Meaning of SIGNIFICANT in English


I. -kənt adjective

Etymology: Latin significant-, significans, present participle of significare to signify — more at signify

1. : having meaning ; especially : full of import : suggestive , expressive

the painter's task to pick out the significant details — Herbert Read

significant anecdote


a. : suggesting or containing some concealed, disguised, or special meaning : standing as a sign or token

perhaps her glance was significant

b. : indicative

his actions were more significant of his real purpose than were his words


a. : having or likely to have influence or effect : deserving to be considered : important , weighty , notable

even though the individual results may seem small, the total of them is significant — F.D.Roosevelt

b. : characterized by conveyance of an idea, thought, or feeling

transform what would otherwise be meaningless juxtapositions or sequences of sensations into significant entities — Vernon Lee

c. : probably caused by something other than mere chance

significant decrease in average yearly growth

statistically significant correlation between vitamin deficiency and disease

d. : characteristic and essential to the determination of some larger element of a language : distinctive

a significant grammatical form

every language … moves within a clearly definable range of significant speech sounds — R.A.Hall b.1911

the difference between the initial sounds of keel and cool is not significant in English

Synonyms: see expressive

II. noun

( -s )

: something that has or conveys significance : sign , token , symbol

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