Meaning of STATION in English

I. ˈstāshən noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English stacioun, from Middle French station, estation, from Latin station-, statio, from status (past participle of stare to stand) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at stand


a. archaic : a state of standing still or being at rest : stillness

her motion and her station are as one — Shakespeare

b. archaic : stationary point

the planets in their stations list'ning stood — John Milton


(1) : a stop or sojourn at one place : halt

having enjoyed my first station here … I again commenced my march — John Coulter

(2) : tour of duty

left after a short station there

2. : the place or position in which something or someone stands or is assigned to stand or remain: as

a. : a post of duty

a sentinel's station

waiters at their stations in the dining room

battle stations on a ship

b. : the spot at which an instrument is planted or observations are made in surveying


(1) : one of the places on a machine tool where the work is subjected to a single operation

(2) : a position on a conveyor system where materials are loaded or discharged

d. : an enlargement in a mining shaft or gallery used as a landing or passing place or for the accommodation of equipment (as a pump or tank)


(1) : a position of a ship in a formation or convoy

(2) : the assigned position of each airplane relative to that of the flight leader in formation flying

hold station on the leader


(1) : one of the 10 or more divisions on a ship's lines between forward and after perpendicular at which calculations (as of displacement) are made in shipbuilding

(2) : one of the specified points along the keel or base line marking the places for the ship's frames


a. : the act or manner of standing : posture

maintain a firm station

station was unsteady with the eyes open or closed — Diseases of the Nervous System

b. : the height and carriage of a gamecock

c. : any of the eight places from which a skeet shooter fires

4. : a stopping place: as


(1) : a stopping place in a transportation route (as for taking on passengers or handling freight)

(2) : the building or buldings connected with such a stopping place : depot 3a, 3b

(3) : an Air Force depot without flying facilities

b. : a place where a missionary stops as regularly as possible to conduct religious services and minister to the needs of the people

c. : one of the stations of the cross

d. : a Christian service held at one of a number of churches on a stated day (as every day in Lent, the ember days, and solemn feasts)

e. Irish : a priest's stay with a parishioner to confess the neighbors

the night of a station , when the priest was praising the place she had — Padraic Fallon

5. : a sphere of life, duty, or occupation: as

a. : an army post

spent five years at his first station

b. : an area of residence (as formerly in India) for British military or civil officers in a district

c. : a place or region to which a government ship or fleet is assigned for duty

d. : a pioneer settlement : outpost

tribes were constantly interrupting stage service, attacking stations — G.R.Stewart

e. Australia : ranch

f. : mission station

g. : a single church of the Methodist denomination that is a pastor's sole charge as distinguished from a circuit of churches served by one clergyman


a. : social standing : rank , position

married above his station

a woman of high station

the duties of the station in which we find ourselves — M.R.Cohen

b. : the ordinal position in which a number is drawn in lotteries and numbers games


a. : a region or situation where a particular kind of plant or animal lives : the most characteristic portion of its range : habitat , biotope

b. : the exact spot at which a given species or specimen is found or collected


a. : a place established and equipped for specialized observation and study of scientific phenomena

a geologic station

a seismological station

an agricultural experiment station

b. : an institution for studying living organisms in their natural surroundings

a marine biological station

c. : a place or location for ascertaining or tabulating tidal and current data

9. : a place established to provide a public service: as

a. : fire station

b. : police station

c. : a post office subsidiary to the headquarters post office of an area : a branch post office — see classified station , contract station


(1) : a complete assemblage of radio or television equipment including antenna, transmitting or receiving set, and signal making or reproducing device

(2) : the place (as a room) in which a radio or television transmitting or receiving station is located

e. : a usually outdoor place where merchandise is sold : stand

10. : station day

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to assign to or set in a station or position : post

stations his troops on a hill

stationed himself at the only exit

stationed a lady usher to watch a certain drama critic — Gilbert Millstein

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