .


At the time it was genuinely believed that he was a significant factor in the unsatisfactory World Cup performance.

Instead, the Packers are thriving, proving once more that sound management is the most significant factor in sports.

But for many old people, being without children is a significant factor in loneliness and isolation.

In the ideal-type command economy, the state assumes total control of virtually all the significant factors of production.

He distinguished between the 1960s and the 1970s, arguing that the balance of significant factors had shifted between the two periods.

Here the significant factor may have been bureaucrats' tendency to rank personal pleasure above the public interest.

Timing was also a significant factor in the production of this interim report.

Size of establishment is a significant factor , for various reasons.


A falling savings ratio and rapidly rising consumer expenditure were certainly significant features of the second half of the 1980s.

In itself this is not a particularly distinctive or particularly significant feature .

There we shall look at the functions and services supplied by each and at the significant features of their balance sheets.

It may well have significant features of more than one language.

One can, then, only obtain approximations to the height of the significant features .

Some of these, for example the popular fronts in the republics, established themselves as significant features of the political scene.

A significant feature is that for many of these companies their overseas activities are more important than their domestic ones.

One of its most significant features is the choice of a gas turbine rather than internal combustion engine.


O'Leary and Deane both made very significant impacts .

The structure of taxes and transfer payments can have a significant impact upon the distribution of income.

This pragmatic movement in philosophy also had a significant impact on the social theory of the time.

These changes could have significant impact if prosecutions were brought and convictions achieved.

The case produced a significant impact at the time, and has been restrictively construed.

Last week two men who might have had a significant impact on the issue bowed out.

The Ford talks are expected to have a significant impact on pay talks throughout manufacturing industry in the next six months.


This shows that there was significant improvement in pointing after adaptation.

This restructuring legislation does make some significant improvements in tax administration.

That produced greater commitment, which in turn produced significant improvement in every organizational element.

The Government have made significant improvements in that regard.

It may show a significant improvement in which case you can conclude the child is learning.

Modest but significant improvements were made in farming equipment.

Had we been allowed to continue I believe we would have made a significant improvement to the path.


So far, such encouragement has seen a small but significant increase in the numbers of acrylic courts being laid.

As a result of its total quality management program, a manufacturing firm we worked with experienced a significant increase in business.

There was a significant increase in accuracy after adaptation in both cases; this causes a contradiction.

Sears Roebuck bucked the largely bleak holiday sales trend, reporting significant increases in apparel sales.

Business Studies continued to show the largest demand with very significant increases recorded in Marketing and Public Relations.

Table 3 and Table 4 both show that there is a significant increase in reaction time as the levels of processing increase.

The area farmed has remained much the same but there has been a significant increase in farm size.

There was, however, a slightly significant increase in right field advantage.


Only in the rapidly declining Liberal party did the radicals have any significant influence on policy.

Even with stringent controls for partisanship and ideology, multiple regression analyses show that the press had a significant influence on preferences.

In addition, government policies on taxation and welfare benefits will have a significant influence .

To this principle many exceptions are recognized and it can not be said to have had a significant influence on constitutional practice.

Household size, marital status, and ethnicity all failed to show a significant influence in the participation model.

The hovering presence of Ford and General Motors remained the most significant influence .

In our series the histological differentiation grade of the tumour had no significant influence on survival.

Pragmatic instrumentalist thought would appear to have had a significant influence on the general intellectual milieu in which Jennings and Robson worked.


Disability and age While the vast majority of older people are able to live independently, significant minorities experience considerable difficulties.

Even if you had different views, you felt you should not impose those views on a significant minority .

However, there are a significant minority of male carers who must not be excluded.

However, there was a significant minority of floating voters: on average about 20 percent of the electorate.

A significant minority - 21 percent - think it is not very important for staff to receive their own personal copy.

Increasing Skills Schools fail a significant minority of children.

For a significant minority , Marxism remained a callous and abstract scheme.


Liberal Democrat Peter Bergg could pick up a significant number of protest votes which will boost his party's previous showing.

Their letter said that only the State Department had declassified a significant number of documents.

Korda lacked the resources to lure away a significant number of Rank's key directors.

In a significant number of marriages, it may be the husband.

Within a few years the movies had added a significant number of other social groups to its audience.

Around 1200, for reasons unknown, significant numbers of Hohokam across the basin relocated outside this valley.

There were significant numbers of one-parent, female-headed families in this period.

And neither, by the way, are a significant number of viewers, although they may not share my rationale.


In recent times, anthropologists have noted that Inuit had almost universally perfect eyesight until significant numbers of them became literate.

Religious feminism and antislavery issues began to fuse when significant numbers of women in each cause blended them.

Around 1200, for reasons unknown, significant numbers of Hohokam across the basin relocated outside this valley.

Neither are there significant numbers of workstations in active use in schools.

But even schools that have admitted significant numbers of nontraditional students often retain the feel of elite institutions.

There were significant numbers of one-parent, female-headed families in this period.

There is no evidence that large systems would divert significant numbers of travelers from their cars.


The Cathedral in Hong Kong was a significant part of our life in the colony.

Since November, budget battles and now snow have closed significant parts of the federal government for a total of 31 days.

As a business executive, your notice entitlement is an immensely significant part of your overall job rights.

And helping is a very significant part of the vision.

Early childhood is also a time when drama, dance and music have a significant part to pay.

Frozen calf embryos have since played a significant part in agriculture and even in conservation.

Text of the kind exemplified makes up a significant part of what children in primary school are expected to read.

It now forms a significant part of the country's output.


Certain villages were strongholds of cattle thieves and their residents derived a significant portion of their incomes from the cattle trade.

That represented a significant portion of the $ 11. 95 million net worth he reported at the time.

Bones are counted as complete if they include significant portions of all three segments.

That could lead to losses of a significant portion of the 100, 000 tons of city-generated waste handled by county landfills.

Improving Computational Models A significant portion of neural network research centers on the improvement of computational models.


But policing also remains a significant problem .

And in retail, upstarts like K-Mart and Wal-Mart were causing significant problems for Sears.

First, it caused the groups some significant problems .

The reason for this is that any deterioration in performance will represent a significant problem .

There are significant problems and risks associated with countertrade.

People handle these inconsistencies fairly well, but a rigid rule-based system might encounter significant problems .

But an equally significant problem may well be the behaviour of the personal sector - people.

The most significant problem or challenge is the permitting process, according to 40 percent of those responding.


At the close of the round no significant progress had been achieved.

Virtually everyone in the class had made significant progress in some form of expression.

Alongside the clinical concerns there has been significant progress in our understanding of the molecular genetics.

The company had made significant progress .

This made significant progress on the design difficult as the demands on the capsule varied depending on the technique used.

Both parties have made significant progress .


They also do receive a significant proportion of their income from the sale of goods and services rather than from taxes.

Political cultures to refer to those in which there are significant proportions of both the simpler and more complex patterns of orientations.

A significant proportion of these younger interviewees, both male and female, simply ignored the knowledge beginning to accumulate.

But whether a significant proportion actually behave like Yuppies is another matter.

Nevertheless, it would seem that this was not considered to be a significant proportion .

So ended the reign of the first black sporting symbol of significant proportions .

A significant proportion of the population is sensitive to milk; our obsession with this unnatural substance causes widespread ill-health.

A significant proportion of the dolphin's brain is thought to be used in processing the information produced by the echolocation system.


There was no significant reduction in deaths from myocardial infarction.

The recently published Medical Research Council trial showed a reduction in strokes but no significant reduction in coronary events.

As expected, shadowing did result in a significant reduction in right field advantage for the verbal task.

So I would guess that the next decade will see a significant reduction .

There is a significant reduction in memory requirements gained from the use of this technique.

Along with this there was a significant reduction in circulating platelet aggregates.

If your car is suitable, or has been adjusted to unleaded, you will notice no significant reduction in performance.

These simple changes will make a significant reduction in the fat content of your diet.


But it can be argued that marketing has a significant role within any social work agency.

These factors play a significant role in determining how long it will take to train a network.

Moreover, expedition companies, individuals and host countries must play a more significant role in combating this problem.

Noise and danger resulting from too many vehicles has played a significant role in making inner cities unpleasant places to be.

They will retain a significant role through the party machinery in policy formation.

These particular fatty acids can play a significant role in preventing heart disease and clogged up arteries.

In this our many friends and members continue to play a significant role .

In particular, we will neglect audiotex and fax-based publishing altogether since neither look like having a significant role in multimedia applications.


A significant number of drivers still refuse to wear seat belts.

There has been a significant change in the tone of the media's coverage.

They exchanged significant glances.

Volunteer tutoring programs can have a significant impact on student achievement.


But at labs that draw business from artists, the proportion of work involving nudity can be significant .

Corporate leaders were planning to close it unless they could get significant wage concessions from the workers.

Perhaps more significant are the events in the remaining and short history of the Rochdale Co-operative Manufacturing Society.

She wanted to come across as the only significant person in Jett's life.

The Mason-Dixon poll shows a significant gender gap for Dole.

The most significant of these may be the use of helium-3 in spacecraft propulsion, in a fusion rocket.

These were far more significant than any item projected in the development plans.

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