Meaning of STATION in English

I. noun


a bus station (= a place where buses start and finish their journeys )

Dad met me at the bus station.

a coach station

You will go from Victoria Coach Station to Amsterdam.

a petrol station (= a place where you take your car to fill it with petrol )

We'd better stop at the next petrol station.

a police station (= building where the police work )

They took him down to the police station to ask him some questions.

a radio station (= an organization that broadcasts radio programmes )

There are currently nearly 50 commercial radio stations.

a train pulls into/out of a station

The train pulled into Euston station and I got off.

a weather station (= a place used for studying and recording weather conditions )

action stations

Crew, return to action stations!

bus station

coach station

coal-fired/gas-fired power station

Coastguard station

the Coastguard station at Stornoway

docking station

filling station

fire station

gas station

hill station

lifeboat crew/station/service

metro station

a metro station

petrol station

police station

polling station

power station

Chernobyl nuclear power station

railway station

I’ll meet you outside the main railway station.

service station

space station

station break

station house

station master

station wagon

tracking station

train station

troops are stationed

525,000 American troops were stationed in the country.

tune a radio to a station (= make it receive broadcasts from a particular station )

The radio was tuned to a country-music station.

TV series/programme/show/station/channel etc

a TV series based on the novel

way station

The refugee camps, however dreadful, were a way station to their dream.




For a moment he'd been near to panic as he realized that the pumps were rusty, the filling station obviously disused.

A FILLING station and car showroom group, with sites in Darlington and on Wearside, has been put on sale.

The application features a superstore, petrol filling station , car park and residential development.

The real benefit, of course, comes at the filling station .

Read in studio A man has foiled a raid at his local filling station despite being threatened with a hammer.

There ahead, where a car swept round the dim curve past a filling station , was the road.

He is also charged with driving away from a filling station without paying for petrol.


And a phone-in programme on a local radio station produced a deluge of anti-Clough callers.

Organize your friends, build a coalition of local groups, and call on your local station manager.

National daily and Sunday newspaper cookery writers. Local radio stations .

Phone calls to the local police station began a few minutes later.

The band will also record public service announcements for local radio stations , urging petitions to protest the arrest.

Your local police station should be able to mark your bike for you.

The project began back in 1976 when I was working for Capital Radio, London's independent local radio station .

They, in turn make a tape of an interview or discussion which is then distributed to most local radio stations .


Rosslyn Castle Station was the main station for the mill during the war.

These bronze fastenings protrude through the keel and would have secured the main station frames of the hull.

The interview-rooms were away from the main police station .

Start at the Bahnhofstrasse, leading from the main railway station towards the Paradeplatz and the lake.

What are the names of the main power stations using coal?

Eventually the bus load of children was dumped in the middle of Swindon at the main bus station .

After a little while, cross the Ribeira dos Socorridos and reach the main electricity generating station in the island.

Line 5 will also interchange with Line 1 and parallel Line 3 to the main Renfe station .


Design faults meant that each new station required major alterations; any hope of a production line quickly went out the window.

Or take the scene in a New York police station as portrayed in a television comedy.

Inspector Brian Jaggs outside Braintree's new police station .

Welcome to the San Diego airwaves, where two new classical stations compete for listeners and advertising dollars.

Large new stations designed to do just that were built in these three cities after the Second World War.

Under the current wording of the legislation, companies can only make profits from supplying electricity and building new power stations .

The fire official said the new station was situated in Carryduff because of boundary changes in the area.

This includes a hotel, nightclub, restaurants, new railway station and expansion of the ground.


Kelly has several nuclear stations as customers for his isolators.

Moreover, to close all nuclear power stations would consign 100,000 workers to the dole queues.

However sophisticated the safety designs incorporated into nuclear power stations , they can not overcome the human fallibility which can occur.

The Government has also rejected calls for older Magnox nuclear power stations to be phased out to support a higher coal burn.

A question at once comes to mind: how does one find qualified personnel to operate so many nuclear power stations ?

Take away or subsidise all nuclear power stations and you lose the commercial logic of the privatisation plans.

With a nuclear station decommissioning was a lengthy, expensive and potentially hazardous enterprise.


We were on a cycling holiday and me being very interested in railways generally, liked looking over old stations .

You can pick one up near the old railroad station that has been transformed into a visitor center.

The old Colaba station was closed in 1930 when the massive Bombay Central was opened.

Parked ahead on the distant corner was his old dusty station wagon.

The old police station is now the health centre with four doctors and several community nurses.

Machynlleth new station plus staff facilities very nice - old station disintegrating.



When they're still young, girls hang around bus stations , leisure centres, bus shelters or each other's doorsteps.

But really all I did was drive to the Hyannis bus station .

Buses departing from the present bus station to be to the south only.

He came into the bus station wearing jeans and a big smile.

Then I calmed down and asked a safe-looking lady with children to show me the way to the bus station .

Police are also checking bus stations and airports.

I thought you said you saw him at the bus station this morning.

She was headed for the bus station , I thought, and from there back to the Amtrak station in Denver.


The review would take away large areas covered by Buckley and Prestatyn retained fire stations .

Ezra glanced through the dark to the fire station .

Read in studio Crews from four fire stations threatened with closure have been holding a demonstration against the plans.

Paramedics will be assigned to all 43 city fire stations instead of 23 as at present, starting July 1.

I went into the fire station .

That equipment is now being used by other fire stations , Gillis said.

The train passed a fire station , a brewery, and over the wide murky river.

Developers also face other fees to cover roads, fire stations , parks, libraries and other public improvements.


The gas station was an inferno.

In many towns I stopped in, the public buildings were a store, a gas station , and a museum.

Dangling from one hand he carried the object he had brought from the corpse-strewn forecourt of the gas station .

Paul was injured during an attempted hold-up of the gas station in which he worked.

I tried it on two teen-agers at a gas station .

Upchatting girl from the gas station .

A child is waiting for a ride even as we dawdle at the gas station .


Several petrol stations and a building society in the town have already installed the equipment.

The petrol station attendant told her to apply for more at the Kommandatur which turned out to be the old town hall.

David was jailed for four years after robbing a petrol station to pay for his drug habit.

It also plans to open the original shop and a petrol station .

She was working as a petrol station cashier when armed robbers threatened her with a knife during a raid.

A survey in Mid-Bedfordshire last month found 19 out of 46 sandwiches from petrol stations contained listeria.

Police were alerted at Teignmouth in Devon after three men allegedly drove away from this petrol station without paying.

I say nearly because he woke as I stopped at the next petrol station .


The council hopes to use the County Buildings in Regent Street, the town's former police station .

Or take the scene in a New York police station as portrayed in a television comedy.

The men, all under 25, were questioned yesterday at Middlesbrough police station before being released on bail pending further investigations.

Marchers who had cameras were forced to surrender their film, Fiim was also confiscated at the police station from those arrested.

About 10 hours after the shooting the defendant attended the local police station with his attorney.

Evidence is generally stored in a guarded locker in the police station until it is needed in court.

I have been to every Metropolitan police station , from Islington in the north to Bow Street in the west.

He had never been inside a police station , had never met a private detective, had never spoken to a criminal.


On nationalisation, the divisions had acquired around 300 power stations , initially grouping them for management at an intermediate level.

For two weeks at a time, each lunar power station is out of service.

They spun round undisturbed in front of the nuclear power stations for several hours.

No power station has ever created an electron, the source of our domestic electricity.

Motor vehicles and coal-fired power stations are held to be the main offenders.

Under the current wording of the legislation, companies can only make profits from supplying electricity and building new power stations .

A power station could produce enough electricity to supply a small town.


The revolutionary radio stations are monitored daily and brief news bulletins circulated among the prisoners.

He dialed the radio station , because Sands lived nearby and maybe somebody could run over and check on him.

The decree also imposed strict censorship of the media, including the closure of opposition radio stations .

Ringing from her local radio station , she heard her husband Duane is safe and sound.

Currently, no company can own more than two radio stations per market.

The £798 raised was donated to the hospital's radio station Crystal Radio.

Some PROs have even been known to send pictures out to radio stations !


Behind the taxis is a crowded railway station and beyond that, the port.

She had gone to the railway station to receive these consignments.

Currency can be exchanged at railway stations .

They checked the bus stops and railway stations .

To start with it can replace taped announcements at railway stations , airports, etc.

This was the railway station as town.

A COP-A-GRAM who stripped in a busy railway station has escaped prosecution.


These pilot projects represent in principle a transition phase between research station and the real world.

It was founded in 1937 as a private, non-profit archaeological research station .

Part of the money will also be used to refurbish the Signy research station .

After their divorce Jane worked on, helped by students at the growing research station .


Read in studio Police have opened a motorway service station to encourage drivers to take a break.

Today, the town has a service station , convenience store, barber shop and a few smaller service businesses.

Well, if you stop to fill up at a motorway service station your dreams could come true.

Red Devil energy drink and Welcome Break service stations are running a competition to win the bike.

Barclaycard says that holiday frauds are tracked in a variety of places, including service stations and nightclubs.

Johnson was reading a local newspaper he had bought at the Frankenwald service station when his phone trilled discreetly.

She pulled in at a motorway service station and decided on lunch.

Turning off the motorway at the service station he entered a different world.


The space station was an empty hulk.

The vehicle can then rendezvous and dock with the space station with little further expenditure of fuel.

The space station filled the front windows.

The three-person Soyuz capsules will serve as lifeboats for crews stationed aboard the international space station during its assembly.

The big Dalek Killer had seemed determined to bring the shuttle in at the top of the space station .

S.-led international space station , as well as Department of Defense cargo and privately owned communications and Earth-observing satellites.

An unsatisfactory outcome over the space station might make the money even less likely to materialise.

Researchers hope to test the device aboard the new international space station .


This led to great public cynicism now being manifested as pressure for democratic accountability in the state-run television station .

But the councils have the power to investigate corruption and run their own radio and television stations .

Philip Graham also bought the company's first two television stations .

It also has a pending deal to buy six television stations and 24 radio stations of Heritage Media Group.

If viewers had any complaint at all, it was that television stations devoted too much time to the war.

The television stations were also unprepared.

He was brought to the television station by special ambulance.

So did the Contra Costa Times, his hometown paper, plus several local newspapers and television stations .


Meanwhile a 24 year old man from Oxford was arrested later as he arrived at Oxford train station .

Doyle remembers Gabby, an 8-year-old he first met eating discarded ice cream cones in the train station .

Some men were lifting down milk cans that had just come from the train station .

They will also meet you at the train stations .

Hugh's Glasgow was a paradise of train stations and carpet factories.

She arrived at the train station , with trunk, on August 6.


Also there is no legal obstruction to you taking the coffin to the crematorium in a station wagon .

On the opposite corner a dusty station wagon idled noisily at the red light.

It was for the upper middle class in their station wagons that rumbled over our heads at night.

Some children pass by, staring out of the back of a station wagon moodily.

Some soccer moms waited in their minivans and station wagons , but none had their radios tuned to the presidential debate.

The latest in the field are a soft top and station wagon Defender 90 models from Land Rover.

The rotted-out Ford station wagon has been replaced.



Meanwhile a 24 year old man from Oxford was arrested later as he arrived at Oxford train station .

She arrived at the train station , with trunk, on August 6.

Just before we arrived at the station , the lights came on.

We finally arrive on station and are submerged by midmorning.

He arrives at the police station .

In many counties people only found out they were on the felons list when they arrived at the polling station .


However, work on building Torness power station still continued.

Under the current wording of the legislation, companies can only make profits from supplying electricity and building new power stations .

Yet the temptation to build upwards for the station itself was resisted.

Even if they keep within budget, nuclear plants are at least twice as expensive to build as coal stations .

It was built as a side station with twin towers flanking the train-shed.

New Zealand continued to build stations after the Second World War.

The atom is there and when short-term oil surpluses vanish there will be pressure to build more nuclear power stations .

Probably by encouraging the world's wealthy nations to build nuclear power stations so that other countries need not follow suit.


Fumes filled the station at Cowcaddens after a cable fire this afternoon.

Neighborbood filling stations , laundries, and print shops suddenly find themselves facing an avalanche of rules and reporting requirements.

Tesco has linked up to Equifax to combat card fraud at its filling station sites.

Arthur Andersen was requested by Benzina management to provide assistance in determining the value of the petrol filling stations .

The local filling station looks as if it has never been cleaned.

With a projected increase in gas filling stations in the next few years, the private vehicle market will follow.


Before leaving the station she went to the Ladies' to check up on her appearance.

The mouths and the dialogue are like trains leaving different stations at different times, in different directions.

The enormous cost of engineering the lines ensured that little money was left for the stations .

About a quarter of those commuters were left standing at the station .

So much capital went into the engineering and the track that little was left for the stations .

But he couldn't just leave her at the station .


However, polling stations were not opened in parts of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

In many counties people only found out they were on the felons list when they arrived at the polling station .

Some lingering disputes over voting procedure in a small number of polling stations may delay proceedings.

Mr Berisha's Democratic party alleged widespread electoral fraud by the government and intimidation of polling station officials by the police.

Elsewhere, voting was generally quiet, with only small official demonstrations outside polling stations .

On the eve of the ballot, concerns persisted about independent monitoring, the location of polling stations , and increased violence.

For the 1991 elections, the polling station in Lalmatia Girls High School had been in a festive mood.

This made it easier for absentee owners to vote than for locals, since locals had to get to the polling station .


He pulled into the station car park, slammed on the brakes, and made no effort to get out of the van.

I pulled into a gas station this morning.

Some one uncoupled that car at Cartier and rigged some way of pulling it out of the station into the darkness before releasing it.

Back at work the next day, the cars may pull up to docking stations and pump electricity into offices or factories.

It was like the noise made by a steam locomotive pulling out from a station .

Fifteen minutes later the locomotive will pull out of the station hauling an express for London.


panic stations

Suddenly the sound Swindon defence was at panic stations.

pirate radio/TV (station)

That's our very own pirate radio.

Unfortunately Phil had unwittingly chosen a bad time to clash with the pirate radio vessel.


a bus station

a radar station

A reporter from a local television station was sent to interview Shaw.

Buck was sports director at radio station KMOX in St. Louis.

I'll meet you at the train station .

I need to stop at the gas station on the way home.

See if you can find a country music station .

She works for a television station in Utah.

What station are you listening to?


At least two stations went bust, and others, such as Invicta Radio in Kent, had to relaunch before getting firmly established.

Like a mutant, the intercept station consists only of an ear and a brain connected by a coaxial auditory nerve.

Oil can be used for many things, from running cars to fueling power stations.

Ross estimated that Disney could sell the independent station for $ 300 million to $ 400 million.

The parallel Altländerstrasse was also used by many as short-cut to the station .

The technique would, however, decrease the efficiency of power stations between 10 and 30 percent, hence the price rise.

They are usually placed in factories and offices, or in public places such as railway stations.

II. verb




There have been seven boats stationed here since 1875, the first four pulling-and-sailing types, the last three motor-driven.

If only we had access to such diversity on stations here in Tucson.


He assumed that a porter or janitor was usually stationed there to be on call or to answer enquiries.

When we were stationed there , I used to go around Danang.

The men began to hand in their weapons to their officers, stationed there for that specific purpose.

Later, the family moved to Churchtown, Dublin, when his father was stationed there in the late 1950s.



These two sources of evidence together imply the presence of detachments of the field army stationed in both major and minor towns.

At the time Shipley was approached, he was still in the Army , stationed in Washington.


Mr Rodetsky's supporters claim that television stations in the northern cities denied him television time due to him by law.

James A.. Ruffin, 33, a Baltimore native who oversees three recruiting stations in the city .

Police dispersed the crowds with teargas, and tanks were stationed in the city .


Mechanics were needed to keep them running, gas stations to fuel them, insurance agents to insure themthe list is endless.

The brownfields range widely in size, from half-acre former gas stations to 700-acre shuttered steel plants.

Some small gas stations like Torreson's, known for their low prices, ended up with the highest prices.

K., giving it 2, 150 gas stations .

There are more antique stores than supermarkets, more cafes than gas stations .

The Conch had once been a gas station .

Chicago-based Amoco Corp. is building 60 gas stations for $ 60 million.


War veterans, in many rural areas, have taken control of police stations in villages.

Rats gnawed on black infants' feet, while money was used to build new police stations around the corner.

Two officers on a police patrol launch stationed just across the river at Westminster Pier saved the youngster's life.

A police station , so help me, is a piece of the action.

Army and police trucks were stationed outside the empty school.


They will be the first power stations in the world to use olive residues to generate electricity.

The group bought 51 percent of Inversiones Tocopilla Ltda, which in turn owns 51 percent of the power station .


Baker circulated the tape to newspapers and radio and television stations in the Amarillo area.

Tens of thousands of people have been deported or displaced and radio stations blare out vitriolic propaganda against one another.

There are no high-powered radio or television stations , and only a few electric-power transmission lines crisscross the rugged landscape.

These days there are hundreds of newspapers, including four competing dailies, and a handful of independent television and radio stations .


The ban on the sale of alcohol at garages and motorway service stations remains.

Conoco currently operates in 37 states from Texas to Montana, with 5, 125 service stations bearing the Conoco name.


The vehicle returning from the Moon can get to the space station for unloading and refueling in either of two ways.


These days there are hundreds of newspapers, including four competing dailies, and a handful of independent television and radio stations .

Baker circulated the tape to newspapers and radio and television stations in the Amarillo area.

Newsweek magazine, which her husband had bought in 1961; and two television stations .

Some public television stations applauded the new initiative as something of a programming coup.

Mr Rodetsky's supporters claim that television stations in the northern cities denied him television time due to him by law.

There are no high-powered radio or television stations , and only a few electric-power transmission lines crisscross the rugged landscape.

Diller reportedly is trying to build a national network of television stations that would offer sports and entertainment programming.

Newspaper owners should not also own television stations in the communities in which they publish.


It was on Maxwell Street, not far from the train station .

The train station , the border, the ship.

The picnickers rushed off the train at Minnehaha station and made a beeline for the pavilion to claim a good table.

I write down new kanji announcing the names of stops we see in train and subway stations .


My father was stationed in Europe during World War II.

There were police officers stationed at every exit.


Kate sat in the back next to the luggage, but Ace had stationed himself in front with the pilot.

Reeves continued his military career, was promoted to sergeant and was often stationed overseas while his wife remained in Copperas Cove.

These officials were responsible for the collection of revenue and the general administration of the districts where they were stationed.

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