Meaning of SITUATION in English



a crisis situation

Emergency powers were needed to deal with the crisis situation.

a situation comedy (= a regular comedy TV programme about the same characters )

She starred in a situation comedy about a family with teenage kids, that ran for ten years.

a win-win situation

It’s a win-win situation all around.

aggravate the situation

Building the new road will only aggravate the situation .

alleviate the problem/situation/suffering etc

a new medicine to alleviate the symptoms of flu

an emergency situation

If an emergency situation arises, the pilot and crew must stay calm.

Catch-22 situation

It’s a Catch-22 situation – without experience you can’t get a job and without a job you can’t get experience.

compromising position/situation

The doctor was found in a compromising position with a nurse having sex with her .

deal with a situation

For a while I had no idea how to deal with the situation.

defuse a situation/crisis/row etc

Beth’s quiet voice helped to defuse the situation.

discuss the situation

They held a three-hour meeting to discuss the situation.

embarrassing situation

an embarrassing situation

fraught situation

a fraught situation

hypothetical situation/example/question

Brennan brought up a hypothetical case to make his point.

no-win situation

If my child is sick and I leave work, I’m a bad employee. If I don’t, I’m a bad mother. It’s a no-win situation .

present situation

the present situation of the millions of people who are suffering poverty and disease

redress the situation

Little could be done to redress the situation .

resolve a problem/crisis/situation

Action is being taken to resolve the problem.

situation comedy

situations vacant British English (= the part of a newspaper where jobs are advertised )

tense situation/atmosphere/moment etc

Marion spoke, eager to break the tense silence.




Students desperate to leave home may find themselves in a worse situation than the one they left.

We put ourselves in bad situations .

The reader's conception of the text in this case is the worst possible communicative situation .

In my own school, there was another bad situation in a Fourth Grade class across the stair landing.

Denying schooling, however, would just make a bad situation worse.

The worst situation was amidships, by the base of the mainmast.


His current situation would appear quite idyllic once the newspapers hit the doorsteps in the morning.

One way this is done is to project the internal situation into current real situations when they symbolise the internal situation.

And they believe that what makes the current situation precarious is the continuing uncertainty over the outlook for sterling.

Students huddle round a professor of politics who gives an analysis of the current situation .

There are several reasons for the current situation .

First, how firmly do young children believe that the current situation dictates the way you feel?

At the same time they also exploited the current political situation for their own ends.

It is important, however, to distinguish between the current situation and what the future holds.


During my stay in her country we were always together, and she saved me from many dangerous situations .

What you see is a dangerous situation which could turn into a threat.

He had naïvely stumbled into the middle of a very complicated and dangerous situation .

Nevertheless, there were times when he shocked me by his willingness to jump into dangerous situations .

I sobbed with fright, even as I addressed the one and only question which confronted me in such a dangerous situation .

This, it was recognized, constituted a potentially dangerous situation , but what else could the Romans do?

There's a move to slow them down, but the hauliers say it could lead to a very dangerous situation .

This is indeed the most dangerous situation of all.


If you are not confident in speaking in a range of different situations then you need practice.

The gait may be histrionic with the degree of dysfunction varying in different situations .

It is obvious that these are very different situations in which different issues and problems arise.

As symbols, they may have different meanings for different people in different situations .

Different individuals project different internal situations into the shared real situation and experience these somewhat differently.

It is a package of capabilities, which are accessed variously in different project-based situations .

Reactions here vary according to different situations .

Videotronic has been proven worldwide Videotronic machines are to be found worldwide in a variety of different situations .


In response to the difficult situation schools find themselves in, a critical and forward-looking approach to curriculum renewal was developed.

He handled a difficult situation with professionalism and is a big reason the Bulls are dominant.

The more senior nurse can also support the junior in difficult situations because of her own recent experience.

In Toxic Work, I will help you explore ways to create positive change from difficult and challenging situations .

One measure of the difficult situation which has ensued has been the number of farmers killed over the last decade.

The application of the matrix model for projects with a high degree of novelty, creates a difficult planning situation .

That way, he can eventually learn to prepare himself for difficult or challenging situations .


Western delegations had visited the Soviet Union during September to research the economic situation .

Although independent, therefore, the country remains in a typically colonial economic situation , dangerously dependent on fluctuations in world markets.

The fifth plenum announced austerity measures to tackle the worsening economic situation and called for stronger party leadership and unity.

Surely we each agree that fallow or underused land is of no help to the economic situation .

The first is the world economic situation , which hits him in two ways.

Experience has shown that the latter can not sustain liberal democracy in the context of their weak economic situations .

None the less he feels' the poor economic situation has really speeded up the move towards more openness.

Owing to the difficult political and economic situation faced by ex-USSR nations, such outbreaks may occur again.


Mr Davies, in his letter to staff, says the council is facing a serious financial situation .

What impact would it have on the financial situation of families?

Your financial situation can improve, but you may have to wait until next year before you are entirely out of the woods.

For a couple of years, the board kept quiet about our financial situation , hoping that it would get better.

Many students will not have to pay tuition fees if their financial situation is below a certain level.

Hashimoto said he would continue to provide information about the financial situation of the housing lenders.

The financial situation of the country is such that no budgetary proposals could have been guaranteed to rescue it.


He was almost unbelieving of his impossible situation but on principle he didn't allow himself to feel jealous.

The measure of his heart is how he deals with adversity and the way he overcomes a seemingly impossible situation .

Clearly, it would put the practitioner in an impossible situation .

As far as motion video, in particular, is concerned, the constraints of available technology force multimedia into a seemingly impossible situation .

It is not impossible that the situation is harder to tolerate in these households than in those with single carers.

The point is of course that the puzzle itself is false in setting up an impossible situation .

Not only a master, but a natural comedian, because he found humour in seemingly impossible situations .


Any consideration of topic involves asking why the speaker said what he said in a particular discourse situation .

Camus sets up a distance from his protagonist develop an existentialist understanding of reality in a concrete, particular situation .

Would you so react to the particular situation which confronts us now, if you were not applying the standard mechanically?

That depends on the facts of the particular situation .

Some such concept is required to explain why different individuals reach different solutions in diagnosing and providing remedies for particular situations .

Men learn to share facticity by being born into a particular cultural situation .

Beneath all these particular situations there are conflicting values which claim the law's attention.

It is a specific word for a particular situation .


There is considerable return migration except when the military-\#political situation in countries of origin makes this unfeasible.

Among contemporary political systems, situations like that in the imaginary system of Delta are widespread.

The joker in the pack is, of course, the political situation .

The scribes had their eyes on the lawcourts, on the current political situation , on tangible concerns capable of exact definition.

In this most settled and prosperous nation in history the political situation is almost permanently unstable.

Any hope of an improvement appeared unlikely in view of the reduction in the level of foreign investment caused by the unstable political situation .

The political situation in the country was dangerously fluid.


The maxims would serve only to guide him towards fuller awareness of the present situation .

Ismail told me sev-eral times that the present situation could not continue.

Besides, the card game reflected his present situation well.

Thus the present situation is confused.

But for many drivers using the road regularly the present situation is unacceptable.

Finally, research evidence, particularly longitudinal studies which relate children's present situations to future outcomes, will increasingly influence practice.

Such recall of information and application to the present situation may change our decision on how to act ....

Could it be worse than her present situation ? whispered a treacherous small voice.


For all you can tell, it is relevantly similar to situations in which you have made mistakes.

In a similar situation two weeks ago against Denver, Barry made the game-winner.

The effect is similar to a situation in which share prices rapidly increase - a bull market.

Before we do this exercise, let me tell you about a similar situation just two weeks ago.

Furthermore, women's risk of poverty was substantially higher than men's in similar situations .

How would you react if you were the boss or the employee in a similar situation ?

Different counsellors can use different methods in similar situations with equal success.

Like men in similar situations , the women stressed the feelings of stigma, shame and humiliation in claiming benefit.


The social situation of single-parents is one of stress.

In many research projects the researcher is simply concerned with the total number of cases being affected by some social problem situation .

I only took it in social situations .

They had done so by learning from experience, by solving problems, from social situations .

The idea that teachers can have a strategy emphasises the power of individuals to act in social situations .

She always knew what to do and what to say in any social situation .

Human beings experience emotions, control their actions and, as we saw with violence, define social situations .

And in the long run the friendships formed in these social situations can be a powerful force in decision making.



When disputes arose out of such situations , both parties might turn to royal justice.

There arose therefore an interesting situation .

If it is not rape to threaten a woman other than with immediate violence, questions will inevitably arise about other situations .

Those manoeuvres arise in a situation of unequal power.

A particular thorny dilemma arises should the caring situation present demands beyond the level of endurance.

Looking at it from the club's point of view I can see how this ban arose in a situation like this.

Unwanted pregnancies can arise from any different situations either by accident or in the event o rape.

It was clear that this polarized debate could have arisen in relation to all situations in which dementing people may find themselves.


Ballater was trying to assess the situation objectively.

The brigade commander was able to assess the situation and take proper courses of action.

The only way to decide is to assess the situation in each case in terms of the cat's quality of life.

The officers, Brown said, talk to the person to assess the situation .

London &038; Country Mortgages will assist over the phone and use a redemption penalty calculator to assess the situation .

I had shot off the handle before assessing the situation properly.

In fact it is just as misleading to ignore the packaging and expect some one to assess the new situation without any help.

You have to assess the situation in light of everybody who is out there.


Step 9 Be quite clear in your mind how your child must change in order for the situation to improve.

There was nothing I could do to change my situation .

Additions or deletions can change this situation .

This means that the best way to change this situation is to change your behavior.

Mere exhortations in syllabus documents will not change this situation .

In addition, a child who is aware of her anger is more likely to take assertive action to change her situation .

Such an unpleasant and unanticipated development radically changes the situation , and further and more profound explanations are clearly called for.

The superintendent used quid pro quo to change the work situation .


Import controls only make the situation worse and help create a siege economy situation.

Instead, he created a press situation .

You have still created a pressure situation .

They will need to be especially mindful of her motivations and create situations that are charged enough to capture her attention.

Obviously Edwin had not murdered Francis but he had created a situation in which violence was more likely.

Constantly he creates situations for which he can find no earthly solution and his characters encounter difficulties beyond their means to control.

Looking back, what might you have learnt if you had explored your own role in creating those situations ?

Singled him out and created a situation in an otherwise fairly workable arrangement.


He had no idea how to deal with the situation .

She sought then to deal with the situation quietly, but brought charges recently after the man she had accused was promoted.

How would you deal with this situation ?

In dealing with this immediate situation , your teammate has made a judgment that you can be dominated.

As ex-Servicemen, they had not only dealt with the situations I feared most, but also those I could not imagine.

Braun has dealt with difficult situations before.

Furthermore, the organizations set up to deal with these situations are slow to evolve their structures to cope with changing problems.

Specific proposals dealing with both situations are included below.


Negotiation could sometimes defuse these situations and produce more acceptable consequences for both parties.

I was trying to defuse a volatile situation .

An argument broke out in the crowded pub after some drink was knocked over and Mr Brown tried to defuse the situation .

Despite Fiat's efforts to defuse the situation by adopting an ethics code, its problems are not over yet.

Or do they bide their time and seek to defuse the situation by negotiations via a mediator?

The only thing she'd been trying to do was calm Guido down and defuse the situation .

He reckons that defuses the situation .


There are many new words to describe eternal responses and situations .

In a purely ecological sense, this wave pattern describes a situation that might be called suspended extinction.

Animacy is, however, only one of the factors which influences selection of a passive form to describe a particular situation .

Certainly it is clear from what Deborah describes that the situation is out of control.

Happy certainly doesn't appear to describe the situation in Oxford.

Lenin described such a situation as revolutionary.


Mr Davies, in his letter to staff, says the council is facing a serious financial situation .

When faced with similar situations in the future, why not give yourself prior warning by asking the following question?

Years of army training had taught him to be cautious when faced with an unknown situation .

None of these young States faced a simple situation .

Like all sheep farmers, Peter Capener in Staffordshire faced this situation ... until he installed two 3W infra-red heaters.

Normally a Federal Reserve faced with such a situation would tighten monetary policy.


Inevitably, the divorce had a bad effect on our relationship because I didn't know how to handle the situation .

How they think you should handle a situation .

The better way to handle the situation is to render the cats infertile without actually neutering them.

Such learning is not automatic. 13 Succeeding or failing to handle a situation did not tell the new managers much.

He has the ability to handle heated situations better than others.

They didn't have the power behind them to handle such situations .


What I am concerned about is that electricity privatisation will not lend itself to improving the situation .

You would think from the figures for deaths and illness from Western diseases that little was being done to improve the situation .

But there was little we could do to improve the situation .

Some companies are taking measures to improve this situation .

At a Jan. 21 appeals hearing before the full commission, five of the eight improved their situations .

What, then, can practitioners do to improve the situation ?

In virtually every case, treatment will improve the situation remarkably.


Perceptual skills by contrast are developments to do with the greater selectivity of information needed to monitor situations and guide actions.

That state sent an environmental official to Narragansett to monitor the situation .

Regular print outs to monitor the situation change in format and name in late August from P11s to P13s.

U.S. troops could be seen monitoring the situation through binoculars and counting the rebels.

Lord James promised to monitor the situation and to bring legislation forward if it were proved it was needed.

Thus she monitored many clients whose situation was felt to be unstable, and she negotiated widely for other services.

In the meantime, the Medicines Control Agency is closely monitoring the situation .

The regulators monitored the situation but never became involved.


Should not the Government act with similar urgency to remedy that situation ?

To remedy the situation , the water must be heavily chlorinated.

It appears that a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep can remedy the situation .

Two courses of action to remedy the situation are therefore being attempted.

Please could you look into this matter and see what can be done to remedy the situation .

Many tried and failed to introduce legislation to remedy the situation .

If your tap water is of doubtful quality then you must be prepared to remedy the situation or use rain water instead.

Companies in this situation have been quick to remedy the situation.


Take time to review the situation , taking all the factors into consideration.

He asks her please to hold off on any action until he can review the situation personally.

Fourth, to put mineral planning authorities under a duty to review the planning situation in respect of every mineral operation within their area.

A use-of-force committee was formed to review the situation .

Leaders of the five unions meet today to review the situation .

The Governing body will review the situation later in the year.

Wiping a slick of moisture from her brow, she reviewed the situation .

We agreed on two voyages from the Thames to Nantes and then we would review the situation .


a chicken and egg situation/problem etc

It's a chicken and egg situation really.

an either-or situation

retrieve a situation

reverse order/situation/process etc

At the bottom of the pile, in reverse order of its importance, was the letter from the bishop.

Cosmologists have supposed that the universe might go into reverse and run through with all its physical laws in reverse order.

In fact we have just suggested the reverse order of development.

The reverse process was used to install the launcher on pedestals at the pad.

The reverse process, therefore, is to consider what we owe to other people.

To take these points in reverse order, the initiation of the student into the rational life should occur in two directions.

Ultimately you are involved in a reverse process of what the historian H underwent while writing the book.

We discuss in reverse order these three ways that languages can have words that share sound and meaning.


Everyone knew how serious the situation was.

For most refugees, the situation is pretty hopeless.

I tried to explain the situation to my boss.

If you are ever in a situation where someone starts shooting, drop to the ground.

In the present situation , I don't think it would be a good idea to try to sell your house.

In your situation , I would have done exactly the same thing.

The economic situation in the US is getting better.

The news of more stock market losses could make the difficult economic situation worse.

The proper investment balance depends on each investor's situation .

What's the best way to deal with an embarrassing situation at work?

With no rain for six months, the situation in the region was becoming desperate.


As she well knows, hers is not a situation of personal failure.

But Sheila's situation does not lend itself to action.

I feel absolutely content with the situation .

I should have known that eventually some man would come along and take advantage of the situation .

In a situation humanly desperate, with the race line hardening, there is hope.

In Mesoamerica the social situation was quite different.

The guidelines also place obligations on the responding members in each of the above situations including content and timeliness of response.

This situation has enormous implications for all patients who require an extra contractual referral based on clinical need.

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