Meaning of STATIC in English

I. adjective


static electricity (= electricity that collects on a surface, for example on your clothes or a balloon )

He touched the door handle, and felt a jolt of static electricity.

static electricity




The entire interwoven pattern constituted an essentially static unity, whose focus was found in the spiritual authority of Rome.

He presented the earth as an essentially static , harmonious system that was being torn apart by human greed.

As a way of tackling the major problem of making something essentially static into something always forward-moving, I offer this tip.

A major problem with such economists' models is that they are essentially static .

Standards were set within the firm rather than externally and so organisations were essentially static rather than dynamic.

They thought of the world as essentially static and unchanging.


Within this more or less static total, catalogue mail order credit has been expanding fairly fast.

Cotton sheets breathe, absorb moisture, and create less static electricity, which gives you a more comfortable rest.

There has never been a time in economic history when comparative advantage was less static .

During the whole of this period, arts figures remained more or less static at 43-4 percent.


There have been no problems in staffing the committees and the membership has remained relatively static .

Employing organisations within this sector are a mixture of local and international companies competing within a relatively static market.

Consequently, at room temperature diamond is a relatively static crystal.

The relatively static lattice in a diamond ensures that the scattering is at a minimum and the thermal conductivity is exceptionally good.



Libraries are also being targeted and static displays are being used to highlight road safety.

The Executive Committee have decided that we should be represented and a static display stand has been booked for the five days.

There is a static display showing work and photographs, also possibility of the purchase of small hand forged items as mementoes.


One disadvantage, however, is that it acquires static electricity , causing it to pick up dirt easily.

He felt spooky and luminous, felt as though he were wrapped in cool fur that was full of static electricity .

There was a crackle of static electricity .

Cotton sheets breathe, absorb moisture, and create less static electricity , which gives you a more comfortable rest.

Overhead, lightning flickered frequently as the static electricity accumulating in the ash cloud discharged.

When his hand touched the elevator signal it touched off the tiniest spark of static electricity .

Amelia's unsubtle lust for him darted out of her like static electricity .

It goes without saying that you should practise safe upgrading by observing all precautions to prevent damage by static electricity .


This concept of structuration provides a bridge between our static models of class and the complex dynamic reality of changing inequality.

This discussion illustrates the limitations of a static model of human behaviour in social research.

All but the last two tested static models .


A load torque produces a static position error, which can be deduced directly from the static torque/rotor position characteristic.


Unfortunately, the high divorce rate remains static .


Above all the setting from within which family care might be provided is not a static one.

In the five-phase machine, for example, the highest peak static torque is obtained when two or three phases are excited.

Secrecy sang in the static air, like an old valve radio with the volume turned down.

There have been no problems in staffing the committees and the membership has remained relatively static .

To start with it's interactive not static .

II. noun


That's my final decision, so don't give me any static .


Again there was static , a warped sound.

Ask yourself: does yours have the capacity to override the terrestrial static that interferes with radio reception sometimes?

He held the receiver, hooked up with the general static .

Like bursts and blips against the static of the radio.

The static over the intercom was terrible.

The telephone line from San Antonio to Boston is crackling with the static of an ideological rift.

To clear static , persevere by taking drastic steps to fight all interference and distraction.

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