Meaning of SPRING in English

I. noun


a cat leaps/springs

Then the cat leapt up into the tree.

a spring tide (= a large rise and fall in the level of the sea, that happens when there is a new moon and when there is a full moon )

It must be a spring tide.

a spring/summer etc evening

On a summer evening, the streets are full of people.

a spring/summer/autumn/winter flower

The mountainsides were blanketed with spring flowers.

early spring/summer etc

These plants produce flowers from early spring to late summer.

hope springs eternal (= used to say that people will always hope for something )

It is unlikely these diets will work, but hope springs eternal.

hot spring

spring a surprise (on sb) (= give someone a surprise )

The chairman sprang a surprise this week by announcing his intention to quit.

spring break

spring chicken

spring fever

spring into existence (= suddenly start to exist )

After the invasion, a French resistance movement sprang into existence.

spring onion

spring roll

spring tide

spring training

spring water (= water that comes naturally out of the ground and has not been treated with any chemicals, usually sold in bottles )

I ordered a glass of spring water.

sprung a leak (= a hole had appeared in it )

The boat had sprung a leak .

swing/spring/leap into action (= suddenly start doing something )

The fire crew immediately swung into action.

the spring/summer/autumn term

Mrs Collins will be leaving us at the end of the summer term.

the spring/summer/autumn/winter sunshine

She was sitting in the garden, enjoying the spring sunshine.

the summer/autumn/winter/spring months

It's very cold here during the winter months.




This then inevitably means that by the early spring it is worth working the same ground a second time.

He hopes to unveil it by early spring .

In these species mating occurs in early spring and rapid breeding may be an adaptation to avoid predation.

Since early this spring , the president has aggressively dominated the political dialogue and controlled the campaign agenda.

Feeling desperate and willing to try anything, Kirsty finally came to see me one day in early spring .

I last saw them in the early spring while the snow was melting.

If it flowers after midsummer, leave it until the autumn or very early next spring .

We tour a lot in late winter and early spring , too, when sleet likes to put in an appearance.


If layered in August, the new plant should be ready to move by late autumn or the following spring .

The following spring the town of Niagara Falls was lit for the first time by electricity.

Transplant unused roots to borders the following spring , as both have attractive flowers.

A further operation began the following spring in order to find further sections of the fuselage which were still missing.

Loose oxygenators can be removed altogether, keeping back just a few rooted cuttings for the following spring .

The majority of these become arrested in the abomasum as EL4 and do not complete development until the following spring .

He departed after announcing that he would return for his answer with a larger squadron the following spring .

The round black seed germinated that autumn and the following spring the plants developed long, woody tubers.


The helium would seep up through fissures, and hence its natural occurrence near the hot springs .

Scientists hope the coming generation of Mars probes will detect former hot springs .

Close by are the famous Dimmuborgir, Grjótagjá and Stóragjá underground hot springs .

Hippie dips, or hot pots, are circles of rocks built around natural hot springs .

The lake is noted for its hot springs , steam jets and geysers.

Are they always among the first colonizers, the weeds of this hot spring ecosystem?

Then, on the second day, we dropped down into the lowest part of the crater to reach the hot springs .

And though the researchers had suspected all along that these hot springs existed, the real thing had far surpassed their imaginings.


Cover young plants with garden fabric to protect them from late spring chills.

Overwinter under cover and plant out in late spring .

Fortunately, the weather remained warm, and as late spring moved into summer, there was little rain.

The breeding season lasts from late spring until late summer, depending to some degree upon temperature.

The first browser boxes, expected to cost about $ 300, are due in late spring .

Sometimes listed as a deep water aquatic as it will also tolerate deep water. Late spring and early summer.

The afternoon was overcast, gray and chilly for late spring .



Instead, his cheerleading coach said, he chose to spend his spring break on a cruise ship.

For a while the conditions are so propitious that by spring break I have a rough draft of my book.


The spring day was unseasonably warm, and after two hour's tuition she went into the clubhouse.

Luciano Villoslada remembers that humid spring day that his sister Luz sealed her fate by deciding to become a revolutionary.

But on a spring day in the late 1700s, toil was a long way from John Binks' mind.

On a spring day in 1941, Margarett sat in the Ritz dining room.

I met him one spring day thirty years ago in the beautiful Kentish countryside where he lived.

The Colonel was as crisp as a spring day .

Most of those from Liverpool who were here on that fateful spring day believe the return should have been delayed longer.

It has been a soft, breezy surprise spring day .


Trees such as Sorbus aucuparia serve the all-seasons garden well with spring flowers , abundant autumn berries and bright foliage colours.

An outstanding feature of many spring flowers is the range of colours that they produce.

Throughout the long evenings she worked in the garden and planned what bulbs she would plant for spring flowers .

All the bridesmaids carried posies of spring flowers , and wore antique pearl and gold necklaces and bracelets.

The mountainsides were strewn with spring flowers .

He stared at the spring flowers , looked up at a blackbird on a branch, and came slowly indoors again.

And don't forget Britain's commonest spring flower -- bluebells.

The furniture was white and chrome, and even the many vases of spring flowers were white.


Melt the butter gently in it, then add the mushrooms and spring onions and cook until soft, about 3 minutes.

It is carved into small squares and rolled up inside a thin wheat pancake with hoisin sauce and spring onions .

Chop ¼ red pepper, 2 spring onions , 1 celery stalk, 2 cooked new potatoes, cucumber and 2 mushrooms.

Lunch was a collation of local salami, black olives, spring onions and dark soft rye-bread.

Stir in the parsley, then spoon into a serving dish and scatter over the remaining spring onions .

Add the Quorn and spring onions and cook for a few minutes.

Serve, sprinkled with spring onion greens, over rice.

Plump red tomatoes, crisp green salads fresh with the bite of radish, spring onion and a trickle of salad dressing.


She was sitting downstairs, by an open window, enjoying the spring sunshine .

We finished our coffee and watched the seagulls whirling and shrieking over the harbour in the spring sunshine .

The new arcade looked very attractive in the spring sunshine .

These accumulate as the snow melts under spring sunshine , and the resulting discoloration hastens the melting.

On the day a march estimated at 100,000 people threaded through central London in spring sunshine to Grosvenor Square.

The spring sunshine was almost warm and a soft breeze was blowing in from the sea.

The Markt was bathed in spring sunshine , and everywhere looked so clean and pristine as befitted the fine morning.

But already I have the impression of warm spring sunshine .


In the spring term the students will be back in the School of Education.

For the spring term , about 58 students have enrolled.

The first materials will be published in the spring term of 2001 and will be revised and added to during the year.

It was probably that blow on the head he had received at the end of the spring term .

Normally, but not exclusively, applicants will be invited to an interview during the spring term .

This extra effort paid dividends when she won the school dancing competition at the end of the spring term in 1976.

Each of the main pieces of work was allocated approximately one week in the spring term of 1981.

Taught by one supervisor by regular tutorial instruction; essays and reports required during autumn and spring terms .


While the Conference met, high spring tides were oozing through the paving of the Piazza San Marco.

Outside, the mob surged around me, retiring and returning like a spring tide .

The highest of the spring tides might wash up all around the houseboat but it would never float again.

A month later in the high spring tides , his body was washed up in Cadgwith Cove.

But next day we were ready to take advantage of the high spring tide and fly.


A young man can live on love and spring water , n'est-ce pas?

Shaw took Mountain Valley spring water along whenever he traveled.

Chlorine was first used to treat water after the Maidstone epidemic of 1897-8 when hop-pickers contaminated spring water.

They seem more like a symbol of some unknown cause than just six ounces each of chunk white packed in spring water .

Edwards Aerated Elderflower Spring is made from freshly-picked and cold-pressed elderflowers infused in aerated Kentish spring water .

Below his window, the new spring water softly lapped against the rocks.

The drink, of course, was a choice between herb tea, apple juice or straight spring water .

Camping by a stream of pure Rocky Mountain spring water in colorful Colorado?



Resistance began in spring 1968 but developed only slowly.

The two companies had begun negotiations last spring .

The position began to improve in spring .

March begins the big spring planting season.

A further operation began the following spring in order to find further sections of the fuselage which were still missing.

Deliveries are planned to begin in spring .

Natural History Museum: $ 25 million museum expansion, due to begin in spring for completion in 2000. 12.


With legs slowly turning to jelly, I skied down hard, icy snow, followed by spring snow, then slush.

The case likely would be heard next fall, with a Supreme Court opinion not expected before the following spring or summer.

After the harvest he planted the beet again the following spring , hoping to obtain seed from the specimen.

The school was apparently a failure; by the following spring Emily was set to return to Philadelphia.

Encouraged by her new friend, Farnham resolved to stick with farming and to plant a crop again the following spring .

Here is part of one to Augusta and Thomas, then following the spring northward into the Alps.


That written, qualifications immediately spring to mind .

Dell and Elonex immediately spring to mind .

Sheridan and Cantona are the prime examples that spring to mind .

They are not words which spring immediately to mind when considering the honours system in general.

Leading Leisure and Corton Beach spring to mind .

Geographically based organisations Geographically based organisations such as retail businesses readily spring to mind .

It will be useful for processor hungry applications - spreadsheets, graphics applications, and multitasking spring readily to mind .


Voice over Service areas are being built, but this one near junction ten at Ardley won; t open until spring .

The torpedo door opens , its closing spring operates and all the hull rivets are tight.

The stores will be converted into Value City stores and are expected to open this spring , the company said.

Construction is to get under way immediately, with opening envisaged by the spring of 2002.

The new building at Hillhall Presbyterian Church is expected to be completed and officially opened in the spring of 2002.


Martin Kunz assures potential visitors that small-scale exhibitions will start in the spring .

Construction is scheduled to start in the spring with the first models set to open in the fall.


come/spring to mind

All of this comes to mind because of the movies.

As I thought about this, two questions kept coming to mind .

Dell and Elonex immediately spring to mind .

Faded was the word that sprang to mind - everything had a rather tired quality about it.

He waited for something to come to mind .

Multiple calamities had come to mind .

Three possible explanations come to mind .

sb is no spring chicken


spring flowers

The hot springs in the mountain smell of sulfur.

There's not much spring left in this mattress.


A ruling is expected by spring .

Last spring , he counted 26 of them at the mouth of the Charles River.

Nothing except the altar built in the heart of the wood, next to the spring .

The Board of Education was far from happy with the rules and throughout the spring and summer the dispute rumbled on.

The company also plans a new sub-compact in the spring .

The day the peony falls I will be sunk already in the sorrow of a lost spring .

The majority of these become arrested in the abomasum as EL4 and do not complete development until the following spring .

Yet the caress of his meaning was delicate as the first green fronds of spring .

II. verb




The material sprang back into the uneven creases that had been shaped by Maidstone's nervous, insistent fingers.

Push the center of the center muffin and see if it springs back .

His thick hair, still damp and scored with comb marks, was springing back into its usual lustrous waves.

If even one of the cited companies faltered, even though it might later spring back , it became front-page news.

He raked his fingers through his hair and watched it spring back around his face in untidy tufts.

Every one of them sprang back , mended, into its rightful place in the line.

Pour batter into pan and bake until cake springs back when touched lightly in center, 45 to 30 minutes.


Even before its last twitch they sprang forward , securing the room.

Three or four pupils danced at a distance of thirty or forty yards and occasionally sprang forward to catch the ball.

Without any warning, he sprang forward and slapped me across the cheek-once, very hard.

As I turned, she sprang forward like a cat, leaping up to straddle my hips with her thighs.

It had been half sitting in the corner, now it seemed to crouch, as if ready to spring forward .

At the sight of them she sprang forward and offered to get them a cup of coffee.

Molassi growled, sprang forward , and shoulder-butted Sendei to the ground.


If the area is pinched the skin puckers and ripples and does not spring immediately back into place.

As I ran my thumb over them, they immediately sprang back into place perfectly.

Not all parishes enclosed by parliamentary act immediately sprang fully-hedged into view.

District councillor S. Carmedy immediately sprang to his feet and proclaimed that what I had said was untrue.


Sow the biennial honesty-Lunaria annua-in situ to produce beautiful flowers next spring .

You might apply a 12-24-12 fertilizer early next spring to encourage blooms.

The every-other-week sports mag is expected on newsstands next spring .

Next spring the whole place would turn purple; there were azaleas everywhere.


Macready raised his stick, cruel mouth curving like a second scar, and a foot-long blade sprang out .

The bright beam of a floodlight sprang out and flickered up and down the length of our vessel, examining us.

Hooded waves sprang out at her like muggers from underwater alleyways.

As she cried, the garden roses sprang out of the ground from beneath her tears.

They would be able to gallop hard away from anything that might spring out at them.

The highwayman had assumed it was a lance, but now a curved blade sprang out and glittered blue along its edges.

He had sprung out at her from nowhere, not even giving her the time to brace herself against him.

As they stood off guard, two young men both carrying suitcases sprang out from the passageway behind the tomb.


A rabbit can suddenly spring forwards, upwards and away.

Behind his grandfather the path leading up the bank suddenly sprang alive with first the black kid and then the white.

The parliament building suddenly springs to life.

They have been seen to spring suddenly into existence, to change shape, merge and split.

It was as if the dark man of her dreams had suddenly sprung to life, and was now heading to claim her.

The boy turned and Corbett suddenly sprang back.


Later, they had returned on sailboards, taking advantage of the breeze that had sprung up around lunchtime.

And a new kind of restaurant had sprung up with expensive menus and a young, confident clientele.

Or the settlor could direct that in a certain event a new use should spring up in D's favour.

A breeze had sprung up , rustling the trees.

And in other areas strong regional bodies have sprung up on their own, such as the Cape Cod Commission.

But such conversations, unless they spring up spontaneously among friends, are usually poor and wretched things.



He sprang into action when wife Ann, 26, suddenly went into labour in the middle of the night.

Bellas and her crew sprang into action .

The brave granny sprang into action when she heard Kathleen Wallace scream.

The six kids who have organized this trip spring into action .

When a black freshman is threatened with racist graffiti, she is the first to spring into action .

Faced with such an unprecedented threat, Church leaders sprang into action .

And the cold war procedures, routines and language sprang back into action .

You know, lulling you to sleep before springing into action .


Groups of men in bare feet and tattered clothes spring to attention as strangers approach.


Equally notable figures will spring to the defence of the secret deal, however.


A Xerox machine is capable of copying its own blueprints, but it is not capable of springing spontaneously into existence .

It may be possible to think of a universe springing into existence out of nothing at all.

They have been seen to spring suddenly into existence , to change shape, merge and split.

Finally new businesses do not spring into existence simply because taxes are reduced in a given area.


He rolled, sprang on to his feet , and started to wash himself.

He wanted to walk on his land, to feel it springing under his feet even after only three days away.

As Liz sprang to her feet , the house seemed to darken about her.

Suddenly, Boz sprang to his feet and strode towards the group outside the caravan, his face screwed up in fury.

Fedorov writhed from his attacker's grip and sprang to his feet .

Both men sprang to their feet .

Viol sprang to his feet , politely drawing back to allow his superior to precede him.

District councillor S. Carmedy immediately sprang to his feet and proclaimed that what I had said was untrue.


Electricity shares bucked the trend and rallied, but water sprang a few leaks .

When one of the cofferdams sprang a huge leak , it was plugged with old mattresses.

If the cooling system sprang a leak pilots had to land and mend the pipe with chewing gum and insulation tape.

By the time we had learned to sail, poor Elizabeth had sprung a rather serious leak .

An old galvanised iron cistern is liable to spring a leak eventually.

Water supplies to Bristol were threatened in 1990 when the Gloucester Sharpness canal sprang a leak and temporary pipelines had to installed.

If it is partly submerged, it has sprung a leak and filled with water.


Amy flicked switches and her enormous kitchen sprang into life .

Suddenly new possibilities are springing to life where previously deadlock and despair held sway.

Videos Nor is the video industry, which has sprung into life in barely a decade, necessarily a sign of semi-literacy.

In part, this religion sprang into life again through the discoveries of archaeology.

Buddhist pagodas have sprung back to life .

Awakening to the softness of Bethany pressed into her caused heat to spring life into her loins.


Noble was the word which sprang to Amabel's mind .

If the gay gene is in the mitochondria, then a conspiracy theory springs to the devious minds of Hurst and Haig.

A flurry of harsh retorts sprang into her mind , but she bit them back.

A swift picture of the sort of women he would have in his bed sprang unasked into her mind .

Some fresh picture of danger had sprung into her mind .


Calvin Smith, the world-record holder, could always spring a surprise .

Perhaps they will spring a surprise player or two in Atlanta.

And she can spring a surprise .

Theo distracted him from this gloomy conclusion by springing a surprise on him.

And even when you think you know the island intimately, it will keep on springing surprises .

And they can spring some surprises .

Glasser orders his events thematically, while also wanting to tell a story and to spring surprises .


A tear sprang up in his eye and meandered across his cheek.

With that avowal, tears sprang to her eyes, leaving Farini nonplussed.

Joy went crimson and tears sprang into her eyes.

For a moment the boy was so intent, Lois thought tears would spring to his eyes.

With every crack of the wood he was seeing Madra's face, and the tears springing into it.

Panicked, angry and perilously close to tears , Isabel sprang for the door.


Arrange a net to entangle game when it springs the trap .

At the same instant, the uniformed regulars from the North decided to spring their trap .

It was then that he finally sprang his trap .

He sprang traps and ambushes on the Witch King's forces.

He curled a 20-yard chip past Walkerafter springing Tottenham's offside trap to pounce on Ebbrell's clever through-ball.

On the one hand, Jaq must seem capable of irony and flexible tolerance - perhaps only soas to spring a trap .

Will you spring the time trap ?


Noble was the word which sprang to Amabel's mind.

At Hermes' words she sprang up joyfully, eager to go.

But such words never spring easily to the Chancellor's lips.

Devastating was the word that sprang to mind, so devastating that she wasn't sure she could handle a second shot!

Impressive was the first word that sprang to mind.

Faded was the word that sprang to mind - everything had a rather tired quality about it.



But already a change of attitude had begun , springing from Rousseau's Nouvelle Heloise, published in 1761.

Soon patient organizations began to spring up.

When the lights of Canewdon village began to spring up on their hill they looked like lights through frosted glass.

Today, well-managed production-line law services have begun to spring up.


Official inertia and resistance to change have at times seemed to spring from a sense of hopelessness.


A wind sprang from the east, an idea of rain, sudden, pervading the air.

And a new kind of restaurant had sprung up with expensive menus and a young, confident clientele.

By the time we had learned to sail, poor Elizabeth had sprung a rather serious leak.

Equally notable figures will spring to the defence of the secret deal, however.

He raked his fingers through his hair and watched it spring back around his face in untidy tufts.

In some spots, towns of 10, 000 residents sprang up literally overnight.

It is frighteningly easy to picture our children bald-gummed, big-headed as the babies they sprang out of.

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